10×10 layout – Tony’s

Tony has been in touch with his 10×10 layout.

He’s looking for a few pointers:

“Hi Al, my name is Tony.

I live in New York City in the US.

I have a 10×10 layout with a cutout in the middle for accessibility. Here are some pictures of it.

I used 1by 3’s for the frame and 2 by 2’s for the legs.

Then I used 2’-2’ Pink foam insulation for my base. I glued wheels on it so I can move it if needed.

I’m wiring in in DCC Digitrax. I am using Kato track for ease ability.

I’m not a professional so I hope to get feedback on my little world.

Thank you so much


model train laying track 10x10 layout

laying track model train 10x10 layout

10x10 layout

model train layout

Thanks to Tony for sharing his 10×10 layout.

Now on to the latest from Dangerous Dave:

“Hi Al

Just uploaded this video showing, some of the North Yorkshire Railway and some of my model railway with the Deltics on display…



deltic loco model train

deltic loco model railway

model railway deltic loco

A big thanks to Dave – always good to see his stuff.

Lastly, on to John.

I was in two minds whether to post or not. There’s not a lot of detail – he just sent in a very short mail, and a few pics.

But when I pieced the pics together in my head, I saw the problem: John’s run out of space.

My first thought was that a little planning would have gone a long way. But then I thought, hang on, this chap’s rolled his sleeves up and made a start, which is what it’s all about.

What’s more, who hasn’t run out of space at some point?

So who can help John? Please do post a suggestion below.

“I am hoping for some guidance on what to do next. I have zero space for expansion.

Any recommendations will be well received

Thank you,

John M”

laying track model railroad

laying track model railroad

model railroad polystyrene riser

laying track model railroad

curve in model railroad

A big thanks to Dave.

And who can help John and Tony?

Please leave a comment below if you’d chip in.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

23 Responses to 10×10 layout – Tony’s

  1. bob schildgen says:

    Hy tony, I think you need to move from letting your track lead to letting your head lead you. Think back as to what you liked in previous years, anything about RR, a station. an engine and then expand form their. Fortunately, Kato track is very easy to take up and put down. Do you want to see passenger trains or freight trains. Now, focus on a small area and run track to fit your ideas. Then move to a new area and tell a story. Pretend you are showing off to kids, what do you need that will let them see. On your main loop, run some trains and see what looks good. Good luck, bob schildgen

  2. Rod Mackay says:

    Nobody said trains have to run round and round in circles, you can have a very satisfying layout based on a switching yard where there are several lines together for forming up trains on, and several industrial spurs to deliver cars to for loading.

  3. Fred Driver says:

    Dave, the Deltics can NEVER be too noisy.

  4. John Jeffrey says:

    I love Dave’s posts of his layout and the NYMR. its a beautiful run from Pickering to .Grosmont. We were in there in May but no journeys this year. We went to Scotland for the Caledonion Express across the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and well worth it.
    I’m guessing that Dave lives somewhere the moors to get all the photos he posts. i am envious of that

  5. Ian White says:

    Dave have you changed any aspects of your Deltic sound my don’t sound as deep as yours

  6. John, if you want a continuous loop with that table. You will need to plan a figure eight. Route your track that turn in to clear the notch to the back wall and the back wall track toward the front.
    I hope this helps.

  7. Dan Robinson says:

    If John finds himself short on room there he may want to use like a figure 8 to make it fit. Dan

  8. DJfromNJ says:

    Good luck moving forward. I agree with Bob Schildgen: tell YOUR story, it’s your layout. Think, plan then do.

  9. Bill in Virginia says:

    Great post today with very interesting content. For John as already noted by others a figure 8 would work and I see in one picture you have a number of diamonds so it would not be hard to make it work. Also see a number of switches you could use to add sidings.

    One poster noted you could do a point to point and I agree. You have plenty of space where you could model an industrial area with all the tracks going all p er the place.

    But ultimately it is up to you to do what will give you the most enjoyment from your layout .

  10. Brian Olson says:

    Similar to my 6 x 12 N Scale Layout. It’s a duck under to allow access from sides and middle and fun to operate in a 360 degree view. the layout is 43 inches high, I’m 72 but it allows me comfortable access under the layout.

  11. George Zaky says:

    Bob Schildgens advice is spot on. I would try to get that high loop to connect to a lower and have that a high speed passenger line-add a large station. Model some parts of the suburbs and what makes you happy. Do it in diorama pieces so it isnt overwhelming. 10×10 in N scale WOW- should cover all the suburbs.
    John M
    I assume HO scale. Put a bridge across that cutout, make a loop with a bunch of switches and sidings. Make a plan.
    Thanks for the trip. You’re the man.

  12. Erick says:

    Pretty Kool.!!!!! I hope mine turns out that good.

  13. Matison says:

    Bridge that gap. Don’t go around it.

  14. Bob from Michigan says:

    John, not sure how your layout started, but I suggest looking up layouts on the Web or buy a layout book in your scale and pick one as a base plan that fits on your size table. Nice big radius curves only work if the space an table are big enough. Also mentioned above is to bridge the gap, then you’ll have a large oval with more straight track to add turnouts for sidings and/or passing tracks.

  15. ROGER TURNER says:

    Hi Tony, you have made a great start with your track laying. The one thing i would suggest you do at this point is give a little thought as to how RR tracks, streets, etc really look in what you are modeling. RR tracks sometimes have ditches next to them or cross a low spot, streets are lower than the curb in business or residential areas. I mention this because I didn’t do it correctly where I should have and it makes a big difference in the appearance, when trying to add detail.
    Best of luck & happy railroading.

    Roger in Kansas

  16. Tom says:

    I have been stuck at the very beginning of my layout. Like Tony, I have a 1 x 3 framework but mine has no foam on it yet. Maybe you or your contributors could help. It is my understanding that foam was used to cut down track noise. I started looking for foam, and noticed many folks use pink foam. I looked at foam manufacturers websites, and found that pink foam has NO acoustic properties.
    I am thinking white polystyrene would be better. Any comments?
    Tom in Mississippi

  17. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Tony….. next step would be to complete your trackwork and electrical plan and run your trains to make sure you have no derailments, especially on your turnouts.
    Nothing more aggravating then derailments.

    John…..I would suggest to go on Al’s site and purchase the Beginner’s Guide and read it before you go any further. Also, you must decide on a theme for for your layout. Will it be mostly scenery and buildings or running trains or a combination of both. You need to create a detailed plan for your layout that includes trackwork and turnouts, electrical connection’s, buildings and scenery. You seem to have plenty of space from the pictures I’ve seen. Without a plan, you will run into many problems. And you must complete your trackwork and electrical plan and run your trains to make sure you have no derailments, especially on your turnouts. There is plenty of help on Al’s site and also the internet, research and plan every step. It will save you a lot of time and money. Good luck and enjoy it. And remember, it is your layout.

  18. C.H. Specht says:

    Foam doesn’t have accoustic properties because of the way sound is measured in the lab. Sound bounces off the surface and acts just like a sheet of plywood.
    When you lay track on foam the sound bounces off the foam because of it’s accoustic properties, but this is what you need.
    When you lay track on something like plywood, sound can move from the track to the board and then plywood acts like a big speaker. Foam, however, doesn’t transmit the sound through itself. It acts as a “dead” surface. This is what silences the track noise.
    Remember, foam board is often used in walls to deaden the sound going through the wall.


  19. Ralph says:

    Tony the layout has great potential but you will eventually live to hate that cut out. Before going any further try and design a lifting section that will allow you to gain access to that space.

  20. Ian regarding the louder than normal sounds from my deltics , this is due to having EM2 speakers fitted ,they sure make a big difference …and yes I live within 1 hours journey of the North `Yorkshire Moors Railway so this is a rgulartret for me ..Dangerous Dave

  21. Kelvin Bland says:

    John, try filling in that gap and then try a figure 8 folded over on itself so looks like a circle. This will give you a good long run and if you set the whole layout on a constant fall from where one line crosses over the other then the grades should be OK. You can then set your stations or yards off of this to give operational interest with the gentle rise and fall of the line avoiding the flat earth look. Hope this helps and look forward to the update.

  22. Stephen White says:

    Tony, my BEST 2 tips are: 1. Perfect trackwork. This means no derailments or rework 2. Raise the track bed 50mm (2″) above the baseboard (I use 1″x2″). This leaves space underneath for out-of-site and easy changable wiring.
    Steve (Sydney)

  23. David Schaffner says:

    Love Dangerous Dave’s layout and his awesome, well put together videos, but his voice is not so kind to us, whether its his accent or just his natural sound, but I think he would do better to have text messaging in a way its like programming.
    Love that grey house and church on the hill and would like to know where he aquired it…Love the old trains in town. Is it UK or just European?
    No offense to you sir….

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