HO scale shelf layout construction – Brian’s

Brian’s been in touch again with an update on his HO scale shelf layout construction:

“Hi Al, thought I would send a few photos of my layout taken from different ends of the layout room.

The layout is coming along nicely and must just continue with the ground cover on the rest of it (new section) Bottom level will be done at a later stage when the top level is complete. (In case of dropping things onto it while working on the top level.

First photo is looking at the layout from the new section with the sawmill in the middle back.

Second photo is taken from the roof of the sawmill looking towards the new section (Hillside).

Size of the room is 14 foot by 10 foot 6 inches. Layout is all HOn3. Top level is a logging operation. It will not join up with the lower level.

As seen in these photos, the top level now continues around the room. The lift out section can be seen in front of the glass door in the bottom photo on the right hand side.

Gone is the ‘U’ shaped point to point layout on the top level.

Cheers for now


Shelf layout

HO Shelf layout

(Brian’s last post is here.)

You can see all of Brian’s HO scale shelf layout construction progress pics and narratives here:

Hall of Fame – Brian.

“Hi Al,

just uploaded my latest Work in Progress video, shows the shed I have built, the Fordhampton Loco Depot, or as we call them a TMD shed, from that kit I showed last week, also the main thing I have named the stations, picked from the many suggestions, think they fit well… Stig Halt, as my wife`s reputation at driving, she got nicknamed the Stig on Youtube , and of course Rippingdale Juction ..refers to me, always ripping up the layout at starting with changes on a regular basis…



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Had a look yet?

A big thanks to Brian for sharing his HO scale shelf layout construction pics, and to Dave – both Hall of Fame members.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

19 Responses to HO scale shelf layout construction – Brian’s

  1. Robert Brady says:

    ah,little criticism, you don’t show your Auto service dept in front of your showroom you hide your work shop.It takes away from your beautiful layout.You also could have had a lower level also.

  2. Dennis says:


  3. Cary B says:

    Nice layout Brian. And Dave’s videos always please. Thanks for sharing

    Cary B

  4. Robert Abare says:

    You have a very interesting and informative “Train” site. Thank you for sharing. Bob A

  5. Terry Miller says:

    DAVE–looks like you’ve got a minor problem with the switch near the Sigh Halt station. The Engine looks like it’s about the derail and the cars go over the switch roughly. It’s 6:02 in on your video. Otherwise, I’m so jealous!!

  6. Don Jennings says:

    Way- to -go on the layout. All A-OK with me.
    You MUST have a very understanding wife
    you lucky man you. Don

  7. Franco says:

    Not to complain, BUT…I could not see anything except some shelves with green trim. How about some close-ups that show your construction, bridge-work and storage areas. I really was expecting an intense display of a shelf system. Please submit more photos of your “Shelf System.”

  8. Bob Walker says:

    Hey Dave… fantastic as always… “Tony’s Night Club” – too funny… couldn’t stop chuckling… all the best… Bob W, NH, USA

  9. Rod Mackay says:

    Lovely work gents, well done. I’ve been making up some BRUTE trollies over the past couple of days, from an A1 Models kit, a bit tricky to fold up to form the end angles, very fine gauge brass, but satisfying. A charity bag dropped through the door had a nice blue strip on it just right for forming the hanging plastic sidesheets, and a few offcuts of wood squared up and painted dodgy brown form some parcels, and as a final touch a few Bachmann trainspotter figures. I remember there always being rows of spare BRUTEs on platform ends in the 60/70s and making handy seats, however these are for our club layout which has a four platform station serving a large town, so there probably need to be dozens of them and there were only three in the kit! I think they were used alongside the conventional flat GWR type and Post Office flat trolleys, at least for some years, so make a nice little addition. I must send Al a picture.

  10. Roger, Michigan USA says:

    Brian: Love the around the room storage shelf. What about doing clouds on the sky blue facia?

  11. Robert Brady says:

    Dave you never seize to amaze me.

  12. Thomas Murphy says:

    It is always fantastic to visit this site; then I can see what’s new and exciting in our model train world.

  13. kpete says:

    Greetings from Bark River, Michigan U.S.A. You have created a fantastic layout. I am envious. I could never afford to do what you have done. I do have 5 complete trains, all steam locomotives and I purchased more than enough rolling stock but I don’t have the patience to work with landscaping. I marvel at those who are able to put layouts like yours together. God Bless

  14. Allen Montville says:

    Love when the lights go off and the town lights up. It seems to me, that would be the most work installing all the lights. I’m just starting my ho layout. It’s a downtown square. All buisnesses. Still have to build the streets and the side walks. Will send a video when im through. Love all the great ideas from different people and love this site. Good job AL, keep it going>>>>>farmer AL

  15. Cary Price says:

    Hi Brian, what a great train room! Lots of work space and storage. Looks like you’ve got plenty of projects to keep you busy or just kick back and watch the trains go round. Love it! Cary in KY

  16. Bill Graham says:

    Dave Many thanks for sharing your work. Lovely and lifelike. Brought a smile to my face sitting in my hotel room outside D.C.

  17. Ian McDonald says:

    very interesting shelf layout. great video thanks for sharing.

  18. Looks Great! I like the the aspect of it All. Keep up the Good Work.

  19. Dewey Reinhard says:

    Fantastic! Really like your touch with the lights.

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