Adding rust to rails

Just a quickie today.

Dave has been in touch again – this time with another helpful video showing how to add rust to your rails:

“Hi Al,

Here we go again , another video with a few tips ..

Hope it proves useful to a few of the modellers.



Ebay cheat sheet is still going strong: latest one is here.



25 Responses to Adding rust to rails

  1. Colin Pryce says:

    I think I caught the hint, it must be birthday time, Happy Birthday, Dave! Enjoy many more with your great railway!

  2. Andrew Dale says:

    Another informative video from Dave. Keep them coming and thanks
    Thanks Andy

  3. joe says:

    hope you had a great birthday Dave !!! 🙂 thanks for all the really great vid’s and tips I really enjoy them

    Joe k, usa

  4. Willie Kerr says:

    Happy birthday Dave. Thanks for all the tips.

  5. Alan Kent says:

    Another happy birthday to you,Thank you for the ‘rusty tip’ really usefull as always.I thank you again for all the help you give to us fellow modelers. you are the bench mark we all aspire to become.Alan

  6. Joe Gray says:

    Great instructional video on placing the grass around the firehouse and at the bases of the fence posts.. Just keep these great suggestions coming…

  7. Always enjoy your videos! Have a question, though: is it your recording equipment or do most European diesels sound like Model T Fords?

  8. paul Otway says:

    I use rust powder on the sides of the track.

  9. andrew skilling says:

    Have a grate day Dave love your videos

  10. Adam Labaziewicz says:

    Happy Birthday Dave and all the best to you and your lovely wife. I love the new layout. Keep those amazing videos coming. Happy railroading.
    Best regards, Adam
    New Jersey USA

  11. Ralph Berry says:

    Happy Birthday Dave,
    I always enjoy those videos.
    I think the Deltic sounds as it does because of the engine configuration, it has more in common with a DC3 radial engine than a T model Ford.

  12. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes ..another year older seems to happen every year !! for the sounds from the Loco`s , to be hones they sound different on YTube ..much better hearing them live , could be the recording equipment , not got an external mike just the inbuilt one on the camera ..Thanks again Dave

  13. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great tips and how tos Dave happy birthday. love your vidoes go back on all the others for help. Ian.

  14. geoff says:


  15. Dave Fairfull says:

    Another fine video Dave! Happy Natal Anniversary. Like your new addition. Lol
    Dave F.
    From The Great White North.

  16. Archie Yarbrough says:

    Happy Birthday Dave!! Don’t know just when it was, but I just celebrated my 69th on February 6th. Keep up the good work on the railroad!

  17. patt says:

    i love the vid’s and Daves modeling skills however and no disrespect intended but i can not understand most of what he says

  18. Mike Childs says:

    As has already been pointed out, Dave’s modeling skills and ideas are the best but I find it nearly impossible to understand him but keep the videos coming Dave. Mike from frigid northern Minnesota.

  19. Robert Brady says:

    Dave my opinion the before rusty tracks looks more authentic then rusty tracks.I like the dirt,greasey sooted tracks better.The rust tracks looks like the tracks are hardly used hence the rust build up.The greasy dirty look shows and suggests high traffic use of the railway system..

  20. Robert Brady says:

    Mike Childs you have to be Irish to understand Dave LOL!
    R Brady

  21. Keith Miller says:

    Thanks Dave. It’s a bit sad when you have to supply your own birthday present! Are we limited to one birthday a year? Hope not. I can understand you OK, but I realise some folk in other lands might have struggled, especially when the Class 37 diesel was getting ready to roll. Keep these videos coming – I always enjoy them.

  22. Peter briggs says:

    Hi Alastair and Dave, guys you both are taking model railroads to a new high, this amalgam of knowledge ideas and skills is creating a more idealised focussed savvy modeller. Dave, your aged rails are the best in the business, how about speaking to Pico etc and getting the maniufacturers to do it in the factory?
    Now, lets take it to the next level, live steam! We all thrill to see locos straining up inclines puffing their hearts or safety valves letting go and steam pumping out at low level under the cylinders. I see smokers can use ‘vapping’ machines which produce more or less the extent of realistic steam. how about someone talking to model railway maniufacturers to incorporate something like htis? many years ago I knew years ago there were tablets you could put in the smoke stack combined i think with an electric element to produce smaoke.
    Dave/ Alaister this could be the new advance in realisim in model railways?
    But anyway, all of us simply love the work you and others do. keep it up you are enabling hundreds of new lads to the scene

    kind regards
    Peter in Australia

  23. Keith Miller — And others…
    A wise fool pointed out that while we are each allotted but one birthday per year, most years we get 364 Unbirthdays! On some very special years we actually bet 365 Unbirthdays!
    Celebrate your unbirthdays wisely.
    Oh yes, a very happy and blessed birthday to “Dangerous Dave”.

  24. Will in NM says:

    Dave, A belated Happy Birthday wish to you. I’ve got one coming up later this month and I hope I look as good on my 73rd birhtday as you do on yours. Once again thank you for sharing your model railroading ideas and skills with those of us who are still trying to finish our first layouts.

  25. Bernie Schainholtz says:

    I have been following Dave for a number of years and sometimes I understand what he says but I learn from what he does. How are the koi’s. There was a video of Japanese fish for a million dollars. Berniedoc

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