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“Hi Al,

Despite the long hiatus since my last contact and submission to you, I have tried to keep up with your postings; working them in around my professional and family responsibilities… The posting submissions seem to have grown in number and diversity. Really nice to see the “World’s Greatest Hobby” growing and being shared internationally.

I am forwarding to you a short video I put together a couple of days ago. It features the recently released version of Bachmann’s N scale DD40AX diesel locomotive equipped with DCC and Sound. It’s Bachmann’s first sound equipped N scale loco. The number of sounds of these locos running on my layout are limited since I have a DC not DCC powered layout. Full access to the spectrum of sounds can only be accessed in DCC mode. Nonetheless, the automatic sound control when operating in DC mode still renders a good impression of the quality of the sound and the power of these impressive locomotives. The engine sounds are so bold and powerful that I had to reset them significantly lower for operation on my layout; and still the sound is impressive.

For the viewers unfamiliar with the real DD40AX, (really designated as the DDA40X) here’s some info: It was first made back in 1969 for the Union Pacific railroad; the only railroad to own them. It was a behemoth at 98 ft. 5 inches long and each loco had 2 diesel engines that yielded a total of 6,600 horse power. Today, it still remains the largest diesel locomotive ever built. There’s only one in operation today and runs for special excursion purposes only and as UP’s inspection train. There are 13 others preserved and now housed in museum display.

I hope you’ll find the video interesting enough to post.



Stunning stuff from Arnie – and a big thanks for sharing.

I couldn’t resist seeing how much these locos with DCC sound were – so if you’re curious too,

That’s all this time folks.

Keep ’em coming.



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  1. Jaaques Shellaque says:

    Thanks, Arnie. You are an inspiration for the rest of us. Not only the
    locos’ sound system; but the entire layout (buildings/scenery/lighting/water,

  2. Steve P. says:

    What a fabulous video of a great layout! Any chance you could publish the track plan?

  3. james says:

    That is one seriously awesome layout. Such super craftsmanship in the landscaping and general scheme.

  4. Barry Fichter says:

    Beautiful n-scale layout, and well done video. I will save it to play again…

  5. Tom Pica says:

    Great sound for DC. The scenery work is really great and realistic. I would like to see the entire layout on a future video. I use the MRC sound set up for my HO layout and my two grandchildren love the engine whistles and horn sounds.
    Thanks for the video.

    Tom Pica
    Wappingers Falls,NY

  6. A great layout you have made there Arnie , special like to your water effect . all looking very stunning , and trains running good

  7. Ronald Bush says:

    Your video of UP DD40X was great. Their is only one left UP 6936 last I read it was in the Union Pacific Steam Shop at Cheyenne Wyoming.

  8. Robert Bouskill says:

    Great looking layout. You have to love these locomotives even without the excitement of steam. UP has a steam program and are retrofitting a Big Boy at Cheyanne

  9. Jeff Keene Sr says:

    Stunning! Amazing!! WOW!!! Love it! Great job all around!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Jeff Hudson says:

    I;m Just curious, was the layout designed around the engine?

  11. Dick Anderson says:

    Great layout and such good detail. There is a DD40AX at the railroad museum in Portola, CA. (among many other engines)

  12. Bob says:

    Great layout! Tremendous video! You have achieved the realism we all hope to.
    Thanks for posting it and providing the example for others to follow!!

  13. Kenton says:

    Great layout!

  14. Tad Heath says:

    That was so cool to watch that!!!!!! Great job!!!

  15. John Perry says:

    Very cool layout. I have HO scale but sometimes wish I would have went with the N scale. Great job with the scenery and sound. Will keep this video.

  16. Joe says:

    Fantastic layout. Pretty darn good sound control for not having DCC.
    I especially liked your historical comments about that model prototype. Very interesting.

  17. Rossco says:

    Great layout Arnie!!! I loved the whole set up. Well done mate!

  18. Arnie Steiner says:

    Thanks to all the readers for their wonderful feedback, support and continued encouragement. I continue to get requests for a copy of my track plan, etc. I will contact Al directly and ask if he would be agreeable to posting an image of my track plan along with other information and commentary about my layout.

    Again, thanks to Al for being so gracious and all the readers for their interest…

  19. Jim says:

    Simply magnificent!

  20. John Birch says:

    Absolutely stunning! The attention to detail is amazing! Well done!
    I must admit that while I find a layout such as this inspiring I also find it discouraging because I can’t see myself ever producing such quality with the limited time at my disposal.

  21. John Birch says:

    But I shall try!

  22. great video and layout the detail is unbelievable.

  23. Jordy1 says:

    Thank you Al for sending me this latest not to be missed Arnie’s magnificient layout. Years ago 55 at least I started with trains and remember sitting track side as Deltic and its 20 odd variants went past health and safety wasn’t even a flicker in anyone’s eye in those days, so I can well imagine them all over again Thanks agian for the kick start to try another layout in my loft if I can get up there at 66 haha. I hope to get a tenth of the realism that Arnie and others are able to achieve truly Magic Men and Ladies to be blessed with such skills and time and money and understanding what models strive to achieve..Keep on Keeping On all of you.

  24. Martin Hopkins says:

    Superb video, I picked up a DDA40X with sound in Barcelona at Easter but apart from testing it won’t get to see it until my birthday later this year – so your video wets my appetite further.

    Only problem I can see is that they were not welcome on other track because of their size and consequent bespoke maintenance requirements. I have worked out that I will need to buy a second Woodland Scenics wheel cleaner to fit the DDA40X – modelling imitating real operations!

    Also interested to see your structures – the platform extension on the station with a watchtower and how you have blended in some Faller continental structures so well.

    Regards Martin

  25. Arnie Steiner says:

    Hi to Al and all the readers!
    Just want to say a Big Thank You to everyone for your continued support and overwhelming praise of my videos. It’s always nice to know that others both appreciate my work and, moreover, can even find something personally gratifying in it.

    As time permits, I will continue to create new videos as I get new ideas…and will be happy to share them with you all. I’ve created many videos in recent years; and if Al is agreeable, I will offer some up for viewing as often as desired. These other videos (and still photos if you wish) may also serve to answer some of the many interesting questions the readers pose to me.

    Again, thanks for all the great feedback.

  26. THOMAS says:


  27. Jim says:

    A great looking layout and run by. Really love your water features. So realistic. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim. AZ

  28. Wynn Thies says:

    I love watching the layouts by all the enthusiasts. I enjoy seeing all they have accomplished. I would love to have them get a picture of the complete layout so we can see how it all looks at once. Arnie’s layout is very nice, but I would like to see it as a more complete picture to give us a feel for how it all fits together. Again, a great layout and thanks for sharing.

    Wynn . Or.

  29. tom in az says:

    As everyone says what a great layout. Engine is cool, do they make it in HO?

  30. Cary B says:

    Stunning layout indeed, the diesels look, sound and run great.

    Cary B

  31. Rob Shuman says:

    Great work in all respects! Inspiring!!
    Rob S. /NJ

  32. Harold Cornell says:

    I am a man of88years , I have always loved model trains. I am fascinated with the skills of the people that build these layouts. Please keep on your good work as you keep a senior citizen fascinated. Thanks

  33. tom bray says:

    that is some beautiful layout…the scenery is outstanding…

  34. John F Down says:

    Excellent layout, scenery top notch! Love the sound of those locos!

  35. Art says:

    Great job!

  36. Robert Brady says:

    Great layout can;t believe they’re N scale . Looked HO to me..

  37. Brian Rockey says:

    Absolutely wonderful layout Arnie, scenery spectacular.
    Fantastic work.
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

  38. Guy Boyling says:

    Stunning, A lot for me to aim for
    Guy Burgess Hill, UK

  39. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Arnie. Locos look very impressive and the sound is very good. Great video of your very nice layout. The loco length looks very impressive. I think one may have to be careful that any curves are not too tight for clearance on anyone’s layout who is thinking of purchasing this loco. Again thanks for the video please keep them coming.

  40. John Birch says:

    A stunning layout with superbly created and detailed scenery. Fantastic!

  41. Keith Hicks says:

    Arnie: Great layout. I doubt I could get just one of your trains on my entire layout!

  42. Arnie:
    Very Great Layout of the N Scale. I’ll watch it Time after Time.
    Very Great Detail also.

  43. Dwight in Markham says:

    I was once tempted to pick up one of these locomotives, but my previous disappointments and frustrations with Bachman’s N-scale products compelled me to keep away from it. Arnie’s models are running beautifully… hope they stand the test of time!

  44. Very nice work.
    The Union Pacific was known for BIG locomotives…
    They had several unique locomotives to carry their freight over the Wasatch mountains. They Big Boy (several were preserved but only one is now operational) The turbines (10,000 horsepower but only the carbody of one survives) and the DDA40X diesel (One operational in their heritage fleet but several were preserved) were their signature locomotives.
    Bachmann has offered their DDA40X in HO scale as well as N

  45. Excellent work. I work in N scale and recognize the superior detail work.

  46. Mark Gershman says:

    I couldn’t believe I was looking at N gauge! Incredible detail. The structures, landscapes were incredible. The scale of everything was perfection. I’ve never seen such detail like i’ve seen in this video! Great Job!!

  47. Mike Bifulco says:

    Yes, I agree with every comment, it is a stunning layout. I would love to see the track plan. Great work!

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