Pennsylvania model train layout

Andy’s really in to his Pennsylvania model train layout – and it really shows too:

“Hi, my name is Andy, and this is my train layout.

I really love the Pennsylvania Railroad and it’s history and own a few books on it. I am also into CSX AND CONRAIL.

My model railroad is based on an imaginary town named Brookfield, a Small Town in Northwestern, New Jersey, where the mainline travels through.

The Pennsylvania railroad model trains that run through are Amtrak, New York Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Reading, Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, CNJ, CSX, Conrail, Santa Fe, Burlington, and even the occasional Atlantic Coastline or Burlington Northern and from time to time.

Just about anything can go through there, depending on trackage rights, giving me the freedom to run any road I want!

My hobbies are Model Railroading, Chasing Trains and photographing and video taping them for my personal collection.

I also enjoy collecting CD’s, DVD’s, Die Cast Cars, Model Trains, Magazines, Listening to music, Playing with my computer, Going to concerts, Cats, Taking walks, and looking at the night sky.

I was born and grew up in Vineland, New Jersey, where my father took me for long walks on my uncle’s farm on Wheat Road in same town, and we watched the last of the steam engines rolling down the tracks on the central railroad.

Perhaps this has had a lot to do with me being into trains as I am. I also watched the diesels travel through Vineland, that would be Central Railroad of New Jersey, Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, Conrail, Winchester and Western, and for the remainder of my growing from childhood to adulthood and had my first model railroad layout at the age of 13.

Nowadays it’s CSX, NS and Winchester and Western.

I gave it up when I was 18 and got onto other things, only to return to the hobby at the age of 37, when I got bit once again by the bug after purchasing a G Scale Christmas train for under my Christmas tree.


Pennsylvania model train layout santa fe loco

Pennsylvania model train layout railroad crossing

Pennsylvania model train layout loco freight

electric amtrak model train

Pennsylvania model train layout loading platform

Pennsylvania model train layout loading platform

Pennsylvania model train layout crossing

Pennsylvania model train layout factory

Pennsylvania model railroad freight

model railroad shops

loco freight

model railroad town

A big thanks to Andy. What a layout! It’s not hard to see why people choose a Pennsylvania model train theme.

Just me, but I really do think picking a theme for a layout makes a huge difference.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

Don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here. Is today going to be the day?



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

17 Responses to Pennsylvania model train layout

  1. nice layout Andy has built there …dangerous Dave

  2. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Andy…. Nice detail in your scenes. Good looking layout

  3. Robert Brady says:

    Andrew, I’m assuming this is HO scale and it is very alluring . Would like to see a broader perspective to get a handle of your landscape and town. My layout is from the New York Hudson river line. I’m also an Amtrak and CSX guy.

    The Critic

  4. Erick says:

    Pretty Kool.!!!! Nice workmanship

  5. Gordon Valentine Jr says:

    Andy, Thanks for the memories. I also grew up in the area and remember those same rail lines. good sharing

  6. Bill Froscher says:

    I am impressed by the attention to detail. Everything is to scale size or near so. Beautiful job! I too am from northern NJ, eastern though. And I too watched the evolution from steam to diesel and I too was bitten by the bug that has endured for 87 years. The theme of my layout is “Memories” Some day I’ll have to take some pictures and send them to Al.

  7. Cary B says:

    Very nice Andy, looks like you got lots going on there.
    Keep on Model Railroading 👍👍🚂🚉
    Cary B

  8. Billy Ray Mills says:

    can you provide a copy of your layout plan?

  9. Jim AZ says:

    Nicely done. Would like to see more of the overall layout as well.

    Jim AZ

  10. Ed, Williamstown says:

    Great detail, nice work.
    Ever see any locomotives or rolling stock for Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines. I haven’t seen any and can’t even find decals. Someday I’ll get my HO project started.

  11. Dan Hulitt says:

    Andy, let’s see, isn’t Vineland a suburb of Millville? Haha from a former Soutb Jersey guy. Nice work and lots of enjoyment there I am sure. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Mn Dan

  12. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Nice looking layout!! well done.

  13. JoeS in ME says:

    To Ed, Williamstown,
    They have the decals you are looking for plus many others.

    I’m not connected with them in any way; just trying to help a fellow modeler.

  14. Robert Martin says:

    I, also can appreciate the transitional time period, as i spent numerous enjoyable hours on Grannies front porch watching the activities on the B&O yard in Rowelsburg, WV.

  15. Don says:

    Really nice layout, but why don’t we see any Pennsylvania railroad trains or other train companies from your State? But your layout is really good! Keep up the good work!

  16. Dave Karper says:

    Amtrak 901. I took that locomotive and its train from New York to New Haven many times.

  17. John T. Meyer, Sr. says:

    Andy, you built a beautiful narrative for your lifelong passion of supporting this exciting North NJ theme but you left us flat when you didn’t show us more than a few tantalizing vignettes. But like Billy Ray Mills, Jim Az and The Critic say, “Where’s the Beef”? Let’s see the entire layout and some Pennsy stock! Don’t worry about boring us. More is better. We’re model railroad guys!

    Smilin’ Jack in Naples, FL

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