Printable house models N scale – Bill’s update

Bill’s been back in touch with an update – this time he’s added some printable house models N scale.

He’s also added a race track too. I do love how so many of you base your layouts on fond memories.

“Hi al.

It’s been about a year since you heard from me about my n gauge layout. If you’ll remember it’s called Gerskyville. Its come a long way of just would and styrofoam.

Theres shots of unfinished areas yet.

Along the long backside will be two arched bridges on each end leading to a 3 foot by 4 foot yard.

I’m not good at story telling so that’s up to you. All the layout was built, painted and assembled by myself , I purchased no already finished buildings, just printable house models N scale from the “printable buildings range.

The race track on the layout is built after a track in indiana that my whole family raced at, up untill they closed down. Broadway speedway, the fastest track on earth.

How you all enjoy.


Bill G”

N scale layout

N scale buildings

N gauge race track

n scale layout

N scale model railroad


Printable house models N scale

Printable house models N scale

I do love it when I see some of the print-out scenery on a layout. Bill’s done a fab job with his houses.

And if you want to see just how much Bill’s layout has come along, his last post is here.

“Hi Al, just posted this video, asking for any ideas, advice on what I could put on the new platform I put on the layout, shown in my last video.

As you see from the video most building’s are far too wide for this standard Hornby width platform.

I have also put to gather a consist with 2 class 37`s, not the easiest to do for timing when both have a different decoder and sound file …but came out not too bad…

Also a small tribute to one of my old business partners who passed away recently , he just loved watching model railway videos.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A big thanks to Bill for sharing his Printable house models N scale – and to Dave too.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

19 Responses to Printable house models N scale – Bill’s update

  1. Martin Wood says:

    Dave ever thought of scratch building a platform waiting room? Its too easy to just buy everything ready made & you will find that it is a fantastic way to quench your modeling thirst. You get out and about a lot so get to some exhibitions for inspiration, there are plenty to go to, Wakefield in November is a good one.
    Huddersfield Parcels, was that in Milnsbridge?

  2. Eric Rayner says:

    Bill, that is going to be some layout when you get done, plenty to keep the eyes busy. Nice one with the dirt track for the cars, haven’t seen that on any other layouts. But it is the last pic that gives the eyes a feast. Excellent work.

    Dave. I would stick with the canopies, as you probably know I work in N and have the same problems with platforms finding something that fits the space leaving room for passengers, they’re few and far between, apart from seats, plant tubs and vending machines. Keep up the good work.

  3. Deano says:

    Dave: sincere condolences for the loss of you friend William McKee. Here in the States often by way of Memorializing our dear departed friends, we would honor them by naming a business or station or even a whole town on our Railway in their memory. Have you an as yet un-named station? Perhaps McKee’s Halt once you locate a proper structure for your newly installed platform? Just a thought. Sincerely,

  4. Keith Miller says:

    Nice of Dave to dedicate this video to Bill. As he was whisking the various platform buildings on and off I was thinking, “What about a simple canopy?” Clearly Dave is a mindreader, because a moment later there was a canopy! I think that looks better, and also; do you need the extra footbridge? The clunky white one is one too many for such a small station. But who am I to offer advice to one of our gurus!
    If Al reads this – please do not hesitate to post Dave’s videos. If anyone does find them a bit too much, they can ignore the link. (Can’t imagine anyone would be bored by them though). DustyK UK

  5. Richard Nelson says:

    Great job Bill. I like how you saved on space as you built lower levels to your layout very smart. I also enjoyed the scenic walk way under the falls. The layout looks great. From an n scale modeler in New Jersey Rich.

  6. Chris Daws says:

    super quick island platform building, not at home at moment so cant send you a picture at the moment

  7. Chris McDonald says:

    A question for Bill
    Where did you get the cork track bed underlay, the split type.
    I have been trying to get some in Australia with no luck.

  8. Albert acrish says:

    Bill, I have always enjoy watching your videos, the passenger waiting building is perfect for the platform, I would suggest putting/opening the sides so pleople can’t go through, it is only a waiting passengers building doesn’t need to be locked.

  9. Brad says:

    I would add some “local color” Things like a cart vendor,or a musician trying to earn tips or BOTH and maybe a stray cat tossed in here and there or possibly and older person sitting on a bench feeding birds

  10. In Answer to Marin Wood ..yes we went to Milnsbridge to a new build W/house , from Colne Rd and before that started at Almondbury in the Old Co-OP …, I have had many suggestions for the platform..maybe could leave with the canopies like Eric suggests , but could also have a go at scratch build …all to be pondered over ..Deano that is a nice suggestions , ..thanks you all for the condolences re my old working partner ..unfortunately as we all get older its something that happens all too often ……..just one last remark Keith’s comment ..yes you are right will have to go …the white one ..Dangerous Dave .

  11. Bob Zimmerman says:

    Bill, your layout is coming right along. I like the race track and
    the walkway going under the fall. Keep up the good work.

    Bob from Miane

  12. Roger Calhoun says:

    Dave. I know you said you were interested in kits. But, how about scratch building an upper level with stairways in the center of the lower platform? A news/magazine stand and flower shop to one side might be appropriate on such an upper level, leaving room as a viewing platform for the remainder of the space.

  13. Bernie schainholtz says:

    Dave, for a widebuilding, cut it in half and take some of the middle out and re glue it for a narrower station. Some of your skinny figures can use it.

  14. Bob Severance says:

    Why o why does Dave run his trains so FAST????

  15. Benjamin Wright says:

    Great layout! Does anyone know the name of the pink foam board he’s using? I noticed a lot of modelers build their layouts on it but I have no idea what it’s called or where to get it.

  16. Graeme Waters says:

    Hi Dave, sorry to hear about the passing of your mate. As quite a few suggested already, when you were explaining the problem I thought why not use the canopies.. I think it looks good and is bit of variety. If you could find a newspaper booth or a takeaway food stand that would look good too.
    BTW… I see that you use Ecos DCC controller. What do you think of it? I recently burnt out my Hornby select (didn’t see the pair of pliers laying across the track and it shorted out beyond repair). Anyway I need to get anew one and am tossing up between an elite or the Ecos. All the best

  17. Steve says:

    Hi dave metcalfe does a platform waiting room that I believe fits on what is classed as an island platform
    And allows access to both sides of platform and sits centrally on your platform might even get one myself for my layout I’m building cost about 9.pounds approx and includes a canopy

  18. Antony says:

    Hi Dave,
    You could try Superquick OO/HO Island Platform building card kit A4. I have built one for my standard Hornby platform (same as yours) and you get an acceptable 21mm from each side of the builings to the outside of the edging stones.
    All the best,

  19. Excellent work Bill. The buildings has so much character much like Alastair.

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