Dave’s finished!

Just had a mail in from Dave.

And when you get a mail from Dave saying he thinks he’s finished, I thought it has to be worth a look.

So here you go:

“Hi Al,

Just uploaded full length video showing a tour of the new layout along with a running session , and the appearance of our friendly helper again .

I will go as far as to say …its finished !! ..also a tip on there of a cheep way to make loads for timber trucks on the layout.



Big thanks to Dave for all his posts over the years.

And another big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to mail me about the ebay cheat sheet. Glad it’s working for you and saving the pennies.

You can see the latest ebay cheat sheet here.



92 Responses to Dave’s finished!

  1. John says:


    Superb work! Is that a Dynamis Pro DCC controller system that you are using? Can we see your control board and how you do your switching again? Thanks for sharing. It’s a great layout!


  2. Marc says:

    Eee by ‘eck. You’ve done a right grand job there Dave.
    Looking forward to the next re-build already.
    Well done.

  3. Richard says:

    Great stuff again Dave! Really enjoyed the video!

  4. Jim says:

    I was going to ask the exact same question as John. So…how about one more video?

  5. Dana says:

    Dave; Congratulations on finishing the layout! I’ve been watching the progress so far, and thoroughly enjoyed your videos of the previous layout too! You’re always a source of inspiration when I feel bogged down and depressed about the progress (or lack of it) of my hoped for small empire!
    just remember the key thing I’ve been told, NO layout is EVER finished! Keep up the great work, can’t wait for the next installment!

  6. Sid says:

    Hello Dave,

    FINNISHED EH!!, Never!, You are a modeller at heart,body n soul my friend, You obviously have not seen the new product from Peco yet ” PSL-100″, go look at it lol, I bet within 4 months, your making seriously huge alterations to your wanderfull model railway, Just as I am lol, But seriously Dave, it has been a real pleasure watching all your video’s and all your amazing work over time, DONT STOP!! n Please keep us all informed how things progress …….

    Sid. From Buckingham

  7. Matt Jackson says:

    That is very impressive work indeed. Outstanding job.

  8. Jaaques Shellaque says:

    Bravo Dave, and congratulations!!! What I like most is
    the variety, and great mixture of trains, motor vehicles,
    and people. ”
    “Complete?”. Perhaps. Should you be tempted to change
    anything, go help a friend who is just beginning, or who
    could benefit from your knowledge/experience.
    jak m.

  9. JD says:

    HI Dave..well done thee…very impressive…don’t know how you do it all so quickly really…what with all that garden and the trips outGive them fish a pat from me..love them. :O) JD (Torbay).

  10. Andy says:

    Hi Dave,
    Very impressive after all your hard work. Worth waiting for.
    I see you have cleaned out your local Argos of Shell tank wagons!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  11. A fantastic achievement in such a short time. Only one query `Why right hand running on this video` previously you have run things normal for British. Look forward to more info from you on how you have made things.

  12. John A. Camarillo says:

    Thanks for sharing….great job. Phx. AZ

  13. chris beck says:

    really nice job, looks great!

  14. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Finished all that already. As other folk were saying such a variety.

    Well done Dave


  15. D.Milburn says:

    I am just amazed at the thought you put into every detail to make this look so realistic!I am really impressed keep up the good work!

  16. Ol' Puffer says:

    Great Stuff Dave,
    I always enjoy your videos and all your work. I wish I had half your skill and talent when working on my layout.

  17. Roy Forbes says:

    WOW!!! No I really am sick as mine is still in the beginning stages…. yet again. I Must do better just like school. Really enjoyed your journey.

  18. skip says:

    very nice maybe in 10 yrs. Ill get my N scale looking like this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Pete Evangel says:

    Fantastic Dave. I wish my stuff looked that intricate. wish I could figure out how to wire the tracks so they are ALL hot at all times even through the switches (open or closed) for my idea of DCC. You have quite the eye for detail. But question. Now that you’re done, what’s next? LOL

  20. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Dave , I believe you have set the worlds record for building a model railway.
    Someone should call the folks at Guinness about it. (Or at least get some Guinness and toast your fantastic work) Great job sir!


  21. Barrie says:

    Great layout, you must be proud of it.One question, with all that track what cleaning method do you use to clean it and how often. Could be another video.

  22. Dave G says:

    So watchable and a great layout!

    Well done that man!

    Look forward to your next video.

  23. Cord says:

    A bit long? Not long enough, if anything! Absolutely gorgeous, Dave! You are truly an inspiration, sir. I can only hope that when I finally build my own layout, it is half as beautiful as yours.

  24. StJohn says:

    outstanding job Dave…but uhh….you ain’t finished..it’s NEVER finished….!!

  25. Tony Cooper says:

    Once again my friend you have astonished us all with your fantastic layout. But finished? Come on. Even if it is, I bet you’re itching to start another? I have enjoyed all your videos and your hints and tips and am particularly envious of the amount of room you have. Just a question (and I know a gentleman shouldn’t ask so don’t answer this if you don’t want to) but how much have you spent since you started, when was it, last November?
    Kind regards
    Tony, Cardiff

  26. chris says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to see the finished product, really great

  27. Ross says:

    Great layouit Dave! I really enjoy watching your videos and thanks for the tips. I would really like to see your track plans as i am planing a layout in a 20 x 18 shed. Cheers Rossco

  28. Richard G says:

    Fantastic Dave, a credit to you, an inspiration to others.
    I am only a beginner, and have a lot to learn, keep them coming please Dave.

  29. anto says:

    sid wat is the peco psl 100

  30. John Bigham says:

    Hi,I have just watched Daves finished layout and he deserves a huge pat on the back,that is terrific,what a load of painstaking work,very well done

  31. Terry D from Sydney says:

    Brilliant Dave. Wonderful layout and craftsmanship and thanks for all your tips. I note you don’t ballast between the rails so could you comment why?
    Hope to see lots more of your videos as I’m sure you will never really have finished
    Regards, Terry (ex Yorkshire)

  32. matt says:

    great job on your layout must have taken you a long time to finish it

  33. Tom Pica says:

    Have enjoyed your progress with each video. Great detail and craftsmanship.

    I also enjoy my layout and continual additions. especially landscape work.

    I am 62 now and have loved trains since I was 8 when mr grandad introduced me.

    Thanks again


  34. Stan White says:

    Hi Dave. What a fantastic layout you’ve set a very high standard a delight to watch over again and again from Sydney NSW.

  35. D.B. Lewis says:

    Dave, Don’t apologize for long videos. I can’t get enough of your posts!

  36. Chris says:

    It’s just amazing! What a fantastic, complex, interesting railroad you have created. Congratulations!

  37. james says:

    Looks real nice, but one thing…. that sharp curve the canal boats have to negotiate don’t look like they can

  38. Ray Appenzeller says:

    Excellent work and layout! You certainly do fantastic work and craftsmanship with creating a working miniature world. I would love to have a layout like yours, the size is phenomenal. I like that bridge and canal section, from the video it so well constructed. I cannot wait to see your on-board camera video. Great job! Thank you for sharing everything and your workmanship!

  39. graeme says:

    Morning Dave, i tip my burger king hat to you
    what a great layout , i bet your fit climbing the loft steps
    time and time again, well you have now show us all, how it should be done
    , i now feel hungry for a palethorpes pie and pepsi
    cheers for Al showing us all–Thank you folks
    there is plenty of ideas, and tips always
    from lancashire graeme

  40. Jim says:

    Very nice job, I enjoy your videos and look forward to more.
    God speed

  41. just a great layout i have watched from the start and have saved all the videos, this build is a libary of knowledge and a studio of art, thank you. keep the videos coming.

  42. Colin King says:

    Brilliant Dave, enjoyed watching the updates as you went along. Really wonderful layout with nice detail. Well done mate!

  43. Paco Gayon says:

    It’s great Dave, what a layout ! Enjoyed very much seeing your set.

  44. Thank you all for your very kind comments , just to answer a couple , the Dynamis I use is the standard model not the pro , and I find it can cope , but must admit I have a Hornby Elite for the programme track , I find its easier , and of course had this from early days so make use of it , as for the speed of building , well its been easier this time with having all my bits and buildings from the last layout so could make fast progress and do seem to have had some practice over this last few years , as far as costs are concerned , it was mainly on new timber , about £150 and then quite a lot of new track , maybe £100 , also did spend a little on those new station buildings …I know if it had all been from scratch it would have been a small fortune , but been doing this for 7 years now so have accumulated a lot of pieces , look at it another way ..if I smokee say 20 cigarettes a day at say £7 a packet works out at £2500 a year …I stopped 20 years ago so its cheaper having a layout than smoking …thats my excuse for spending anyway when the wife asks ..How Much !!! .. thanks again Al and all the subscribers …Dave

  45. One question that was asked I should answer ..track cleaning …I use a CMX track cleaner with Goo Gone cleaner , can recommend but use the goo gone sparingly and dont run traction tyres over it …

  46. Dave Fairfull says:

    Great ride Dave, Thank you for a Great Video. Cheers

  47. Herb Roberson says:

    Outstanding sir, truly outstanding!

  48. Gavin says:

    Great video of the new layout Dave. I really enjoy watching these, and learn a lot from them.

  49. Tom says:

    Dave, You are truly an artist doing what you does best … A masterpiece!



  50. paul king says:

    Hi what a great job im very envious of your skill you make it look so easy and it shure is not lol well done and thanks one thing thou you never said how you control your locos my ges is with all that sound you have you are digital is that right Dave ??
    any ways thanks for shareing i hope it motivates me more as im re building mine now

    thanks dave all the best

  51. Steve from Exeter NSW Australia says:

    Sensational Dave! You are the most prolific railway modeller I know of. A much healthier habit than the old cigarettes! And you end up with a lot more to show for it. Well done and keep the videos coming. Did I spot a new LMS loco? Take care.


  52. THOMAS says:


  53. Monty White says:


    Absolutely brilliant!


  54. Rod Mackay says:

    Lovely work Dave, now what about a bit of the Peak District?
    Rod 🙂

  55. Barry Pearlman says:

    The new gold standard.

    Congrats from Chesterfield, Missouri (in the colonies)!

  56. Paul B 60 says:

    What a fantastic layout and all done in such a short space of time. One thing seemed to look a bit odd then I noticed a great number of your trains are seeming to run on the opposite track. Where there are two tracks most trains pass to the left of each other but on the film it seemed the other way round. Not to detract from your stunning work.

  57. George Ross says:


    Continued success.

  58. Kevin Blake says:

    Great work Dave but how about doing a spot of weathering on the rails and rolling stock

  59. Pete Faxon says:

    Dave, this is obviously absolutely wonderful and talented work that you have created. I really wish this yank could understand what you are saying.
    Thanks for the experience.

    Pete from California

  60. Peter Leeke says:

    Dave, what an inspiration you are! Watching the progressive videos has been great. So many pioneering ideas mixed in with cost saving ways of creating the looks that you want. I have thoroughly enjoyed following the restructure, however I wonder how long it will be before the next one. As Sid from Buckingham said… “”Finished? Never!”. All the best from Pete in Melbourne, Australia.

  61. Willard Siscel says:

    I really liked the scale and how you were able to keep it spot on. cows, people, cars and trucks, roads. Everything was a master piece. I have not started one yet, but I have bought a lot of magazines and in the last 5 years the hardware has come a long way. HO is the scale I love and after seeing your I know why. Thank you for sharing dave.

  62. Rod Mackay says:

    Just noticed Dave, tut tut, what’s happened to your observational skills? The ladders go up the BACK of the colour light signals – it’s the back of the casing that hinges open for maintenance, so that the aspects facing drivers are not swivelled off-line, and the view of them is not obscured by a big hairy-arsed techie standing on the ladder! Another little job for you…
    All the best,

  63. chuck says:

    Hey Dave, I am very impressed with your layout. I have been watching your progress. I have an ho layout that i started 2 years and can;t seem to find the time to make much progress on it. You motivate me and give me ideas on how i might want to do things like scenery and such when I can find the time. Where did you learn how to do all this? Did someone teach you or is all in just what you come up with, You are an inspiration ! Good job. I’m happy for you.


  64. Geprge F. Pearson says:

    Dave, I really like you layout and all the detail you have on it. Was just wondering if you run 2 trains, one clockwise and one counter clockwise if you started one on you most upper outside loop track and the other one on the most lower inside loop track could you have the inside loop train be able to get to the upper outside loop and the upper outer loop get to the lower inside loop without stopping either train or either train hit each other?? I have notice that when viewing your movies that the trains seem to stay on the same loop or one goes up and down from top to bottom.

  65. John says:

    Dave I don`t know what it is with your layouts but it just works! I know a lot of purists say trains just going round n round in a circle is almost childish. But I think for some unknown reason your layout touches all of us lots inner child when we watch your videos. Seriously Dave, I sit these like most of the others who post comments every time u make a video, transfixed mate no matter how many times I watch them! And again I don`t know why, but you`ve got the magic formula and I think ur like the `yoda` of model railways mate!! Lol!
    All the best.

    JohnE UK

  66. Kevin McArdle says:

    Some people have all the luck.

  67. Peter Waring says:

    Dave, Well done on completing your changes so well and so quickly. I am very impressed, your eye for detail on such a scale is very good. I hope I can achieve a similar standard with my smaller layout. Give it 2 years and you will be thinking about changes, if not sooner! 🤪🤪🤪. Regards Peter…

  68. John Deis says:

    Dave, I really liked your old layout. I like the new one even more. Well done.
    John in San Diego, California

  69. David McClelland says:

    WOW!!! Fantastic Job. I especially like the lighting. Thank you for sharing.

    Conductor Dave, Dayton, Ohio. (From across the pond.}

  70. Fred mayer says:

    There’s no such thing as a finished layout. A layout is finished when you die.
    Working on a layout is what keeps us going.
    Great job!
    Looking forward to more.

  71. Bill Holt says:

    Good Job Lad !!!

  72. Robert Brady says:

    What can I say that hasn’t been said? still commercial free!
    USA Bob

  73. John Richmond says:

    Your layout and videos are the best. I saw one detail I think you should make.
    Your logs are rather long and big, and in real life they would be tied down to the flat cars with chains, not straps. I hope you agree with me. If not done that way in England, just let me know.

    My regards,

  74. That’s quite an amazing job you have accomplished Dave

  75. John says:

    Just superb! Obviously a labor of love, you inspire us all.

  76. Jonathan Jack says:

    An absolutely lovely layout. Congratulations on a work well-done!

  77. Tom says:

    Dave, if you get down far enough to read this, just wanted to tell you that your layout is very impressive and one of the very best I’ve ever seen. Good job.

    I saw one recently where the guy had a network of small sprockets arranged in a various pattern hanging on rods (axles) from his ceiling. There was a ccontinuous chain running from sprocket to sprocket all in one big circle. He had a very thin rod attached to the chain hanging downward about 3 feet with a little bi-plane towing an advertisement banner behind it. He had a motor attached to a drive sprocket and ran it slow enough to mimic a bi-plane cruising over the land

  78. Joe Gennari says:


  79. “Dangerous Dave”
    Always love your videos… And your layout is awesome…
    I can see in about 6 months you will find something you want to change….
    And note…. Model Railroading is both cheaper and healthier than smoking!

  80. only twodogs says:

    Hi Al,
    would Dave actually have a track plan for his layout?

  81. CharlieT says:

    I hope you did NOT destroy the Strip Club, I really liked that and hoped you would have kept it on the new layout

  82. kathe & Frank, Miami, FL says:

    What happened to Tony’s disco with all the flashing lights? It was great at night when your layout was lit up. Your videos are great. You layout is fabulous! Great job!!

  83. Ron Mical says:

    Dave, as someone from Colorado who has followed you (and all the layout changes) throughout the years, you are an inspiration, sir. Thank you.

    One of the best features of your layout(s) was the ballast and realistic track work. The appearance was spot-on.

    Will you eventually ballast these tracks?

  84. Ramey Kemp says:

    What a super job at detailing. This is the best, most realistic layout I have ever seen.

  85. Gary Mitchell says:

    Well don Dave, always enjoy your videos. Fantastic!
    Regards Gary from NZ

  86. David Schaffner says:

    Very impressive layout, love the way you finish everything off with painstakingly realism it all out…Love the old cars, some I have never seen before, especially the old coach’s from a time ago…
    I don’t think there is anyone on the forum who can match your video capabilities.
    Outstanding to say the least Appears to be very costly, I know because in USA, some of them locos would go for hundreds of dollars, and you have many, even some of the tank cars go for a hefty sum and you have many..
    Do you have a source where you get your old cars?
    Dave, you have a layout most of can only dream about. You are a true craftsmen with a natural talent for mode railroading…..Awesome Job!

  87. Mr. Jan Friedman says:

    You are a superb master, incredible.
    Every foot, every inch meticulously thought out and perfectly executed.

  88. Dave says:

    I know that I should not say this on here, but I love Dave`s video`s, not just for the trains and the expert modelling, but for the vehicles he has on there, I watch each video at least twice, once for the trains and once for the model cars and trucks, for me it`s like a long walk down memory lane, as a HGV/PSV driver for all of my working life, I drove many real life versions of the goods vehicles and buses, as well as the cars he has on his layout, I could do a list, but it would be a long one so I will give it a miss. I know Dave originally lived not too far from me, and that is reflected in some of the vehicle liveries, like the Huddersfield and Halifax buses, Hanson and Ripponden & District trucks, and I just spotted the British Rail BMC FG crew truck, I used to drive a FG flatbed, it was the only truck I have ever had where you due to the strange cab design, you could drive about with the cab door wide open. I think the FG was in production up to the mid seventies, Mothers Pride Bread had a large fleet of them.

  89. Paul says:

    Great layout. So realistic. How long did it take to complete this.

  90. Dave S. says:

    Dave: I agree with all the positive comments on your fantastic railroad. Don’t take this as criticism but I’ve noticed in almost every layout on this site there is generally a lack of parking lots. We must all hate to use up valuable space for parking. Most commercial areas on layouts have only a few parking spaces, and row houses seem to have none! We like to put cars and trucks on the roads we build but not provide spaces for workers or shoppers to park. Just an observation that I’ve pondered as I am building my new HO scale layout. Thanks again for sharing.

  91. roger turner says:

    Just watching all the trains running at the same time is a testament to all the hard and tedious work put into this layout. My hat is off to you Dave.

    And thank you Al for bringing all these great pictures and video’s to us modelers.

    Thanks again
    Roger in Kansas

  92. Rocco Maley from northern New Jersey. says:

    Dave: Can you indulge in giving us the size of this magnificent railroad, and also the radius’s used? Thank you for this most beautiful layout. GREAT JOB.

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