Arnie replies!

After Arnie’s stunning past (here if you missed it), he’s been kind enough to mail this is:

“Hi Al,

You were certainly right about the extensive response I would receive to my video posting.

I want to thank you and all the viewers of the website for their praise and enthusiastic responses.

If I may address some of the inquiries about the video and layout:

I chose to do a night landscape to divert from the usual daylight running of trains.

The video is intentionally dark to capture a sense of a rural landscape at night while using both on- and off-layout lighting to provide sufficient illumination.

I have also taken the same video and have duplicated it but using a bit brighter imaging and a retro 1950s B&W film style to try to give it a more dramatic effect.

I could certainly forward that for the viewers if there is an interest in seeing it.

For those expressing interest in my plans for the layout and other things I’ve done on/with the layout:

I have some 40 or so other videos created on the layout.

Some are specific to the layout’s locale (Susquehanna Valley…); some are of other locations and eras using portable backdrops and rolling stock of the era being focused on; some feature a brief history and look at famous trains of the past (e.g., the New York Central’s 20th Century Limited) and present (e.g., the Acela Express); and some are purely whimsical (e.g., “The Wreck Train”).

One video I posted on your website before is the comprehensive “Life on the SV&GS”.

All these videos can be accessed via Youtube by searching under my user name “privprac48″.

I am working on an offshoot of the Berkshire video you just posted: An update of the Polar Express excursion train that is still running and is headed by the Pere Marquette Berkshire #1225.

I have also published several articles on my N scale SV&GS layout in “N Scale Railroading” magazine and annually publish photos in the annual “Walthers N&Z Reference Book”.

And I have a prospective article on the layout to be published in an upcoming issue of “N Scale Magazine”.

So, there you have it.

And I would be honored to share info, videos and photos wtih anyone interested.

Again, many thanks to you Al and all the readers of your website for your support and kind words.


And Dangerous Dave has been back in touch too:

“Hi Al,

This is one I uploaded last night!”



Big thanks to Arnie and Dave.

Don’t forget, the Beginner’s Guide is here if Arnie has inspired you.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

41 Responses to Arnie replies!

  1. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Well done Dave love it

  2. BernardS says:

    Well done arnie and Davr! Iparticularly liked the pop up figure , gave an interesting offshoot to the serious bussines of model raileway running
    Once again WELL DONE
    from us all Bernard @ Co.

  3. terry redding says:

    hi, can I make one small critism. that is at beginning of video the train exiting station looked a bit far from station platform so much so that in real life passengers would have to pole vault on n off train. but brill lay out any case

  4. Lynn Taubeneck says:

    Where did Dave get the “girlie” sign on the Pub? Rather risqué for an older gentleman.

  5. builder Kim says:

    Just because the engine is old. don’t mean it still cant pull lol

  6. builder Kim says:

    Always injoy Dave’s layout. I have learned a lot off Dave thank’s.

  7. Guy says:

    Absolutely stunning, ,,,great work….

  8. Dave Whatley says:

    I realy liked the lighting at night, well done.

  9. marlin says:

    how can one respond to this

  10. Larry says:

    PPPPlease don’t stop with your great videos. I’ll soon be doing some scenery on my Z layout, and will be using your “crumpled paper and PVA (over here I thinks it’s just called white glue (like Elmers)). Always look forward to your posts
    Larry O

  11. tom says:

    Arnie and Dave.
    You always give your best! Thank you for that.
    risqué girlie sign. I am an older gentleman too. There be snow on the mountain, but there be fire in the furnace. Think about that!
    Thank you Al
    best regards,

  12. Peter Jones says:

    Great to see Dave back, hope the knee op went well. Also brilliant update from Arnie. We have 2 modelling guru’s to help us. Thanks to you both for more inspiration. Pete “The Mackem” in England

  13. Soren Lippert says:

    Hi Al, Arnie, and Dave
    First to Al: Your endeavour here is awesome – beauties and useful tips galore! To Arnie: Fantastic what a highly skilled railway modeller can do – and in N-scale! I will congratulate and thank you for the beatiful night scenes and for sharing with us your detailed and exemplary layout. Hope to see and hear more from you, also more modelling technical stuff! And to Dave: I have been enjoying your numerous videos on modelling techniques and layout development for a long time! Of course we need you to share your ideas and images with us. My own H0 layout is still in the planning stage, but on the verge of the first building phase. You will hear from me this summer when I have the building under way.
    Happy modelling
    Soren ES

  14. Louie says:

    Always a delight to see your videos. If you ever give public tours, I would hop across the pond to see your layout!!!!!!

  15. C.J. May says:

    Great Stuff Here!

  16. Raymond Appenzeller says:

    Dear Dave, Please enlighten me where did you find that “Neon Girlie Light”? I like the premise and the layout very much! One can tell you applied a lot of thought, attention to detail and many hours of pleasurable labor in building this grand layout. Thank you for sharing and creating new video updates.

  17. Arnie Steiner says:

    Hey Dave — Fabulous job you’ve done with the new layout. With your many videos and How-Tos along the way, you’ve definitely provided a rich source of info and viewing pleasure to the readers–me certainly incuded. I love the colors and activity everywhere on the layout and all the Euro rolling stock. Over time you’ve also made changes in the videoing of your runs by incorportating varying viewing angles; great work. Your night lighted scenes are wonderful! Keep ’em coming Dave!

    And again, thanks to you Al for posting my work and commentary and to the readers for their continued interest.

  18. Roy Tibbles says:

    Its great watching your layout Dave, notices some of the points that people pointed out but wasn’t that bad to say about. I have got a Pullman set of six coaches going around on my layout. With brake van at each end, notice one of your brake vans back to front there’s reason for that attached to the engine on top deck. Anyway the whole lay out looks great. ( wish mine was) only a mess, I spend 2/3 hours a night doing some thing on so one day will have it finished. Roy

  19. Marklin ed. says:


  20. great ideas Arnie your N and Z scale stuff is perfect and your videos are priceless…
    wow I never knew how guys can work with stuff that small….
    keep ’em comin
    as usual Daves video tells it like it T-I-Z-Z….great stuff dude…
    keepin’ it runnin’ fellas….!!

  21. david howarth says:

    Thanks all for the comments , just love some of those re the Night club far as the station platform too far away from the track ..must rectify that ..although the girls at the night club use it as practice for pole vaulting ready for the pole dancing ..?? ..
    snow in the hills ….!! Dave

  22. mike vassar says:

    Well done Dave I love the layout I COULD WATCH IT ALL DAY. MIKE

  23. Edward says:

    GREAT scenery!!!!!

  24. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, I’ve received a complaint from the lady on the platform at the first station featured, she says she can’t possibly be expected to jump across that yawning chasm of a platform gap to board the DMU wearing that long skirt. Naturally, I did suggest she hoick it up round her waist for the purpose, but she just gave me That Look, you know?
    Remember the old joke about Bodmin Road station, a passenger protested that it ought to have been nearer the town, only to be told by the Great Western that they thought it would be more use if it was next to the railway line!

  25. John says:

    Thanks Dave, thanks Arnie.

    Great posts as per normal guys! Luved there`s snow on the roof but there`s a fire in the furnace line!! Lol!

    JohnE UK

  26. Bob Severance says:

    I love how you run your trains at something other than a CRAWL….. They are actually GOING somewhere!!

  27. leonard angelo says:

    Hi Dave…
    from a one time owner of a Morgan thanks for having green one in your layout.
    I am in the planning stage of a o gauge system. May need some help.

    great set up


    leonard angelo usa california

  28. paul Otway says:

    A very entertaining video Dave.

    Paul Otway

  29. Ian Mc Donald says:

    it has been great watching your videos on youtube Arnie what you have done on an 8×5 layout is unreal. glad to see everybody is back from holidays Dave great video always looking for inspiration.

  30. Great job, as always . I enjoy your video’s,good health to you.

  31. Thx Arnie & Dave:
    It is truly a pleasure to see your works. I am so glad to be able to start my retired day by seeing the many wonders you put in order. Having the ability to share what you do is a big thing in this world of “I got mine-You get your own”. Thx so much for sharing new and old ideas with your “How To’s” and this is what I have accomplished since. Love the updates and improvements talked about and shown. Keep on keeping on with your railroad works. Harold Jr. GPTx of USA

  32. phil says:

    Thank You, I like to read your post, or E mails. I just do not say much, Have a good one. Phil’

  33. Bruce says:

    Dave, thanx for another great video and more completion of the new layout. Please pass on the name of the tune and group that was playing toward the end of the video. I loved it…got my almost 80 yr ol feet movin.

    Arnie, if only I could see well enough to create a great layout as you have. But I will begin a new on in O soon…..just after figuring my taxes.

    And Al, as always thanx for your terrific web site. None better.

    Again, Thank You All….. Bruce in SC USA

  34. franco428 says:

    Great Video Dave & your layout was so much better than any I have seen.

    I watched your video several times so I could see everything. What a nice gift to model railroading. Thank you!

    Every time I see one of your videos or look at images of your projects, it gives me more ideas for what I could have.

    Thanks again for your talent and dedication to this craft.

  35. Chris Sylvester says:

    Another Great video !!! thank you for sharing !!

  36. Will in NM says:


    Glad to hear you’re well again and still making great videos. I do have one question about your layout: Is everything in 1/76th scale (OO) and, if so, where do you find all the figures, details and structures in that scale? Or, are you able to use some HO (1/87th) scale items with the OO? Whatever the answer, your layout is wonderful!

  37. Bruce Young says:

    Arnie. I have had plans to make the SAME layout because I LOVE it. Thank you for the heads up on info where to go

  38. David Schaffner says:

    Wow! what genius to create a intriguing panorama of times past. Love the buildings and was curious, are they kits or fully assembled? I never see any like that in USA and I may add, they are exceptional in the fact that they are so cool and realistic in your time frame. Would love to know where you get them? Love the three black classic cars and the yellow British one.
    Just curious, do you have help with your layout, but I’m thinking your retired.
    Thank you for sharing.

  39. Fred anderson says:

    Yes I certainly would like to see the Video of Arnies in black and white

  40. Håkan Lundberg says:

    A really really great work. I am jealous!!


    Awesome layout. A true labor of love. As a New Yorker, I love that look-alike Brooklyn Bridge. Would this time period be the 1950s, 1960s?

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