Dave tidies up his layout

Dangerous Dave has been in touch again.

There’s no stopping the man.

This time he’s filmed a wonderful ‘before and after’ scene.

I still get mails asking why he’s called Dangerous Dave.

Here’s the answer:

When he was building his loft layout, he fell through the floor… (it’s all this post, but you’ll have to scroll down).

“Hi Al,

just loaded a bit of an update change to the layout and showing with the cam truck , with a bit of speed added (not the drug speed) LoL …

Still going to do a vid showing the different mini camcorders, but waiting to buy the latest mini cam I want, but need to save up bit first ..

here is the video…



model railway

model railway oo scale

model railway canal barge

model railway caravan site

A huge big thanks to Dave.

His enthusiam really is infectious.

If you want to create a layout like Dave’s, the Beginner’s Guide will point you in the right direction – Dave was very helpful with contributing.

That’s all this time, folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

Just hit reply to any of my mails if you’d like to share anything.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.



57 Responses to Dave tidies up his layout

  1. dick johnson says:

    super job on scuffy, dick

  2. Mark Piznik says:

    Really love Dave’s layout. I hope, in time, mine will be at least half as wonderful as his NJ Mark

  3. john baldwin says:

    great stuff dave, can i ask who installs your loco lamps, fire glow?

  4. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, mate, honestly, off down the library and look for a tidy book on signalling, you’ll be fascinated, truly. Hours of innocent fun ahead! Oh, and looks like it’s time for the weed killer train to come round…
    Those track cleaning cars are handy, for the tunnels no doubt on yours, but for going under the overhead wires on mine, very hard to get your hands in without doing damage otherwise. What solvent do you use?

  5. Andy says:

    Another gem from Dave. Where can i get a camera to put on a wagon so i can do a truck cam.

  6. Nathan Perreira says:

    Hi Dave, watch the video it looks great. I have a question for you I’ve always wondered how you are able to reach the train tracks along the side of the wall it looks like it’s a bit away from the end of the table and I’m just wondering how do you manage?

  7. Dave Fairfull says:

    Hey Guys ;
    I have enjoyed all your photos and videos. Thanks for sharing.
    Dave F.

  8. Dave Raedeker says:

    Hi Dave, I really enjoy your videos, you do a very nice job with your camera. The background music is terrific it always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so good. Keep up the great work.

  9. Dave’s layout is always the best
    camera work is superbe
    John is the most inovative model builder I’ve ever seen
    keep em runnin fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  10. Alan says:

    Hi Dave,
    I always enjoy your enthusiasm and your updates. Please keep them coming. So far you have excited me enough to “get into” led lighting and to take up my first attempt and to start again – this time BIGGER!
    I also have wondered about “reach” as does another of your answers. Please can you let us know the distances and if possible a track plan with the main dimensions. I am not wanting to copy your layout but it will be similar. Do you have a “duck under” for access?

  11. paul Otway says:

    It sure is a great looking boat John, what scale is it please?

    Paul from Ozzie

  12. Dave Ewing says:

    Hi Dave,
    Have been wondering how you can present a long (time) on your videos.
    Not only that but how do you add all of those sound effects.
    Might as well explain the video effects too. You know, like the snow.
    I’m losing a lot of sleep trying to figure out how you guys do all that you do.
    For example, how does Al find the time to out do the fancy train magazines that I used to subscribe to.
    Dave in Eden NC

  13. Rene Lapeira says:

    DAVID . As a beginner I can only look with my most incredible gesture of admiration and respect for such dexterity in create thus landscapes and replica of the world of rail road.


  14. Rene Vanderneut says:

    cudos to both Dave & John. Great videos guys.

  15. Jim McQuillen says:

    Dave’s rolling stock looks WONDERFUL!! And, his ginger bread man looks good enough to eat!

    Keep up the great work, Dave.

    From rainy central California… finally!

  16. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your comments , I will try and answer a few , yes I do have to duck under to access my layout , and it is 30 ft. x 8 ft with 2Ft 6 ” from edge to wall , I sometimes have to reach the upper level using a small stool , as for what do I use for cleaning , I use Goo gone in the CMX track Cleaner ….as for affects and sounds , a I find a lot of these on Cyberlink Power Director which is the programme I use for editing my videos ….Thanks again ..Dave (Dangerous Dave ) ………Nice job John with the buildings

  17. Bob Smutny says:

    Well, I am impressed at what has been done in the last 77 years!! Yep, as Dan Ponzol stated in the dedication of his Lionel Train book by the name of
    “A Century of Timeless Toy Trains” to his Father,Dante Ponzol, I too, can thank MY Father as well, in introducing me to ‘toy trains’…..but…this was in 1939 when he and my Mother MY Best Christmas Present ….an electric train set. But, it wasn’t a Lionel set. It was an American Flyer passenger train set with chrome and painted silver gray cars and an Observation Car with curved and somewhat pointed rear end.
    I need to leave just now, but you have my email and I would like to continue this if I can have an email address with which to continue this little story….which just doesn’t end here. Thank you…and I look forward to ‘hearing from you”. Sincerely, BOB SMUTNY

  18. Noel freckelton says:

    Great layout Dave,you have certainly put a lot of time and effort into to it.

  19. Wow ! I’m in aw and wishing I had a lot of room like that .
    fantastic work Dave !!

  20. Cary B says:

    Thanks for Dave’s video Al,

    Dave’s layout is absolutely fantastic. I am in the planning stage of a future smaller layout and am learning about scenery from all goodies posted by other modelers.
    Keep them coming.

    Cary B Frederick MD

  21. Warren Ferguson says:

    I’m just returning to railroading after many, many years, and the videos of your magnificent layout are both an inspiration and a daunting challenge to me. Thank you for posting them, Dave. And keep up the wonderful work!!

  22. Hans Geerdink says:

    Brilliant! I have just started and have now something to aspire too. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Kind regards,

    Hans Geerdink

  23. BILL HOLT says:

    amazing… good job on a awesome layout. amazing…

  24. Bill says:

    Dave, it looks like someone forgot to throw the switch at 2:26 in the video. I am so envious of your railroad. Great job and thanks for sending in videos often. We all enjoy seeing a master at work.

  25. Outstanding, best yet!!

  26. Larry Guess says:

    StJohn in Long Beach, CA: I think I may have known you in another life; Guess Optical or Optical Services West or Frame-n-Lens. It I’m correct please drop me a note. I’m considering getting back into model RR building after a lifetime’s work in other fields. I left LB 5 years ago and now live in Northern CA.

  27. Thomas Murphy says:

    Ah Dave, what an incredible journey you lead us into with each and every one of your videos, tips and techniques. Thank you.

  28. Michael Milliken says:

    What a great layout Dave! Keep up the good work. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  29. Randy Edwards says:

    Really nice work, Dave, am glad you answered the question regarding access along the outer edge. Trying to reach that far certainly would be a stretch (Sorry, just couldn’t resist that) I have a suggestion:. please don’t take it as bashing. When I first saw your river under that beautiful bridge, somehow my mind registered it as a road, a solid surface of sorts. Was also wondering why the geese were there. Anyway, an application of a glossy medium, artist’s gesso od glossy varathane – anything to make it look more like wet water.
    That’s my little “Nit Pick” – thanks again for the video.

  30. Robert Brady says:

    Thank you for this weeks episode Dangerous Dave,Brought to us commercial free.
    keep tracking.
    Robert B

  31. Peter Waring says:

    Great stuff Dave, always love your posts! Always find they are great inspiration to me of what is possible. Keep up the good work. Peter….

  32. Rob Billing says:

    Hi, Dave, it is a very busy layout you have there. very well done

  33. charlie Gruca says:

    love all the design on your layout, getting some great ideas for my serup

  34. hi all, I have a bit of track problem on my ho gauge R R. I run my track cleaner often but for some reason my engines tend to sputter and stall, any help would be appreciated.

  35. Woody's Workshop says:

    Hey Everyone,
    Dave, you sure have a nice layout.
    One your next video, can you talk a little slower?
    I have a hard time understanding what your saying with your UK accent. Partially because I have tinnitus in one ear real bad. My wife thinks I ignore her, but I just can’t hear her over the ringing/buzzing it’s so loud.
    Dave, it looks like you have 2 levels, or is there more? Are the levels connected? Or are they independent?
    And please, post more videos from moving trains! Especially meeting other trains. This one they were all going the same way.

  36. THOMAS says:

    Thank you so much Dave … Love to watch your trains running !

  37. John Hauser says:

    Dangerous Dave’s layout is a 5 STAR creation! Just wonderful, it inspires us all.
    Thank You.
    John H from LI, NY

  38. Eugene Shaffer says:

    I like the idea of converting a large attic to a train room. I wonder what the dimensions of this one happen to be. I am in the process of putting a table in a 24 x 8 ft. space in our garage and building an ‘O’ gage layout. This layout looks great and I applaud the work. It is obvious.

  39. jack masarie says:

    Dave’s videos are always a treat. They are REALISTIC; a great blend of trains,
    autos, scenery and PEOPLE. One always feels as if one IS THERE. Attention
    to detail is, I think, Dave’s “secret”. And, he is always working to improve it.
    “Shlack” in NC

  40. Ian Impett says:

    Dave, always good to see and interesting mate…KEEP Em Coming

  41. Joseph Martin says:

    Love the videos and have spent many hours watching them. Thank you for sharing. I noticed in this video (about midway thru) a blue engine that looks like a diesel but has steam engine linkage on the wheels. Can you explain? I’ve never seen this before.

  42. Jim Kennedy says:

    Outstanding there Double D. You did a great job. Who did you backdrop scenery? I think I liked that as much as anything. There was a lot of it and all of it appropriate with the foreground.

  43. Rob Schweitzer says:

    Dave— Another wonderful posting and video. Each time you post I’m inspired to work more on my layout. I’m glad you set such a high standard for us to follow. Too bad we are not neighbors, as I have a 1500 square foot basement you could have part of for a new layout. However it’s a long commute from England to Michigan. Please, please keep posting!!
    Rob Schweitzer
    Murren & St. Goar Scenic Railway
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  44. Tim says:

    Dave you mentiobed goo gone for track cleaning. Seem to recall others used transmission fluid or brake fluid. Have you heard or tried them?

  45. Erick says:

    Great workmanship keep up the good work.

  46. Ted Eggleston says:

    Dave- others have asked this as well. What camera system do you use for the train mounted videos? Thank you so much Great job

  47. Wonderful!! This makes me want to build a layout in our basement. I watched Dave’s video all morning! VERY nice! Splendid!

  48. Berniedoc says:

    Only thing I have with Dave is that I also fell through my attic. I have a small layout,and have trouble understanding Dave,but have been following him for many years and have picked up so many ideas.Berniedoc.

  49. Dave Ewing says:

    Hi Al,
    As a follow up from my last comment. I take it as a reminder to to my part and share my layout with you. I must start working on that. I have spent one day a week for the last year and a half helping another 80 year old start his layout. He now has three trains running on two levels. He lives fifty miles away and we never knew each other before. Now are two families have become close friends. Model railroading has many good sides to it.
    The real Dave Ewing

  50. Kevin Trainor says:

    Dave is one of my favorite presenters. Always a treat. Thanks Dave.

  51. David Michael Schaffner says:

    Wow! is a super word but not good enough to reward the genius and craftsmanship that goes into showing your gift for landscaping, track layout, cam & video recording, your pick for a sort of European style, (maybe UK), but not sure on that…You have so many trains and a long fleet of passenger, coal and oil cars and everything in- between…Love all your old and new buildings and wonder of the source. Are they all kits and seem to have a UK style of architecture and would love to know where you get them. Love the store fronts, the classic cars and the rolling hillsides. You, sir, have the most wonderful gift. Love your videos, but your narration is sometimes hard to follow, maybe your accent……………Beautiful and Bravo’ and a tip of my engineer’s cap.

  52. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Dave…… I always watch your videos for ideas. Love your detail. Fantastic layout.

  53. Bruce Young says:

    CHEERS DAVE SIMPLY MARVELOUS Would like to see more of the man LOVE the train mounted camera work CHEERS

  54. Will in NM says:

    Another fun and fabulous video, Dave! I especially liked the photos of your RV campground on the hill. I used to own an RV park in Arizona before I retired, so they hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  55. Marvin Biediger says:

    Great Layout Dave! I noticed that at the 2:25 time frame your train ran over a turnout that wasn’t set right. I hope no one was killed in that accident! LOL

  56. Don says:

    first of all the suspension bridge is really nice, love the passenger trains & the whole setup is outstanding. have a question can anyone tell me why you never see auto haulers w/cars & trucks in any of the train layouts?

  57. Al K says:

    DD, as usual your videos are fun to watch, especially with the great layout you have. With all of the materials and equipment you have invested in you must have once been a rich man!

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