Dave’s model railway tribute

“Hi Al,

Have just uploaded a video showing a bit of a tribute to the Railway workers in Ukraine for all the lives they are saving.

Also showing a few of my trains running with one a class 21 named after the Yorkshire Moor Railway.

Its a worrying time for all, but seeing all those refugee women and children having to leave there families and homes brings it home, to us all what wars are about ……

Lets all pray he gets stopped very soon before its too late.



A big thanks to Dave.

I have to be honest, I really uumed and aahed about posting this because I avoid anything remotely political.

Let me tell you why.

I get sent so much stuff in the blizzard that is my inbox, some of it is interesting or entertaining, but not remotely connected to this hobby.

So one day, I started another blog and tried out a few posts.

Trouble was, one of them was very political. It really did split the pack.

One simple post got over a thousand comments in a matter of days.

But then something remarkable happened.

People in both camps were emailing me and saying the same thing:

“We go to your blog to get away and escape the reality of the world – please keep it that way.”

The humanity of both sides independantly asking for the same thing was all it took.

So I promised myself never again.

That’s why I hesitated over this post.

But then I thought I love what Dave’s done and he’s right. The railway workers have saved many lives.

So I posted.

If you want to post on Dave’s railway please leave a comment below.

If you want to post on Ukraine, please post here.

And if you want to read about the post that got over a 1000 comments in a matter of days, it’s here.

That’s all. Ramble over.

A big thanks to Dave.



If you haven’t read the above, please post any comments on Ukraine here.

This is a train blog, let’s keep it that way peeps.

36 Responses to Dave’s model railway tribute

  1. THOMAS says:

    Way too much noise !
    Nice layout but I can not stand all that noise !

  2. John Douglas says:

    There are some things transcend the ordinary political field. Well done Dave and Slava Ukraini!

  3. Beautiful layout

  4. Well done Dave !! Like your night shots!! You should do more of them!! Yes, very sad about the Ukraine. Stay well and Peace!!

  5. Erick says:

    Would like more to see more.

  6. Al & Dave,
    Thanks for doing this video. Nicely done and what a great layout.
    You are both to be commended.
    Rick in KY, USA

  7. Paul says:

    Always a treat to see this layout.

    What scale is it?

  8. george zaky says:

    It’s been a long time that you have been enlightening us with your talents, love for trains, real & model, sharing your Coy pond, showing us great tips and ideas, and morning train movies for our enjoyment. I, as a yank across the pond, get about every 4th word you say but I would not want it any other way.
    You sir are a good person.
    These are crazy times and our happy place is our hobby so when we can all commiserate and share a little with the comradery of kind and talented people that makes it even better.
    Thanks AL, thanks Dangerous Dave

  9. James Maitland says:

    Nicely done Dave!!.

  10. Mackenzie says:

    Great thing from both of you. One for the layout but also the Ukrainian side of things!
    Ive seen many of your layout posts Dave and it always cheers me up seeing them. Very inspiring! Thanks a lot!

    Mackenzie from Germany

  11. Ben From Chicago says:

    Well done, Dave…..thanks for doing the video and thanks to Al for posting it!

  12. Bob Maloney says:

    Those who work on the rails like policemen have an inherently dangerous job, sometimes more so than others. They provide a service to the public, sometimes more so than others. It never hurts to now and then extend our thanks and appreciation for what they do, sometimes more so than others.

  13. Ruben Simon says:

    Very touching, Dave. Thanks for the prayer reminder.

  14. Robert Duncan Bouskill says:

    You are not dangerous Dave for nothing. Worst of all, Dave is absolutely right ! we can not ignore what is happening in the world. Now if we could only get rid of fossil fuels and the inefficient engines that are warming our planet. There are billions of them with their radiators and pollution laden exhaust pipes. We need an omega solution. Bye the way, there is an omega engine design that is around. I am a big fan of Dave, he is one of the best.

  15. don kadunc says:

    I believe this site should be non political. Living in the USA be get enough. Your site is an escape for us lovers of trains. Dave’s post was very respectful though.

  16. Jim AZ says:

    Great video, Dave. And you sir always provide the best of the best with your modeling skills, your scenery, photo and video angles of your wonderful layout and of course with a little levity along the way. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  17. Terry Miller says:

    I spotted what I thought was a new building behind the bus at 3:23 in to the video. Thought it looked kind of neat—-then realized it was still camera laying on the layout. LOL

  18. Stuart says:

    well said Dave,well done,

  19. John says:

    Great layout and video. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Ken Bock says:

    My first post, but here I have to say THANK YOU AL and DAVE! The layout is fantastic but the thought and care behind this post is utmost admirable. Thank you both.

  21. Dominic Joseph Radanovich says:

    I was surprised and elated to see the map of Ukraine. Thanks for posting it.
    Slava i peremoha Ukraini!

    Greetings from Joseph in Milwaukee.

  22. Ted Eggleston says:

    Great layout Dave, Thank you for sharing. For the part of the video that showed moving trains from track level, what camera did you use. I want to mount a video remote camera on a moving rolling stock, but I don’t know what camera to use. I have a N scale layout. Thank you Dave.

  23. Joel Leson says:

    I finally got back to running HO model trains. I have a very small layout. There are 10 engines and 50 different freight, maintenance and passenger cars. I’m getting a lot of ideas from Dave’s fantastic layout. Thanks Dave and Al for operating this terrific site. As for Ukraine. Let’s hope for the best. As a retired US Army airborne infantry colonel, my immediate inclination is to go after Putin with a vengeance. From what I’ve seen on TV his young soldiers have been sold a bill of goods as to why they are in Ukraine. My parents were born in Ukraine. I’m get angrier as I see the bombing of innocent mothers with their babies trying to leave the country.Long live Ukraine! Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  24. Rob Schweitzer says:

    Dave, a big thank you from across the pond. Loved the video, it made me long to see the Yorkshire Moors again, wonderful countryside! Your tribute is well noted. Sometimes people get called upon to be heros, the railway personal sure lived up to that title.
    Rob Schweitzer
    St.Goar & Murren Scenic Railway
    Ann Arbor, Michigan. USA

  25. On the subject of war, it is a universal human belief that monsters must be relegated to the trash heap of history! The trainmen of Ukraine are heroes of humanity!

  26. Ken Stauffer says:

    Thanks, Dave, for sharing this video and the prayer reminder. Thanks, Al for posting. I don’t think this is a political video just a tribute to heroes. Thanks, Al for maintaining this site so we can all enjoy great layouts like Dave’s and many others.
    Ken S
    Pennsylvania, USA

  27. Berniedoc says:

    Thank you Dave for your humanitarian post.

  28. F,Warren Jeffries,Jr. says:

    Thank you Dave, I feel the same way you do.

  29. Al thanks for posting this. Dave thanks for showing us your wonderful layout and your tribute to the Ukrainian Railway workers. Those folks are doing what is normally a very demanding job in extremely hazardous conditions. God bless them.

  30. Al, Dave, Many thanks for shining a light in a very darkened world.

  31. Chris Berry says:

    Well done Dave.
    What more can you say and do, I do think him in Russia is head has come undone. All our thoughts and prays go out to the Ukraine people.
    Melbourne Australia

  32. Marcello says:

    The events in Ukraine can bring up strong political opinions, but as human beings we need to see past the politics and find a way to stop the suffering of the people of Ukraine…thanks for the tribute to the Railway Workers…we all need to step up and help our fellow man…

  33. John Bates says:

    I love the Yorkshire Moors RR my cousins husband has a memorial made for him
    also a beautiful ride through the valley.

  34. Thank you all for commenting re Ukraine….it is a sad time and its not getting any better , our thoughts go out to all the people who are involved with this atrocious attempt of the Russian dictator Putin to take over this country. and as we are told it wont stop there …God Bless all and pray for an end to this tragic situation
    to answer a couple of questions re the layout..Dangerous Dave ..Paul my layout is 00 gauge just a bit larger than HO gauge …and Ted the camera i use on the tracks is THE MOBIUS MINI CAM …Dangerous Dave

  35. David Schaffner says:

    My heart goes to the people of Ukraine and to their plight for freedom and escape.
    Love your loft layout as always. Being a model railroader at heart, and in the process of designing my second layout. Love the classic cars and wonder what outlet you get them from. Also your array of houses and buildings are phenomenal in the sense of cool. Are they scratch built from kits. If so, you must have a lot of patience and time. I have arthritis in my fingers and am unable to do kits.
    Love the gingerbread guy and all your running trains. Hope, faith and safety for Ukraine.

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