Dave adds passengers to his coaches

Another day when I’m rushed off my feet – but fortunately Dave sent this in. Another cracker.

“Morning Al,

Latest vid shows a cheap way of how to get passengers in to coaches and a few tips regarding couplings on rolling stock?



Ebay cheat sheet still bagging deals: latest one is here.



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  1. Gary says:

    Where did you find the figures that you put in you coaches? Do you remember the brand name? Thank you from Canada

  2. Nick DiSandro says:

    I am looking for figures for a Lionel Ferris Wheel. Where can I find sitting figures for this?

  3. Ed Macomber says:

    Dave’s really hit the bull’s eye with this tidbit. Still, the guitar pick tip is a keeper. Next trip across the pond, I must look him up to see all his posts fro real!
    I did not get which coaches he used, other than I see they are his new additions.

  4. Mike Street says:

    Hi, in response to the chap from Canada, you can get large bags of people sitting and standing, from China or Hong Kong via eBay. You may resist buying stuff from the other side of the world, but I have had no problems via eBay. Mike S

  5. Willie Kerr says:

    Same comment as Canada. Brilliant again though.
    Well done Dave.

  6. builder Kim says:

    Always injoy Dave’s video’s. Come’s out with some great idea’s. Just wondering what you do with decommissioned loco’s and coaches. Ever think of offering them to member’s to buy up so you can recoup your loss just an idea.

  7. Rod Mackay says:

    I had to try straightening one leg of several figures to form scooter riders waiting with one foot on the ground at the level crossing, terribly fiddly and the looks on their little faces when you have to saw their legs in half…(shudder!)

  8. I like your site, I can tell you put a lot of time in on it. But I want to ask what scale train are you working with. It appears that it is “S” gauge. Actually what is it? Thank You In advance.
    Nate Gagliardi — North West, Indiana

  9. good post and great stuff Dave
    to the guy about ‘S’ gauge….
    similarly sized to ‘O’ gauge but only TWO tracks instead of three
    it was sold by American Flyer
    couldnt tell ya why they call it ‘s’ gauge….

  10. Peter Jones says:

    Great video once again Dave. Can you tell me where you got the seated figures from please.

    Peter “The Mackem” Jones

  11. paul Otway says:

    it looks so life like. You can used Scene craft figures for this .


  12. Chris says:

    I have the same type of Hornby Pullman coaches with the crappy Hornby couplings. I converted all mine to KD couplers. There is a video of how to do this on You Tube – look under KD conversions. Basically you drill out the rivet & rotate the truck mount 180 degrees – do a minor bit of cut & shut to put in the new KD coupler. Since doing this I have had no issues with derailing around tight curves’ crossing points & they shunt better in reverse. They also look heaps better IMO. I have also converted my European type couplers (you called them universal type) to KD’s.
    Once you have used KD’s I don’t think you would go back to the older type couplers shown here.

  13. david howarth says:

    Hi All , the figures where bought on ebay from China , just enter model railway figures on e bay and you will find them standing or sitting , good service sent out same day as ordered , post free and cheap , and to answer Nate my layout is oo gauge …Dave

  14. Peter says:

    Dave, I make my own new pockets using plastics square tube. I have converted all my old Lima coaches this way. I saw off the huge old coupling and glue on the plastic tube using industrial strength super glue. The plastic used by Hornby and Lima doesn’t seem to work with plastic cement. The coupling you used with the loop that lifts up and down is the standard Roco coupling, looks very neat.

  15. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great tips and the video is great thanks Dave.

  16. Brian Morgan says:

    Great tips for putting people in coaches, especially the plectrum tip,
    Dave – I have found with the big couplings that it is the hook that is the problem. If you cut off one and only have single hook this seems to cure the problem on curves and points – well it has worked for me

  17. Max Dosser says:

    I have converted all of my loco’s and rolling stock to Kaydee’s. A little bit fiddly and you really need to use a Kaydee coupling height gauge.
    More realistic than the Hornby – Triang types.

  18. Chris says:

    I like these nice Modelers that talk about trouble with HO scale think about us Old Farts that play with N Scales, makes you think.
    Anyway Dave you are the best and with all the help you have given us all,
    I just wish lived back in England so I could have a nice big loft to lose myself in,
    don’t have them here in Sunny Australia well some of it maybe not all.

  19. Ron says:

    Dave, I enjoy your posts and refer back to them constantly. My wife fell in love with your bridge. Did you build it by yourself, from a kit, or purchase it? I promised her that I would add it to my layout plans. Thanks in advance for your help and valuable advice.


  20. Dan Piccolo says:

    I’d like to see a track plan for Dave’s layout.

  21. Lindsay McIsaac says:

    Hey Dave, sack the fireman on that steam loco, leaving the firebox door open for that long wastes a lot of heat. Great tip with the guitar picks. thanks as usual.
    Lindsay in NZ

  22. Jack Taylor says:

    Your idea was great – (always) but you sounded like you had a mouth full of marbles and I couldn’t understand a word you said.

  23. Robert Brady says:

    As always commercial free ..Oh Dave you’ve done it again.

  24. Anthoney King says:

    Nice Dave but talking Couplings have you tried the New Elite Couplings From Hunt Couplings they are Awesome Magnetic they now fit on any way round with the new Elite ones it is all I’m going to use now im so impressed with them
    thanks all the best Anthoney

  25. Peter briggs says:

    Dave, you rank very highly in the world of authentic railway modelliing, I love the fire box glow! Never seen weathered railway track like yours either!
    Kind regards

  26. Keith Miller says:

    Thanks again Dave – more interesting ideas. The plastic plectrum must be safer than a steel spudger! Some phone repair kits have something similar. Search for thin guitar plectrums – there are various thicknesses.

  27. Ian impett says:

    Well Dave, we know they all have been drinking…..
    Because they are all leg less ha hs.

  28. Lynn Taubeneck says:

    Dave, great job except you r little people are not practicing social distancing. I’m afraid you shall get a visit from the Minister of Health.

  29. Michael Day says:

    Hi Dave, any secrets for getting drivers and passengers into 1:76 buses? The bases are rivetted on pretty strongly. At least it’s possible to get drivers into some saloon cars but the buses are formidable.

  30. Harry Hayes says:

    Dave. Once again mate, simply brilliant and very much appreciated


  31. Will in NM says:

    Dave, Thanks for the great tip of adding inexpensive figures to the passenger car interiors. I found similar assortments of seated figures on Amazon though not quite as cheap as you found on eBay. I wish my Walthers, Bachmann and Rapido HO scale coaches were as easily accessible as your Hornby and Roco coaches are for adding the figures. I seem to always have to fight with the lighting wires and coach roof to get to the seats for gluing the figures to the seats. I found Crafter’s Pick glue works well for attaching the people in their seats. One thing I did a little differently was to add a few standing people in the aisles of the coaches. Like you, I had to cut off their legs because they were too tall for the coach’s ceiling height. That might not be a problem with your OO scale coaches if you’re using HO scale figures. Anyway, thanks again for the great tips and videos.

  32. Erick says:

    Neat .!!!! I am going to mine up that way.

  33. This is the most ironic post that I have ever seen. I honestly, just packed my tools away for installing lights, inserts, and people for the past three weeks on my 26 passenger cars! I worked a little here and there to install the hundreds of people that, like Dave, I ordered overseas vendors. I opted to have some fun and painted them, That end of the project started back in the early Coivd era in 2019. I used an assortment of paints and now have almost every shade of every color that is imaginable. It has been a long time consuming journey.
    Over the route, it has been difficult for me to open the various manufacturers cars. Bowser cars, in particular were next to impossible to open easily.
    I must admit that Dave’s suggestion of using guitar picks is quite brainy.

    Maybe in my next life as a modeler, I will try this time saver idea. Thank you very much for awakening to a good chuckle this AM! Charles

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