Cassio’s HO layout

My word, today was a struggle to post. You know how somedays you just don’t feel well at all?

Pleased I’ve made the effort though. Now I’m off to take it easy.

Cassio is a man of new words, but I think it’s a language barrier more than anything else:

“Dear Alister

I take the liberty of sending photo of the construction of my lauout.

I hope you enjoy.

Scale HO 1:87


HO scale caboose

HO scale house

HO track crossing

HO turntable

HO scale turntable

HO track plan

“Hello Alistair,

Today I am officially 74. I made a short video of what I have been up to. I have a lot of fun for very little money as I have bought two Mantua 0-4-0 switcher engines, which are cheap to buy. One is plastic and has a headlight in the center of the boiler and the other is older, made of metal, specifically zamac which casts to a mold beautifully for full detail.

I have too many engines as I tried to get one of each class and my objective was to be able to pull them out and display them on a turntable but that never happened. DCC units cost about eighty dollars each so thirty engines makes it too expensive so I use the old straight direct current and design my tracks to cope with the limitations. With two throttles and a seven foot table running two engines can be demanding.

The metal 0-4-0 has an added valve gear so that made the cost to acquire thirty dollars, three times the cost of the engines on eBay. Now the shipping costs at eBay are too much as I bought a brass baggage car recently for fifty dollars but the shipping and fake import duty cost more than double that.


Hamilton, Ontario, Canad”

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A big thank to Cassio and Bob.

What I liked about both of their posts is how they are far from finishing, but both having fun along the way.

And as Bob’s layout shows, it’s certainly not a race. Course, I’m biased, but tinkering away on your layout is pleasant way to pass the time.

That’s all for today folks. And if Bob or Cassio have inspired you, the Beginner’s Guide is here. Why not make a start on yours today?



10 Responses to Cassio’s HO layout

  1. Eric says:

    Get well soon Al.

  2. Very Nice display and set up. He has did a great job in building it. However, I agree with this person though. I also only use the old school DC wiring set ups, as, like he says. the new DCC systems are great, but they are also too expensive, to afford, especially upon a fixed monthly retirement low income paycheck.

  3. Johnny Free says:

    Looking Good. Might at a later date Paint a Back drop to add Depth.

  4. Susan Cannon says:

    Al – rest up! Feel better soon.

    Cassio – Thank you for posting! I have that same shed in your first picture and I’m happy to see it in a real layout. Lovely!

    Bob – Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is filled with all of your favorite things, like running some trains. 🙂

  5. Brad Squires says:

    nice work!! Thank You for sharing!! Keep it up!!!

  6. peter a pearson says:

    I have just started my railway and I find your video very helpful I am now retired and I find that this hobby keeps me out of the pub and I find that its more fun and like you I do not do the dcc to dear thanks for the video peter

  7. Wayne McClelland says:

    On Mesh Perimeter Fencing.

    Dave, in his latest was having trouble as to which way the top barbed wire
    section was to be facing when he placed it.
    With so many prisons down here, general analogy is:
    “If you want to keep the ‘out’ – top facing ‘out’, and
    “If you want to keep them ‘in’ – top facing ‘in’ ”


  8. I love the train depot with the additions at each end!

  9. Wm althaus says:

    Really nice work both of you! I always enjoy seeing others work and everyone’s layout gives me ideas for my own. Thanks for sharing!
    Bill in Virginia

  10. Casio… Your work is very good…
    The scene with the grounded caboose is excellent…
    Robert, very nice to see the use of DC analogue…
    For those that complain about the price of our hobby,
    Analogue modeling helps keep things affordable.

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