Union Pacific N scale

Andrew has been in touch with his Union Pacific N scale:

“Hi all

Well it broke my heart but I had to take down my 00 gauge layout as my grandson will require a bed space in the spare room so needs must as they say.

I convinced the better half that I could have the bottom bit of the room for an N gauge layout, after a wealth of info trawling on the net for ideas, I found something I liked.

It’s called Union Pacific Silver Creek Diversion, but the idea was there so I am taking some of it but using my ideas as well and I’m calling it the Moultainus Pass after my surname Moult.

I’m not putting a turntable in, that will be farm land and it will be an up and down line as well.

So this is where I started and am currently, I am quite happy at how the expanding foam embankments went. I have now started the farm scenery with a mixture of scatter grass and static grass and earth.

Here are my pics from start to current state.

Any comments please feel free to pass them across.

Thank you


Union Pacific N scale

foam for model train scenery

N scale track bed

N scale track bed

Union Pacific N scale

Union Pacific N scale

Union Pacific N scale

N scale model railroad

Union Pacific N scale

N scale model railroad

Union Pacific N scale

Union Pacific N scale

Union Pacific N scale

Do you know, I think there’s only one thing I enjoy more than an update – and that’s seeing a layout born from the very first step. So a big thanks to Andrew.

Now on to something I’ve been mulling over for a while. It’s Fred who brought it up again. Have a read:

“Al –

In the last week or two, since Jon Rousch appeared on your site, I tracked him down (with difficulty) and have been corresponding by email. We have discovered that in addition to N Scale railroad modeling, we were once avid RC aircraft modelers, we both own and ride heavy motorcycles, and we are both pilots. John and I have traded a lot of notes, potentially opening up some avenues of discussion that will be useful for two guys who have a lot in common.

I remember a few years back you expressed your concern to me about privacy, names, email addresses and the like, but I do think that compared to some of the absolutely insane revelations that are being made and discovered on Facebook, Alastair Lee’s group of mostly old men with a passion for models is very tame by comparison and could actually serve your readership better if opened up a bit.

While you’ve suggested that some of us are “men of few words,” which in my case is probably true, I think it’s because it takes a lot of time to explain what we submit to you every six months or so. If, on the other hand, the conversation were kept specific and allowed to focus between interested parties, it might be more useful.

It would require some thinking to figure out how to benefit yourself and your site and not cut you out of the loop as host, but there are plenty of websites that seem to do this, and I think you actually might increase the website’s traffic quite a lot, and attract other modelers from around the world.

Anyway, just a thought.


Well, any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated. Let’s see what we come up with. Even just yesterday Jim offered his help to those eager to learn.

Now on to Hall of Fame member, Dave:

“Hi Alistair I started making a fun video yesterday as with all the rain we have been getting it was something to keep me indoors, then later in the day the post delivered the new block I was waiting for to work those signals automatically.

Bit of a long story, it was the same block as before, but after connecting up (and sending e mail to supplier not correct one ) it worked, as shown I had diagrams of 2 different ones but with same part number a bit confusing …so cut the story short , the first one must have been faulty, so double video on here, the result for the signals and a fun video…



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

That’s all for today folks.

A big thanks to Andrew for sharing his Union Pacific N scale, and to Dave. And please do leave a comment below if you agree with Fred. Let’s see what we can sort out.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to stop dreaming and start doing.



35 Responses to Union Pacific N scale

  1. Peter Gallagher says:

    Dave never ceases to amaze me. Oh and yes, it always helps to wire the signal correctly !

  2. Peter Waring says:

    Glad you got your signal sorted out Dave. Accidents often happen in extreme weather, but it seems that your fire and rescue services were on the ball and all was quickly sorted.
    Andrew great start on your N gauge. The joys of starting afresh and avoiding all the mistakes you made first time round. Very envious!

  3. Peter Bayley-Bligh says:

    Dave’s Fun was fun – just shows the ingenuity that some modellers have and not only in modelling terms. Thanks.

  4. Stephen E Parker says:

    If you wish to connect, you can put your contact information in your comment.

  5. Hi Alistair
    Yet another interesting read
    Regarding Fred’s comments I think sharing thoughts and ideas
    Its how we work at Wimborne Model Town
    I am just a Bodger and Hackit type of modeller,cant paint ,know little of electrics or electronics and computers but I can float an idea and one of the team of model railway modellers can suggest the electrics ,2 more are able to paint scenery and stock and then the other volunteers who are into computers came up with Raspberry Pi control via push button and we are now replacing Push Buttons with PIR switches to activate the Model Railway so there will be no hands on transfer of germs.
    We all have different interests in the Hobby and nurturing new comers and helping solving problems is part of what we do. So yes lets aee more of this.

  6. Will in NM says:

    Andrew, That look s like a great start on your new N scale layout. I like the backdrop photos and your bridges. The central mountain between the bridges looks a bit too rectangular for nature (IMHO), but could easily be altered to a more realistic shape and texture. You’ve done an amazing amount of work in a short time — I’m envious of your progress.

    Dave, Glad you sorted out your signal problems. I’m surprised that fire could burn so hot with all the rain than was falling. 🙂 Thanks again for a bit of fun during these trying times.

    Alistair, I think Fred is onto something but I’m not sure how to implement his idea. There have been a few times when I wished I could contact a contributor directly. I’ve posted comments and questions to the blog, but I’m never sure if the intended recipient ever saw them. Occasionally, I have seen an answer or response to my post, so it works sometimes. I guess if anyone wants to solicit direct contacts, you could allow them to include their email address in their blog post or perhaps put a member directory up on the website with the email addresses of only those folks who opt into that feature. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  7. Tony, Kitty Hawk NC says:

    Great start Andrew- I love to see layouts from the beginning.
    Al- I most certainly like Fred’s idea. It would be nice to be able to see a thread on a certain subject or layout continue on. I am not sure of the best way to do it, but no matter what- don’t change away from your daily email- makes my day! We could just start with Stephen’s idea- anyone who posts, add your email if you want a personal comment or discussion.

  8. Geoff Kerr says:

    lHi Al,
    Interesting thought that Fred shared. Perhaps a Zoom conversation on some specific subject done as a bi-monthly event. Subject & time can be listed on your web site.

    Need ground rules for newbies: no talking over, nothing negative, chat box for more complicated or off subject questions.

    Lot if thoughts on how to filter the group if you want to continue the conversation.

  9. Bruce says:

    To include email address, consider placing in parentheses with no symbols.
    I.e., (emailname(at)provider(dot)com).
    The address is not recognized as such and must be typed correctly in a new mail.

    Bruce in SC USA

  10. Robert Brady says:

    OH Mcgoo you’ve done it again! Never seize to amaze me Dangerous Dave. Bravo!
    The Critic
    Hope no one was hurt in that reck!

  11. Steve says:

    Hi Andrew

    Is that a “Lone Star Treblolectric” station building in photos 11 and 12? Used to have loads of that stuff years ago…yours looks in very good condition if that’s what it is. The name of your railroad sounds American but the stock looks British…mind you I have quite a lot of old Triang “Transcontinental” stock which I am happy to run now and again on my UK-based layout. I think it’s called “rule 1 applies” i.e. it’s your railway so you can do what you like! Well done,


    Lincs, UK

  12. Robert Johnson says:

    I love reading about and seeing videos on every ones layout! I don’t have a layout, but I have loved trains since early childhood when Santa brought me an American Flyer train set for Christmas, which I still have after 70+ years! Keep up the great work everyone and I will continue to enjoy your posts! — from Decatur, Alabama, USA

  13. So much!
    It is neat to see a new layout start from the “ground up” so to speak.
    Fred’s idea is an interesting one. It could be interesting to see if there could be a way for “forums” to be set up, threads linked, questions asked, questions answered.
    Given the state of things for many years now, I can understand the reticence that some people have to sharing their information and contact details. Where “communities” used to exist, there is now fear of our neighbors and a lot of loneliness. As we get older, that loneliness can become quite profound.
    I love Dave’s videos and especially love seeing the “Blue Pullman” .

  14. Don Stine says:

    Re: Fred

    I for one am very pleased with this site as a place for model railroading. That is the topic. I like it that way. I open my mail and spend a few minutes each day learning more and seeing what wonderful things my fellow modelers are doing with their layouts.

    As this site in now run, any thoughts or information about myself come only from me. I would not like for others to start leaking unauthorized bits of information which could be used to start a profile of me, and that would inevitably occur.

    It is my opinion that Allastair does not need to be put in a position of having to worry about the security of those who enjoy his site so much, nor should our brotherhood on this site be concerned about who may misuse any information exposed on this site.

    It is easy enough too acquire a secondary email address through yahoo or google that one can use for specific uses. We can post one of those addresses in our comments if we please, and at know where the email that went email was found. From there it is only a matter of replying to the sender, and if you wish giving them your real email address.

    As a veteran, I am a very real advocate for ways of connecting with others of similar likes or backgrounds, but as a two time victim of identity theft, I also preach caution. As a web master myself, I have personal experience with a person who used a web site for shipmates to track someone down, and threaten to cause them harm.

    Allastair has a magnificent site here. He provides hours of enjoyment, learning , and sharing our experiences with each other. I personally think that what is being asked for is a possible slippery slope, that Allistair should not be asked to walk by his fans.

    I also apologize to all for getting off topic.

  15. To All,
    There is much that I love about Al’s site, something that makes it better than most magazines and Facebook pages.
    The first thing is the diversity of skills that we see. Magazines tend to show the “best of the best” and encourage unrealistic expectations. When we fall short of our expectations, it is often easier to quit than to push ahead and try again after learning from our mistakes. Because of what Al presents, we can see what we can expect as “beginners”, as more accomplished modelers, as “experts”, as those who have “challenges” of one form or another.
    While Facebook groups may show diversity of experience, they tend to be focused in ways that also restrict.
    Al’s site shows a great diversity of interests withing the field of model railroading. While the majority of the material tends to be either British or American pattern, there is a lot of other work that shows up as well.
    Then there is the diversity of subject matter… While I have yet to see some good stuff on making an easy but proper “backscene” or “backdrop” as we call it on my side of the pond (that said, Al does have four nice ones in his print-out scenery range), there have been great posts on benchwork/baseboards, track laying, design, structures, weathering, electronics (electrics on Al’s side of the pond) and so much more. We see small layouts, large layouts and everything in between.

  16. Gerald says:

    If those who contribute to this sit would give Al permission to print their email addresses then that might help. Or put your email address in with your posting.

  17. Kent says:

    I agree with Fred but I don’t have any suggestions on how best to do it. Thanks Al, for giving us this much!

  18. A lot of interesting ideas on doing a batch communication or “one on one” type. Problem is that with many sinister thieves in the world, posting one’s email address is essentially not a good idea as it can lead to situations where the “thieves”, who know more than you do, will rip you off and you may not know it for quite some time. Then there are all these privacy laws which Alastair Lee as well as his hosting service must follow – some like GDPR and the California Privacy Security Act can get quite detailed. Thus, to keep Alastair and his hosting partner safe from various lawsuits, it is advisable not to post one’s contact info live.

    Facebook and LinkedIN use methods which are far more secure in that each user is assigned a pseudo contact email which is then forwarded to the real hidden address. I’ve been doing it this way for years and it meets many of those safe Internet practices y’all should be following. As an example, I have over 15 email addresses which does not include the ones which are assigned to me by the social media platforms. All of the emails actually dump (forwarded) into one REAL address which is filtered multiple times by my hosting partner. Different emails for different purposes and from unique websites which I have for various hobbies and money making activities.

    Once the person(s) get email from one another they can agree to connect individually bypassing all that other stuff or continue to use whichever method they can conjure up to make it easy for them.

    You can still use Skype or TeamViewer, or Zoom or whatever method you want to use for the visuals if you need to do those kind of things.

  19. Thank you All re comments on my signals and video , bit of a pain sorting out the signals but got there in the end …hence the fun video …Dangerous Dave

  20. Patti in Curdsville, VA says:

    Dave sure likes to have fun with his layout! No 2 days seem to be the same-just like life. I am starting over like Andrew. Hubby and I moved the 4×8 layout down 2 flights of stairs and even though it was a daunting task, it looks to be a much better location (isn’t that the number 1 rule of real estate!). Keep up the great things y’all are doing!

  21. Ron Schultz says:

    Dave’s lighting and rain struck a memory . I am a retired fire chief and had lighting strike houses while i was working and then we had a house fire to put out .

  22. J W Snyder says:

    1. Andrew you have made a great start to your new layout!
    2. For security’s sake keep things the way they are. (tip of the hat to Alastair)
    3. LOL Dave! You exemplify what this hobby is all about! It cheered me to watch
    the video.

  23. Minnesota Mike says:

    Thanks Dave. Your videos always bring a smile to my face. Never a dull moment.

  24. Steve says:

    The Forum seemed to quietly disappear – I know it wasn’t used much, but it strikes me that had it been used more, it had the potential to address many of the interesting and valid points raised by Fred.

    As many have said, the reality of publishing your email address is that crooks (and just plain oddballs) will misuse that information. Sad but true!

    The majority of specific or general questions can usually be answered by Professor Google 🙂 I also use rmweb a lot for detailed research – it’s a secure forum with a huge amount of railway-related information. I think it would be unfair to expect Al to jump through all of the hoops to introduce a similarly secure communication feature.

  25. James says:

    Does anyone have an n scale SOO pasenger car set (maroon) to sell?

  26. THOMAS says:

    Thanks to Dave …he runs his trains !

  27. JoeS inME says:

    My 2 cents regarding the disclosure of email addresses — Don’t do it.
    While it might be nice to be able to communicate directly sometimes, Al had a forum where one could ask questions and try for responses. It was rarely used. I posted a few responses and even posted a question that never got answered. That was a resource that should have been used more.
    Since then, I have responded to several questions but I never know if the poster ever read my response. That’s partially my fault; I view this site around 2300 hours east coast USA time.
    So if you post a question, be sure to come back a day or two later to see if you got a response and acknowledge it.

  28. george zaky says:

    To all
    IMHO- If it aint broke dont fix it! Big Al’s site is the best on the Net. The forum was a bust, other sites are money hungry, and the trolls are weeded out by Big Al.
    Since I am not savvy at all about the economics of running a site like this my fear is it wont last. My hope is that some how an economic solution can make it worthwhile for Big Al to keep it going.
    Where else can you see an entertaining movie from DD to bring a smile and humorous good cheer to a morning with your coffee.
    Frankly the world does not impress me lately with a lot of sickos banging drums and making noise. You’ll not see my email address except to those I trust- which are few. This site is made to Big Al’s standards and they suit me just fine. Bacteria is some peoples only culture.
    You N guys blow me away. Really nice layout.

  29. Rod Mackay says:

    Hi Dave, very nice signal but it’s only the red side that gives instructions to drivers, so a train approaching from the other (black and white) side of the arm can ignore it, and there’s no reason for it to return to danger. How you would wire it to ignore trains coming from behind I’ve no idea! Good luck,

  30. John from Baltimore says:

    In response to Fred. I like the ability to write and comment on Al’s site without the undue worry about those out here in the cyber world with apparently nothing better to do than try to ruin a total strangers life by ransom ware, identity theft, or a computer virus. You know, those sick and useless blobs of tissue we ride through the cosmos with on this blue rock…sorry, occasionally my metaphoric soap-box slipped out. Anyway, I like the way privacy and information are handled by this site, and suggest no changes.
    Good job all around Al, keep up the good work!
    Dave, fun video – you always amaze with wit and humor!

  31. Marklin ed says:

    Thanks Dave growing up is not in your life style. GREAT……DAVE RUN MORE FREIGHT CARS PLEASE.

  32. Brian Olson says:

    It’s never about space. It’s about how you use the space you have.

  33. robert dale tiemann says:

    nice use of space. good job.

  34. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Andrew well done managing to get a space got your layout even if you had to drop a scale. Scale is always a problem and can be difficult to remember when in the creative flow. I would suggest that you should perhaps revisit the enbankments either side of your bridge. The size of the boulders would ,to scale, be enormous and would weigh tens of tons each. Even if used in the real world they would be hard against each other to offer some stability to each other. A tip when designing such areas or indeed any area is to have a loco to hand to position beside your intended area to check the scale of what your building. 12 inches to the foot is not a scale it’s reality.

  35. Steve Ruple says:

    Dave, awesome video, you come up with the wildest video’s. Not sure how you do it but they are the best video’s I have seen. Keep those video’s coming I love them !!!!!!!!!!!

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