Alasdair’s latest update

“Hi Alastair, just to let you know I have been looking with great admiration at all the topics and pics that you have shown us all, it’s great.

I am sending you a few pics and have just started the town I hope you enjoy my small effort compared to what I’ve just seen,


Big thanks to Alasdair for sending in his updates. Looks amazing.

Had the usual barrage of hate mail / nice emails since posting about the dog kennel. If you want to see what it’s all about, it’s here.

I shall take great delight in posting a pic when it’s finished!

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

Don’t forget the ebay cheat sheet if you’re heading off to find a bargain.



28 Responses to Alasdair’s latest update

  1. will says:

    Looks killer!!!I hope I can get back to my build soon

  2. Mike Wilson says:

    I’ll be extremely happy if I can get my layout to look 1/4 as good as yours

  3. Brent Wolters says:

    Wow. First impression was… looks too crowded. With the next photos, that was reinforced. Do you have limited space for this layout? Whatever the case is, my personal impression is that it needs to be thinned out a little. The trains and tracks look great, and the effort to make everything sorta fit is appreciated, but, wow.

  4. michael says:

    Wow! Action and detail everywhere you look!

  5. Ralph Berry says:

    A splendid layout with plenty of detail. Like the coal stage and other features that bring it to life.
    Would the signal man be allowed to halt the through express to allow a local to cross? I suppose its your railway and you can do as you like, I certainly do with mine.

  6. Vijay Tonse says:

    Dear Alastair and all Model Railroading enthusiasts,

    I want to thank you all for sending me the photographs and inspiring me to do or at least attempt to do, the things that all of you have already done. I am now busy rearranging things around in the basement of my small home in Kensington, Maryland, in the United States of America ( about 10 minutes driving distance North of Washington, D.C. ) with the hope that I will be able to eventually set up layouts like what I have seen all of you achieving in the pictures.

    The Hobby, which many refer to as the Greatest Hobby in the World, needs to get some infusions of enthusiasm from time to time, and I am planning to rope in a very large number of potential people from the land of my birth, India, which after all, has a huge population and also, plenty of people with plenty of money, mostly black ( i.e., the Word ” Black Money” in India is not what the money looks like, but is money on which no taxes are due ( such as from agricultural income of any kind, which is actually , “white money” ) or Urban Taxable Income on which no taxes have been paid because such income is hidden and is invisible to the Taxman and it is this money which is referred to as Black. Of course, there is always the money often referred to as “Ill-Gotten” gains which comes from bribes collected, for favors done, etc, !!!

    To do any of that, I must first find someone ( or more than one person or Organization ) who will be willing to manufacture trains, accessories, etc to Indian Outline, to specifications laid down by me, and that is going to take some doing. Any suggestions?

  7. PETER BENSON says:

    well done great photos you are great peter snettisham norfolk uk

  8. Nice set of pictures , you have put plenty of detail in to the layout

  9. Toni Olivar says:

    Nice work on the layout. I would say that the layout is a busy township. Remember Mr. Alasdair, that your layout is ‘Your World’ that ‘YOU’ created. If you are comfortable with how busy it is then that is the right choice for your layout. Don’t allow others to dictate what you have in it or what they feel it should be like.

    Remember Mr. Alasdair, and to all others of the Model Railroad/Railway Hobby. This is a hobby to enjoy, not to dictate to others what we feel that their layout should be like. Just enjoy the hobby with all it’s facets, from fantasy to Prototypical, from Garden to Lionel to micro-scale, Enjoy the hobby.

    Remember that what we find as faults in other people’s layouts, we are likely to have as faults in our own layout.

  10. El Paso Jeff says:

    Utterly brilliant. A masterpiece.

  11. Rob M says:

    Quite a wonderful layout. Many interesting details. The eye almost doesn’t know where to look there are so many interesting bits here and there. Wonderful.
    Rob M

  12. JR Gray says:

    Al… Great pics… Yours are always special . Keep it going..

  13. Cameron Davies says:

    Looks great. Plenty of interest for such a compact space. It’s important to “run your own race” with any hobby.


  14. THOMAS says:


  15. Tom says:

    Something on your railroad for everyone, Al … while you run your trains and watch them work … may they bring you hours of enjoyment. Your railroad is you … your masterpiece. Unique in every way.

    sincere regards,


  16. Bob Miller says:

    Great layout. I am very impressed with the way you placed your buildings and the overall presentation. After looking at your layout I re-evaluated mine and I now find it looks a little empty. I plan to put a few more structures into my layout.
    Odd that I never considered that I would like the more dense layout.

  17. mike(newbe) says:

    well said Toni Olivar

  18. Ian says:

    Superb. If only I could build something half as good.

  19. TONY says:


  20. Robert says:

    Love the Pannier & Autocoach! I have them too, but what are those fancy red hangers you’ve got on the tank’s bunker? Great detail, much more than I manage. And good to see GWR out there! Thanks.

  21. Paul GB says:

    I know some enthusiasts may think that this lay out is over crowded but in some parts of Britain this is quite realistic and is very hard to comprehend let alone build, but alas its true. Take a look at your own cities and you may come across something similar to this. (no offence intended to anyone)
    I think it is very good and I wish it was on a video to watch (hint) I lived near Edge hill in Liverpool many years ago and it was just like the photo’s, so much hustle and very busy.
    WELL DONE. ( Please put on video)

  22. Christine says:

    Nice layouts, a lot of work. I think your getting away from the train thing. But very good, just look at all the hard work put into the layouts.

  23. Peter says:

    Great set, only a small point in England we have the “Fire Station” or sometimes the town name, but usually it is the county or city name name such as “Essex Fire Brigade” or “London Fire Brigade” . We don’t have such things as an engine or ladder company. For a town the congestion is just right; just try driving a fire engine or ambulance through London and you will understand what I mean.

  24. Ron says:

    We all have different likes and ideas in our railroad hobby,I would pay no attention to those that are quick to judge and critize others layouts.
    They most likely are critical of everything in life.
    I appreciate all the work you have put in your layout,keep it up.
    Thank you for sharing.

  25. Rod Mackay says:

    For the chap thinking of setting up to produce Indian trains, did you know that Bachmann already make limited lines of well-detailed prototype models of Chinese railways’ stock and I believe some other states as well, try them first.
    If you want to go for the quality market, but with lower numbers to test the market, I can commend ACME of Italy as making lovely and reliable models.

  26. Hi fellow train modelers:
    Utilization of space depicting a complete thought of what you have seen is called “DIORAMA” including the painted background. No one can complain of your utilization of space for your hobby utilizing your ideas for your layout. Its a hobby of your choice depicting items the way you like them- using money out of your pocket. It is so much easier to compliment a modeler and get great smiles than to complain not showing what you have done reflecting “HOW YOU” would do something or anything. Words do hurt and ugly is just that- UGLY. Keep sharing your work with others-you are a credit to those who know the hobby and dwell in it daily.

  27. i am not here to complain i am here to get ideas and hits as how to and when to put a model together as when i go to do mine its going cost me big bucks so i want it right the first time with no f ups so if you ain’ t got anything nice to say about the modeler’s model back up and look at what you have shared with the other people that want to learn besides your mouth piece and i am not very pleased with some remarks on this letter thanks al for the space i have taken upon your letter take/god bless/ till the next letter keep them coming modelers

  28. i just read my comment and found a forgot 1 word care/after the word take care /god bless till the next letter keep them coming modelers as i am not the worlds best speller or writer of letters as English was not one of my best subjects now if it was Electricial no problem or math i liked them both and i never learned how to type until i bought my first PC in 2003 once again thank and this till the next letter al keep it up my man who knows the ropes of train modeling

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