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I have been into model railroading since I was 10 years old. While I the Navy (23 years) it was pretty difficult to haul Lionel trains around so I took an interest in N scale.

While I have begun my layout here at home I have taken an interest in “T-Trak”.

What is T-Trak for PROSPECTIVE MODELERS, this is an easy way to learn about building a module for yourself and to help your children learn the true basics of Model Railroading.

Gather your family, friends and neighbors and learn a great hobby together. For PRESENT MODELERS an easy system to expand your modeling.

Modules are simple to build, easily joined together with locking track (in this case we use Kato Track as does nearly every club I know) for Electrical Power, according to standards, like all successful systems, for strength, lasting stability and varying in sizes to suit your needs.

An entire layout could fit in most cars for a train show or club meeting. One or two modelers can set up a display layout at a hospital-service people or children’s ward, retirement or nursing home, scouts, youth groups and not to forget, your private empire, at home. A 30″ wide x 6′ or 8′ long folding table, holds many modules. Just add tables for your club or friends.

Since I started I have built 10 modules, Straights, Corners, Junctions etc. and would love to share with your group. Here is my latest work, a standard corner module, 14/3/8ths x 14 3/8ths from start to finish. My focus here was to make the waterfall LOOK and feel real. Would love to hear your readers thoughts.


“Hi Al,

It seems your readers liked my Tips and Tricks video quite a bit.

Turned out to be the most popular video ever for me.

With that in mind, I made this one where I install an automatic circuit and sensors.

The new circuit and sensors control a two aspect signal that was already on the layout, but was manual.

It is probably just me, but I think train control signals on a layout add a little depth, expecially when they are automatic. Enjoy and happy modeling.

All the best,


A big thanks to Andy and Rob – just superb!

That’s it for today peeps.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day your day dream become a reality, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. Dave Leask says:

    Very Nice. You seem to use the same style of scenery as we do. I’m not sure about the kato track as we have soo much peco/atlas. Hmmm……

  2. Well done Andy , and nice Demo Rob

  3. Ed Clark says:

    Congrats on the waterfall scene. I too am building my (2nd) N scale layout with Bachman EZ Track for three reasons. 1st it is cheap on E-Bay, 2nd-ly I can easily take it apart to redo it when I run out of ‘improvements’ to my current layout and as a plus your trackage works good from the start. I used 2 (28″ & 36″ wide) blank hollow core luan interior doors as panels for the base (on sawhorses) which are light, self supporting and can be added to or reconfigured later. Currently they are configured into a ‘L’ which is 6′ 6″ x 8′ 10″ For any scenery that is built up I use foam lightly glued down, most of the track doesn’t need to be fastened down, scenery techniques are the same and I use silicone for adhesive when needed. Almost as authentic looking as my other layout and I expect to enjoy it longer. I’ll send pictures soon.

  4. Phil Warneford says:

    Great work Andy, very impressive waterfall. Phil

  5. John Bos says:


    Great work. I’d love to see a series of modules assembled into a complete layout.

    Only ONE caveat! As an old kayaker I would NEVER take on the rapids in a CANOE!

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. tommy p says:

    Dave L. If you look up t trak standards you’ll find they spec kato unit rack because that’s what the module sizes are based on. I have been thinking of converting to n scale as I have very little space for my HO stuff and t trak is a great way for me to get more layout. I am also gearing up to start building a display layout in a coffee table ( also N scale). I’ll be sure to share progress pics as I go along

  7. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Andy, that’s an outstanding module. Showing it stage by stage makes it look a lot less daunting.
    Rob, You’re right about automatic signals looking better.

  8. How do you make mountains and how do you install a RR crossing signal?

  9. builder Kim says:

    Great Job Rob.Thanks for the info.Im going to have to buy a few of them thanks

  10. John Davidson says:

    The N scale pics looked great until I saw the hokey waterfall canoeist. That I would leave out of my design if it were mine. Although it provides a little humour in my mind building a great design does not need humour of this type. That is only my thought on the matter.

  11. Roland says:

    Andy, great job. I like the canoe on the falls; nice touch.

  12. chasv says:

    i have seen some japanese layouts in n scale i think done like this they are amazing

  13. Roland says:

    Thank you Rob for the information and demo.

  14. chris says:

    Very nicely done, like the step by step photos, would be very interested to see a combination of modules together

  15. edson says:

    Fantastic Andy .Thank you for this video

  16. paul Otway says:

    neat layout

  17. peter evangel says:

    Andy. I would love to know how you created the waterfall!!! Beautiful looking landscape

  18. Arnie Steiner says:

    Nicely done Andy in a very limited space. You wouldn’t happen to know the 2 geniuses that would try to navigate a waterfall in a canoe? Many years ago, a some friends and I went canoing; 2, who had no experience or business trying to be hotshots, went off ahead of me and my partner. They got to a small falls before I could reach them to stop them. Well, their canoe soon became a submarine and my friend and I had to rescue them from atop some boulders along the rapids. The canoe was never recovered.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


  19. Rodney says:

    Where can I get information on the T-track system

  20. I like what you have done with your layout, especially the mine scene as it looks very good and I like the way you’ve run the return track, behind the mine under the hills. Enjoy your layout with your grandchildren and their father, as your never to old to enjoy the excitement of a good layout, that has a lot going for it. Well Done,

    Stemar, (Downunder)

  21. THOMAS says:


  22. Ralph Berry says:

    What a splendid landscaping module Andy. Those blokes with the canoe look like they are in a bit of trouble. Would the next module contain a helicopter and a rope team coming to rescue them? Maybe a train with a fold out landing pad and fold-able helicopter?

  23. Danny says:

    That is an excellent waterfall.I`am in the process of working on a waterfall myself going through a campground.I would love to know what you used for the actual material you used for the water on the waterfall itself

  24. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great how to on the water falls and the video very interesting.

  25. Wow…. My apologies for not getting back sooner. I was out of touch for the better part of the last 3 weeks so forgive the late response. First thank you for the Kudos. This was a little bit of a challenge as I had been working on several techniques to make this look and feel right. I used a couple of different mediums for the water. For the water Falls I use “Golden regular and extra heavy” Acrylic gels I literally painted them right on the scenery and dried them in layers. The water is “Magic Water” by unreal details and is a little bit of a trick to combine them. Still you get a great effect especially when you use the Dry brush technique to add the white water.
    @Josh- Part of the interest at Club runs or at shows is in the details. I love to make good scenery but The added “humor” adds a little something for the passerby, the novice and the serious modeler. It captures your attention and then pulls you in to the other details. If it is too “matter of fact” people stop looking at the details then they gloss over all of the hard work….
    @ Arnie- As a matter of fact I do know two geniuses who thought they could “shoot” the rapids in their canoe and went over a much smaller waterfall, the got stuck in a log jam at the bottom, it took awhile but we recovered all but one paddle….
    @ everyone, Again thank you and I will be posting more soon. – Andy

  26. Barry Pearlman says:

    TYI –

    Over here (US), the extra long drill bits are sometimes called “aircraft drill bits”. I guess that they are primarily used to reach places far inside airplanes.

    Don’t know if the regular hardware stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot carry them. If not, look on the net for a place that carries machinists supplies, like taps, dies, milling machine bits etc.


  27. Frank Goessler says:


    Greetings from O scale Frank in Saint Charles, Missouri. I had the engine shed downloads printed in color and at twice the size per your suggestion and they look great. The only problem I can see is finding cardboard big enough to attach the large printouts to. Oh well, small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. Thanks again for your help and your printouts.

    O scale Frank

  28. Jim says:

    Great scenic detail with the waterfall, Andy. Nothing like trying to simulate nature in landscaping. And you have!

    And thanks to Rob for his video. He makes it seem soooo easy.

    Jim AZ

  29. Gary P. Dettl says:

    Dear Andy
    Holy Smokes. That is the best water fall that I have seen. Great job, and a nice layout.

    Rob, thanks for the video, very informative.

  30. Robert Brady says:

    Any fish in that there pond sir?

  31. Henry Betz says:

    What is T trak? is it a software drawing program? A manufacturer’s track system? A protocol for modules?

    Enjoyed this step by step.

  32. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Very nice Andy, this is exactly the way I have to build my layout. Unfortunately I have to also make the ends connect to each other. I would not say unfortunately but no how. Your landscaping is how I would like mine to turn out, we I we will see. How many cubes are you going to make? I know , I have a 10′ X 10′ room but I am maybe use a 10′ X 5′ room. We will see. Good luck on the rest of your lay out and Happy Railing.
    SDG St.Petersburg Florida USA

  33. Jim Volmer Sr says:

    This is the first time I have viewed a how to from Farland. Quite interesting to say the least. Nice to see how modelers do things and inspires me to continue with my endeavor of model railroading.
    Nice job. It is fun to see lights change automatically. By the way, if a train comes near the tunnel signal, does the approaching train stop automatically at the red signal or does the train cruise pass? Interesting question.

  34. Tim Mc Pheron says:

    If anyone is looking for extra long drill bits they should try alarm company supply distributors or electrical supply houses. I have also made simple bits from scratch using welding rods, a hammer and a grinder.

  35. Ruben Simon says:

    Love the canoe problem. But what’s that thing hanging from it to the left of the guy in the blue shirt? Looks like a seal – really curious!

  36. Great job Andy! ALSO Thank You for your Service!

  37. Thanks for sharing! — great photos of progress!

  38. Capt Bob says:

    Al least the paddler looks like he is kneeling. That must be a Blue Hole canoe!

  39. Kermit Beckmann says:

    Love Farland I have been watching his videos for years and love everyone

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