Andrew’s model railroad bridge


as promised attached are the remaining pictures of my bridge now completed.

The set prior to completion attached are the bridge painted.

The track and gravel bed is fixed to the bridge with double sided tape attached to the underside of the cork bed of which the ballast is glued.


“Hi Alistair.


By using small envelope addressing squares I cut them 1cm in width and to the required lengths, then pva glue just for additionl adhesion works very well, They are neat and will easily shape themselves to any bends in the roads they can be dirtied to show tyre marks crossing over them by dirtying the wheels of cars and running them over at certain points on the road.



Enjoyed this lot. A big thanks to Stuart and Andrew.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here – and thanks for all the comments on it. I do appreciate them.

That’s all for this time.

Please do keep ’em coming – I enjoy reading them as much as you.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

45 Responses to Andrew’s model railroad bridge

  1. Nice one Stuart , always a problem doing white lines , and well done with the Bridge Andrew

  2. Tom - Shrewsbury -PA USA says:

    Dave vey nice I like your trees..

  3. Steve P. says:

    Thanks to Andrew, Stuart and especially Dave. Keep the great ideas and videos coming. Another way to do white lines (or yellow) very easily is with pin-striping tape. You can get it in various widths and colors at auto supply stores or online. It is self adhesive and bends to conform to curves very easily.

  4. I was impressed with your bridge, especially since I use a disposable razor each couple of days, so they’d take verylittle time to aquire the correct amount plus the bridge would be rather inexpensive, so thanks for sharing this tip with us modelers.

  5. Paul Fryer says:

    Isn’t 1cm too wide for your white line strips? Did you mean 1 mm?

  6. John Meehan says:

    Nicely done gents! I especially like that hedgerow and hairspray ideas Dave!

  7. Tom says:

    A job well Done!

    Thanks Stuart n Al

    Keep on Training!

    Tom N

  8. Sheila says:

    I was anxious to see the completed bridge. Fine job from an awesome idea. Thanks for the tips on street dividing lines and the tutorial on trees. I am getting ready to make trees from the blossom ends of crepe myrtles, so this video was a great help.
    Love this blog site. I eagerly look forward to reading and viewing all the info posted. Can’t get enough ideas. Thanks to all.

  9. Austin Wilson says:

    Love the bridge idea, that is neat. Also love the white lines on the road idea. My roads are currently 3 inch wide strips of roofing turning upside down. Have to use finishing nails to hold them down as they do warp. I do not have any lines on my roads yet, but I do like the idea of the white lines, thanks so much Stuart. Have a great day everyone. Austin Wilson, a huge HO Scale train layout.

  10. Ron Zimmerman (USA) says:


    I view these things every day with great interest. Very nice detail. Looks great. But why are the cars all on the wrong side of the road?

    Just a dumb American, Ha!

  11. Joe says:

    Great pics…Hope mine looks only half as good.

  12. Peter Jacobs says:


    Dave mentioned a video clip from somewhere that gave a demo on the style of trees that Dave makes in this clip, can I get that info what video Dave was talking about please.

    Peter Jacobs.

  13. Ian says:

    great tips, bridge looks great, demo on the trees you made it look easy. keep sending the tips

  14. paul Otway says:

    Great Bridge

  15. THOMAS says:


  16. Brian says:

    Always to good to see what Dave is up to, I find him very inspiring. Question to Dave – where are the wedding cars at the church?

  17. Stuart says:

    Dave you have some brilliant tips, especially the hairspray on trees. your model is just fantastic, so interesting and always something new to spot each time you see it, thanks

  18. TONY says:

    I have noticed that English layouts have TOO MUCH activity for the
    size of many of the layouts. Clutter takes away from watching the

  19. david jones says:

    hi everyone, ive got abit of a set up here a 15 foot board ho trains steam and diesels questions are related to the orient express steam train .im thinking of purchasing a Hornby orient express set the train is dcc the carridges have the name of each of them on the side of them very forgoing ,I was wondering if anyones had any good experience with the orient express stuff im located in Newcastle 111 miles north of Sydney in nsw Australia .also the original bridge builder your built bridge looks great ok .thanks david nsw Australia

  20. john says:

    Always enjoy your pictures and terrific ideas. Usually print them all out for future reference. Still working on my O gauge layout which is my bedroom. It’s only about nine feet long and about 8/12 wide and can’t make it any bigger. My daughter is involved with the project. She’s been a lot of help . Keep up your great work. Always open all your mail up.John

  21. John Coffey says:

    Really nice,what size is Dave,s layout

  22. Bob Price says:

    Razor Sharp, 10 out of 10 for imagination Stuart!!!!

  23. Paul says:

    Another great video Dave.. progress moving fast,

    Think we need to try to keep up with you.

    Maybe we should draft in Roy Cropper off Coronation Street, did you see the layout he built in 3 weeks after the loss of Hayley lol

    Keep up the good work Dave


  24. jim morris says:



    can you help me ,ive made a village pond on my layout ,but cannot get water fowl to put onit can you help

  26. Martin Gliddon says:

    Great idea about the razor bridge, very neat but…should it be ballasted!
    I always thought bridges were never ballasted due to excess weight.

  27. Victor Corbo says:

    For making white lines in the roadways, I purchased 1/16 inch white striping tape at an automobile paint supplier. Self adhesive and is easy to follow the bends in the roadways.

  28. Denis (N gauge) says:

    Hi All,

    Furthering the discussion on White lines, for those of us in the U.K., The Highway Code tells us the meaning of the white lines on British roads. {At least it did when I took my driving test in the mid sixties}
    The long lines with short spaces are for ‘hazards’ i.e.. bends, when approaching junctions, level crossings or pedestrian crossings. The short lines with large spaces are for the open road.
    It is sad to see so many excellent layouts of U.K. locations where these rules are not applied, or worse still when they are reversed.
    I can’t say for the rest of the world, perhaps someone else can tell us.
    Gripe over! Keep up the good work.

    Denis (British N Gauge)
    Ferthering the dicussion on white lines.

  29. Frank Mucciolo says:

    What did you use to build that bridge? it looks very nice, different.

  30. Frank Mucciolo says:

    Never mind, on closer inspection I see that they are disposable razor blades. Good job mate.

  31. Garry Mcghie says:

    would love to know the width of Daves layout looks great good work

  32. J Dentner says:

    I am planning to start a new layout in “N” gauge. I’ve been reading up on various items that deal with layouts. 1 thing I am confused about (and hope you can explain) is the rail numbers (I.E. 50, 80 etc.). Are they interchangeable? Any and all information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the tips and tricks and layout photos from other modelers. I have been saving them to review when I start my layout.

    Thank you,
    J Dentner

  33. Wayne, Florida N says:

    One of the best and most fun segments of model railroading is utilizing everyday items to represent scale items. Imagination is the key ingredient. Thanks Andrew, Stuart and Dave, keep the fun coming.

  34. George says:

    love all the info you guys give on the layouts and the pics / keeps my interest
    alive more than reading alone , I missed about 3 weeks worth because of Microsoft
    and their stupid updates !
    The jokers think we all need to see their advertisements so they let viruses in with
    them if you try to block them and they locked out our hard drives and it took a lot
    of time and money to get the new ones up and running after that !
    I have a mind to sue them to recoup our money and the time we were charged
    with !

  35. Harold says:

    I love that bridge, you did a great job, but you may have considered using double rails to prevent derailing inside the bridge. I do that because it is a pain when a car comes off the track inside the bridge.

  36. GOPAL DAGA says:

    Save environment, save yourself. Excellent use of used disposable razor, otherwise the plastic involved is ruining the life. Well thought off. In hobbies, every thing which is discarded is usefull. That makes the definition of hobby !!!
    Gopal Daga / India

  37. Rube Simon says:

    Stuart, what are addressing squares? Not familiar with that term/item. Are they blank addressing labels? Those I’ve seen don’t bend so I’m checking on what you mean by the term.

  38. Robert Brady says:

    TU DAVE great idea

  39. Andrew I like your bridge, will give it a go on my layout

  40. Ronald Seto says:

    Good use for old disposable razor blades, but I have never seen a bridge with that design .Is there a prototype for it?

  41. Robert roche says:

    gentlemen, in a unrelated matter. i am putting a rooftop restaurant on the roof of a lionel O gauge building. could anyone tell me where I could get O gauge or HO
    tables, chairs etc.
    burley bob

  42. If someone was engineering this bridge I would think they would have a stabilizer bar across the top. What do you think? Regardless, great idea and it looks good.

  43. Dave Fife says:

    Living in the USA I have NEVER seen gravel on any bridge, Maybe they do things different overseas?

  44. ScenicsRme says:

    Dave F. Now THAT’S FUNNY! Never seen gravel on a bridge … bothers you, but a bridge made from giant BIC razors doesn’t!, or have you seen one of those somewhere??? Not dissing you, just found the dichotomy hilarious.
    It’s HIS railroad, if they put ballast on the track on BIC razor bridges on his railroad, it’s the RIGHT thing to do!

  45. William Orton says:

    Nice work on your trees and scrubs. Well done.

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