G scale trains – Dave’s

Dave’s sent in these pics of his G scale trains:

“Hi Al-

Wanted to share with the “gang” my past railroading experiences, and where I’ve landed!

Like most kids, it all started on snowy morning after a visit from the Jolly ‘Ol Elf in the early sixties!

“HO” was my father’s drug of choice! 😉 He and his pals had spent the entire “Night before Christmas building and assembling an entire world of “make believe”. And I, at the tender age of 8… was hooked!

HO continued to be MY choice, as well. I LOVED the detailed modeling that seemed to set my layouts apart from those… so call “Christmas Tree Trains”. My trains stayed out all year long.

As I have experienced several, “trips around the sun”- my taste for the “train drug” grew! First with my two boys and now with my four grandchildren.

I’ve always loved the HO, but I have dabbled in “N”, old school “O”, Lionel and most recently “G”.

G scale trains is my NEW love affair. LGB – German engineering!! This stuff is amazing. So smooth in the operations. The gearing all mesh together so nicely! LOVE IT. And as eyesight starts to fade, it’s nice to be able to SEE the parts you are working on (a wonderful bonus)!!!

My latest “train room” is on 6 folding tables or about 90 square feet. I got my design layout idea from a wonderful gentleman in Baltimore, MD who is a master with LGB’s.

After visiting his shop for a repair part for my outside train garden, (not recommended for the weak at heart), I fell in love with his design.

So- now after several years of designing, building, laying track down and pick track up. I stumble upon “Al’s” website of all “you guys (and gals)” who love training as much as I do…. Very cool.

I tried to take some pictures of the layout. Hard to capture everything that is going on, as many of you, I’m sure- have experienced when trying to take photos of your layout…

“Pictures just don’t do it justice!”

Here are some of the hard facts, that might be of interest-

My layout:

90 square feet

Setting on 6 – 2.5’x6’ plastic folding tables cover w/ green felt (easy set up)

11 LGB engines – (Santa train is NOT LGB, but I love it)

25 Various LGB rolling stock

15 Electric switches

11 Separately controlled sidings

25 Lamp posts

25 Hand built scenes

2 panoramic photos of European countryside

Auto Daytime lighting and sound effects

Auto Nighttime lighting and sound effects

Thunderstorms, complete with lightning and thunder

LGB Rack system that climbs 36”

160 feet of LGB track

And then, there is an older Lionel train system that I modified for my Granddaughter- (it’s pink, of course). It runs noisily under the (LGB) German Village!

Enjoy the pictures. Certainly, if you have any questions regarding “G” scale being used indoor!!! I hope this will prove that they aren’t just for outdoors anymore! Stay in… it’s sooo much nicer!

Cheers and thanks for your time! Oh- and thank you AL for all you do allowing us old duffers to yak on about this wacky hobby that our wives just don’t understand! hehe


g scale trains

g scale trains

LGB track

LGB track

LGB track

g scale trains

LGB track

Now on to Dave:

“Hi Al, just downloaded this short video.

I am loading a longer full version later so will probably send that as well , been having a few computer probs so got to sort out first



A big thanks to Dave – he seems to be having a lot of gun with his G scale trains.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to get going on your own layout.



PS Have you had a look at the new ebay cheat sheet yet?

11 Responses to G scale trains – Dave’s

  1. Ted Curtin says:

    Very nice video.
    I also enjoy indoor and outdoor “G” layouts. I totally agree about the ease of working on large scale equipment.
    Your layout is very inspiring…keep up the good work.

  2. really enjoy your work makes my day

  3. Dwight in Toronto says:

    The LGB set-up is charming indeed, and I can’t imagine the expense involved to acquire all the sectional track, turnouts, locomotives, rolling stock, structures etc. Had to smile at the cable car … I brought that same set home from one of my business trips to Switzerland for my son and daughter, over 30 years ago. Now I string it up on occasion for my four wee grandkiddies to play with!

    Just an aside … don’t get overly impressed with so-called German engineering.
    I thought the same thing. So, when we contracted a full kitchen renovation several years ago, we selected a high-end gas range and an expensive faucet, both made in Germany. The oven has been repaired four times in as many years. The faucet not only has a deplorable flow rate, but also developed a hidden leak that resulted in $5,000 worth of water damage to the new cabinets. I’ve also got a little German roadster that is pretty nice when it’s working, but is hideously expensive when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Not such superior engineering, in my experience!

  4. Erick says:

    Good workmanship.!!!!! I hope mine turns out that good.

  5. How about a diagram of the track layout.?

  6. Marklin ed. says:

    Good idea Dave, knowing your Fuel is on the way to save the day. Sorry to hear of your problems in the UK.

  7. Ken G says:

    Nice layout! But there is one thing LGB and all G scale trains need to do — Ditch the old school “power from the tracks” and go to a fully RC system with remotes.
    There is no reason not to do this! Especially for an outdoor garden train where the tracks constantly need to be wiped clean to get consistent power.

    They could run these trains the same way cordless power tools are run where you can swap out battery packs as needed with either a 12 volt or 18 volt system. Keep extra batteries charged so they are ready when you need, exactly as you do with your tools.

    It’s 2021 folks, time to get rid of a power system that has been used for decades!

  8. markus + CH + says:

    Amazing… most I love of it is the cog wheel mountain train! Growing up close to real ones, it is just great to see it in model as well. – m

  9. Walt Walters says:

    Love the gear drive setup!
    I tried LGB, but not enough room so I returned to HO mostly because I can incorporate my wife’s department 56 collection and gives me an excuse to build my trains again!

  10. Robert Brady says:

    Dave shouldn’t you have two engines pulling that fuel load ? Quite a task you know..
    The Critic

  11. William says:

    Here we go again!
    LGB scale is 1:22.5.
    The track it runs on is G Gauge.
    But anyway, great layout!!!

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