Model power CN freight train

Greg’s been in touch with his model power CN freight train cars – they look fab:

“Hello Alastair,

A few weeks ago I was looking up some details for a model railroad car I was working on and discovered the Distributed Braking Containers that CN railroad uses in the winter to supply air pressure in place of an extra locomotive.

After I finished the project I was working on I started working on building these.

I even wired a red led into them for end of train lighting.

I showed them to a few fellow railroading friends and they bought all the ones I had made.

So I’ve been hard at work making more and trying to stay ahead of orders on these. They add such a nice detail.


Model power CN freight train

Model power CN freight train

Model power CN freight train

Model power CN freight train

Model power CN freight train

Model power CN freight train

Now on to Dave:

“hI Al, just uploaded this video showing the CMX track cleaner, how it works for the cleaning of the tracks and also the liquid I use for this.

Also I have tried to show and explain how I used the Green screen method of editing to put myself on to the video, not the easiest of explanations to do, but hope a few can get a idea of how its done, maybe there are easier ways and some of the members can give advice or better still a video showing how this is done…



engine shed

model railway

Now on to Tom:

“I just started this layout in January this year.

It’s on two 4×8 sheets off plywood and foam.


model railroad

model railroad

model train

model train

A big thanks to Greg for sharing his Model power CN freight train cars, and to Dave and Tom too.

Please do leave your comments below – I’d love to know what you think of Greg’s braking containers.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

18 Responses to Model power CN freight train

  1. Keith Miller says:

    Thanks Al – some good offerings today! Dave’s explanation of how to use the CMX track cleaner and his editing tutorial were both very helpful.

  2. Henry Sanlone says:

    Thanks for sharing, all of you are such talented
    Have a wonderful Holliday

  3. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Dave. Thanks for the track cleaning tips. But especially to see your trains running. Always a treat on your railway.

  4. Stephen Hill Woodstock GA says:

    Tom very nice design , it lends great usable space . One can see you’ve got an eye for detail , look forward to seeing more as you progress.

  5. Bob Amling says:

    With that technology I suspect that you could put a complete (he’d to toe) picture of yourself standing on a platform waiting for a train. That would be so cool.
    Bob in Horse Country NJ

  6. George Zaky says:

    It is critical that the first thing you state is the SCALE ! I know you are enthusiastically into the theme but the reader gets distracted when he is struggling with that because it is important info.
    Greg- nice work, did not know about brake containers, but it looks like G scale,

    Dave-We all know you are OO and many thanks your thoughtful videos.

    Nice work BUT!

    Sorry to be such a Poop but I really want to know ALL about your stuff .

  7. Greg G in MO USA says:

    Interesting. I knew about the need for air pressure, of course, but never really thought about the need to distribute the sources along the length of the train, and therefore hadn’t considered that one might prefer to simply add compressors when extra motive power isn’t required. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Rob Schweitzer says:

    I totally agree with Bob from NJ, having Dave on the platform waiting for a train giving commentary would be fantastic! That’s for showing us how that technology works, and that even us older gentleman can make it work is very helpful. Also many thanks for the track cleaning demo, it was new information for me.
    As always, love your videos,
    Rob Schweitzer
    St. Goar and Murren Scenic Railway
    Ann Arbor, Michigan. USA

  9. Erick says:

    Awesome Layout? I hope mine turns out that good.

  10. Larry Ripplinger (Ripper) says:

    Very interesting photos & info; Greg’s braking containers. First time I heard of these. Dave’s cleaner car & operation video, nice. Tom’s layout photos show a nicely laid out layout!
    Way to go guys!!😊👍

  11. Don Kadunc says:

    Dave, what is the editing software that you are using?

  12. Heather Logan says:

    Greg how can we buy them off you please.

  13. Gordon Crompton says:

    Well done! Dad was from Manchester – came here in WW2 – married a local girl (who was from Scottish parents !!) and set up a complete HO gage layout in the dining room in about 1955 – did it all after I went to bed – had it all prefabbed in the basement (which was of course OFF LIMITS months before Christmas Day – what a surprise on that morning! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Greg Z. says:

    George, sorry about the scale part. I model mostly HO but do also make decals, and custom painting in other scales as well. The containers in the pictures are in HO though.

    Heather – You can email me for more information @

  15. Malcolm says:

    Greg’s modeling is great. It would be nice if people who are posting would mention what the scale is. I assume Greg’s distributed braking containers are HO scale, but that’s just an assumption. I’ve seen N scale as detailed and could be S scale.

  16. Mark J says:

    If you need to add weight to the old Hornby track cleaning cars, just take the roof off and fill it with marbles, works a treat

  17. David Howarth says:

    Thank you all for your comments .. Don I use Power director for my editing , fairly easy to follow … Dave

  18. william janmes palmer says:

    awesome all the wat around

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