How to add sound to your layout

Kim kindly sent this link in.

If you want a really easy way to add sound to your layout, watch the youtube below.

Just brilliant!

And guess what? I found the speakers in the video above on ebay for just $16. I’ve added them here.

That’s all this time, folks – but please keep ’em coming.



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  1. andy says:

    That is very cool. I would have to crack it open and acesss the play/pause button terminals and tie it into an occupancy relay for approaching trains

  2. Rob M says:

    What great idea. I really like the station announcements. Thanks for this great tip.

  3. A good idea

  4. robert coe says:

    Cleverer and cleverer. Keep this up and I will believe I am really on the platform awaiting the train to come in.

  5. john creasey says:

    good idea Kim

  6. Roy Forbes says:

    Wow Kim, that’s good, simple and wouldn’t overtax my smple brain

  7. Toni Olivar says:

    Marvelous idea. Now I need to pinch my pennies to buy a set of five for my layout-in-progress.

  8. Lee Barry/ CEO L"Z"PMRR says:

    good idea. I have seen these type speakers in magazines and in stores. Didn’t know they were recordable tho.

  9. Frank says:

    Hi! That sound is amazing. I’ve order the speaker already. But one question. Where did Kim get the great sounds from? That sound from the fabrication plant was outstanding. And the station announcements were great too!

  10. Jim Volmer Sr says:

    Pretty cool idea to add sound to any layout I just may look this item up on the net and add it to the new layout.
    Thanks Kim for the idea

  11. Merv' Abel says:

    Absolutely superb!!!

  12. Ralph Berry says:

    What a great Idea!
    I hope there are still some of those left now I have found out about them.

  13. JR Gray says:

    Great video… Will save in my trains file. Keep them coming..

  14. Derek says:

    Hi Kim, where did you find your sounds to record them



  15. Chris N says:

    WOW. That Kaider devise is a neat bit of gear. Can certainly see some uses for it around my humble layout.

  16. What a great way to add a true sense of realisim to a Station or an Industrial Estate and not a great deal of expence which is a real plus also. So thanks Kim!

  17. Yes, it’s seems simple enough, with new parts.

    What I’m looking for is circuits I can use to convert OLD
    but looking like new road / railroad crossing devices from constant
    on incandecent bulbs to flashing Led; side to side at slower rates.
    The normal gong/bell sound would be nice too.
    References to new parts locations would be acceptable.
    Currently they also generate a steam train, coming & going also.

    Duwayne dlvirnig@

  18. Don says:

    Great work Kim, so simple. Did you go out with a recorder, or can you get sounds like these from somewhere?


  19. Martyn Gregory says:

    NOW That is a Simple but Brilliant idea

  20. Len Adler says:

    I enjoy seeing how you conceive and execute these projects to make the model railroad fascinating! Thank you!!

  21. Joe says:

    I too would like to know where you got the sounds.I did some with tools in my shop and then do a voice over of the workers talking etc.

  22. Harry Little says:

    Fantastic sound device. I’m planning to try this on my layout. Where did you find the flashing blue light? this is another great gizmo! Thanks for the info and great video and explanations.–Harry

  23. Matthew H Constant says:

    LOVE this idea.

  24. lloyds718atlantis says:

    Thank you for this great idea for adding sound to a layout. I ‘m sure Lionel and Williams Trains don’t like this because it competes with its’ own “Legacy” systems which frankly I feel are over priced. That’s why I’m staying with old “conventional”. With this devise, I can create my own sounds and announcements. One c wire micro speakers all around the layout for that realistic appeal.

  25. builder Kim says:

    Lee Barry you can put what you want on a simple SD card maybe 500 mb stores lots.Be cheaper to.Can always take a sound device to a train station or even traffic and record and put onto the Kaidaer.

  26. builder Kim says:

    Harry Little the flashing lite is on the when working and goes red when you charge at the computer.can download from you computer to the SD card in the unit to play sounds.

  27. MtBaldy says:

    The platform announcements were so real I couldn’t understand them. Just like the prototype.

  28. Austin Wilson says:

    That is an awesome idea. One that I will try when I get home. Thanks ever so much.

  29. Laurimer Wright says:

    I got the Kaidaers but I don’t know how to get my sounds onto the SD cards. Can you offer any help?

  30. Terry Westcott says:

    What a really cool idea. I’m just starting out and need to find some sounds for my steam powered two truck shay. I have a cd of sawmill sounds but haven’t figured out how to play it when the log train comes in to drop the logs into the log pond. I’ll have to get a few and start recording.

  31. Ken Hecker says:

    Make sure to do a search for the MN01 speaker on Ebay. That link shows it sold out. And the $9.90 one is $6 shipping, and is USED. You can get them on Ebay for under $20 from in the US, so you’d get it by Wednesday with Free Shipping. Some, including the one the Link takes you to, are in Hong Kong.

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