Bob’s HO scale model rairoad layout update


I am sending updates to my HO layout.

Some changes are forced on us. When my Son and Daughter-In-Law saw my layout they sent me a Walther’s Passenger Platform. I told them Thanks now I’ll have to get passenger cars. The only place I could see adding a station required me to rework my roads. Before the station there was sort of wye intersection. I changed that to a “Tee” intersection and added the station.

Picture 1 is before the station. Picture 2 shows the Station.

before station added

after station added

I decided to use the station to run an excursion, so I acquired two 1860 cars and 1860 steam engine.

Since it was going to be an excursion and not running all the time I needed a siding to store the excursion train. Since it is a wood burning steam engine I built a water tower and a wood shed for the siding to service the engine. The first picture shows the eight inch addition to the layout with the siding and the water tower.

The second picture shows the wood shed with the split and stacked logs.

HO scale

HO scale sidings

The first picture shows the siding with the two coached and a pile of logs next to the wood shed. The second picture shows a head on view of the engine on the siding.

HO scale sidings

HO model railroad siding

After completing the siding it looked like something was missing, so I expanded again. The first picture shows a passing siding connecting back to the main. Picture 2 shows the sidings and the switch controls.

expanding sidings

expanding HO scale sidings

Always looking for more I decided to extend the first siding and make a ladder. Picture one shows the platform extended and the ladder in place. The second picture shows the extension painted.

HO scale sidings expansion

extending sidings

After extending the siding it still looked like something was missing, so I added a switch to the passing siding to give me three tracks on the ladder and a fourth track off the passing siding. The pictures show the result from two directions.

HO scale sidings expansion

HO scale sidings expansion

I can not expand or extend the layout any more and still be able to reach everything. After the recent discussions about kit bashing and scratch building I decided to try my hand at building a locomotive shed for one of the siding. I got out the balsa wood and framed up a shed based on a picture I had seen. The beginning is shown in picture one. Picture two shows the framework on one of the sidings.

HO scale shed

HO scale rail shed

The next stage of building the shed was to make the doors and paint the framework before putting on the roof. Picture one shows the shed with the doors. The second picture shows the shed with the roof on.

HO rail shed

HO rail shed

The final two pictures show the side of the shed and a front view with a locomotive in the shed.

That is all the updates for now. I planning on getting a 1940’s steam locomotive as my next acquisition but until then I will just be adding scenery to the layout and enjoying run trains.


Wow! A huge thanks to Bob for taking the time to put this update together.

I do love reading the narratives, you really do get a feel of how much someone is enjoying their layout. Just like Bob!

That’s all for today folks.

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That’s all for today, folks.

But please don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide, if you want to start having as much fun as Bob is.



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11 Responses to Bob’s HO scale model rairoad layout update

  1. Malcolm Hodgson says:

    Thanks Bob for this update. Really showed how the thought process evolved. Great engine shed!

    (North Wales)

  2. David A. Massimi says:

    An excellent layout ! You are very obviously having lots of fun with it, and thats what having a hobby is all about ! Enjoy !
    Dave, in NY

  3. Rube Simon says:

    Wow! Getting such a close look at HO (I’m an N scale fan), it seems to me that building things is more like actually building them in real life. Can’t just paste things together – you really have to construct them as you would a real building! Revolutionary thought, I my part. I like it!

  4. marc says:

    wow BOB .
    i like your layout . it is small but packed with lots to do. also it is messy and in constant motion of being worked on true to life. would like to see updates as you get them.

  5. Robert Brady says:

    BOB; great layout love the tunnels I’m an HO fan,Now the areas you have painted green if you have a joanne fabrics or a Michaels near you you can buy great looking grass with a little weed mixed in,it’s artificial but looks great. u can get 40 /50% off coupons.

  6. Bill Koepsel says:

    excellent really like this layout.

  7. Bob Filipiak says:

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I didn’t want to spend too much time on scenery yet even though I have added some more trees and people on the station platform. I have seven controllers handling the grade crossings. Still need to install one more for the grade crossing on the left side of the tunnels. I mentioned last expansion in this room. Well, soon I will be taking this layout apart and restoring it in a larger space( about half of a 16 x20ft game room. When that happens I will be adding the capability to run three trains at one time. Stay tuned. I will provide the updated track play also.

  8. Ips says:

    Thanks Bob. Great layout generates great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Ray Farrell says:

    An excellent narrative! A “busy” layout is always an eye catcher. On my layout I also had a separate, but connected, museum with 4-4-0 Rivarossi Virginia and Truckee Wood burner with old time 32 ft coaches. I like the woodpile store. Great post Bob, highly appreciated. Greetings from South Africa.

  10. Hi, Al
    Enjoy your emails and the vids/pix from your contributors. Thanks for all you do for us model railroaders. Hope to be a contributor someday myself, but for now I just want to continue getting your emails.
    Best regards,
    Roy in Maryland

  11. Graeme Coleman says:

    Love the way your planning evolved, one thing leading to another and flexible.
    Given you a great result with flexibility.

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