Rod’s european railway

“Hi Alastair,

As promised I have now done the outstanding sections of the scenic area on Diano Marina, so the layout now at least looks complete, if never “finished”.

The campsite area seemed huge when there was nothing on it, but turned out quite cramped in the end. It was also the last bare ‘working space’ that could be used for cutting, glueing, etc so I’m missing it already.

The station building needs a canopy and various details and I’m waiting for some more little palm trees, but it has filled the gaping hole that used to annoy my better half! Next job is signage and laps but I’m reluctant to add more stuff that blocks hand access just yet.

I have been experimenting with a couple of different track-cleaning vehicles under the wires, without tremendous success, and I read recently a claim that the high-frequency electronic cleaners don’t really remove any dirt, just jump it electrically, and would fry the chips of any digital loco used on the DC layout. Any suggestions?


If you’ve missed Kim’s amazing track cleaners – look here first.

“One of your members asked about my motorized scrubber for N scale.

Okay here is the best I came up with, not having any N scale pieces – only a piece of track I think is N scale.

The cardboard is a fake car sort of. That is a RC mini motor. I got 5 in a pack from ebay for I think $2 or 3.

I test ran it with a half drained phone battery at 2.7 volts. Ran well and can add pressure enough to clean very well.

Being so small could do with two running in different direction’s. Mount in an old or new dummy loco or car.pad is the same principale as the Ho scale.When the pad is done pop it off add a new pad pop it back on.

So what you think Al? Think it will pass lol. And these motors have to face hole’s for bracket.


“Hi Al this is the one I have done to show the layout and trains running before I start the big change…



Now what ever you do – don’t click on this ebay link. You’ll save far too much on your layout…

That’s all folks. Please, please keep ’em coming. And post your comments below.



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  1. Joe Porter says:

    Dave’s announcement is almost like he’s got a spot of Beechingitus I hope he is better soon and the railway is again FULLY operational Thanks Dave for all the enjoyment your videos have given so far and looking to the new improved version

  2. Svyatoslav or just Svet says:

    Hello Dave! I`ve just watched your layout film-it`s great ! I think it is what my grandson,I and my son in law would like to have but we are only beginners, we live in Moscow,Russia and are planning to make two layout in Moscow flat and in my daughter`s country cottage.We are going to have the dismountable layout which could be taken to the closet after running trains because my grandson`s room isn`t big enough.We have oo gauge Hornby DCC sound trains and live steam Fying Scotsman and Mallard.What would you advise what should we start with? With best wishes,Svet Vykrest

  3. Colin King says:

    Great video Dave, so looking forward to the new layout with the two tiers which will give you even more room to run all your stock. Good luck mate!

  4. Lee Barry/ CEO L"Z"PMRR says:

    excellent layout. good use of the “car camera” going thru the tunnel with the passenger train passing by in the same direction with an excellent view inside the cars, could use some passengers tho. Why are you tearing up the layout. You remind me of a Jim O’Connell of Santee,Ca. who built my Z scale layout. His Z scale layouts have been featured in Z Track magazine and every time Rob Klutz the owner of the mag did a story of Jims’ layout before he could get back to doing some more articles on it Jim had tore it up,ripped it apart and did it again. I’m a little cornfused in regards to the track cleaner, why is there a piece of foam board on the top of it? Enjoyed the several videos of your layout.

  5. Ron From Kentucky says:

    Have always enjoyed your layout. Great speed control and variations with different train loads.

    Passenger Cars
    As much as you go in for the details, I couldnt see where many of your passenger cars actually had passengers. Is this a detail effect that you will be adding later?

    Train Cam
    Two minutes of the train cam looking at some crates was not to my liking. I would have preferred that the train cam was located on the front of the engine (even mounted on a car being pushed by a locomotive). I could not appreciate the scenery and terrain changes because of the blocked view by the crates. Also miight consider a reverse look from the caboose perspective.

    Interesting track work. Question; do you have track elevations, over and under passes of trains? Just asking.

  6. Ron From Kentucky says:

    Have you calculated your layouts milegae. How many scale miles of track do you have

  7. Richard says:

    Great Vid Dave, if you start from scratch could you do a series of videos showing the new layout from start to finish ( not that there is ever a finish) and give tips and tricks for us not so gifted modelers.
    Keep up the great work and all the best for the new layout.


  8. Peter Jones says:

    Well Dave the news comes as a bit of a shock to dismantle the layout that inspired me to start my own, however, knowing your mastery and wizardry for modelling I cant wait to see what you serve up for us. Thanks again for sharing your fabulous layout, hints, tips and advice and for one cant wait for the next thrilling instalment. Pete “The Mackem” Jones.

  9. Thanks all for your comments , as I said the main reason is accessibility and more track space , so a two tier system would make it better for sidings and no having to crawl underneath the layout .
    I do not have plans , never have , just work it as I go along , of course I have some idea`s ,…but no track plans to work from as such.
    Ron ..I did a video earlier this week which Al put on showing the camtruck filming from the front …and yes the passenger cars do need passengers in , only done that on a couple in the past …not always easy to strip the cars down ., especially when wire up with lighting ..
    I shall be posting vis of the progress as I go along .
    Thanks again for all comments

  10. Cord says:

    Nnoooooooo!!!!! DON’T DO IT, DAVE!!
    Well, alright. Because I’m sure the next incarnation will be even more spectacular – if that’s possible. Good luck and have fun! Looking forward to more videos in future.

  11. builder Kim says:

    Lee Barry okay Lee.I been doing track scrubbers and was asked to do one in N scale and don’t have any N scale pieces other than a piece of track.Cardboard is to replace a car body.The motor is for a N scale track cleaner.Look at the last imput of ideas and you will see whats going on.Ask Al for the link on this.

  12. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Hi Dave, as usual your video is top notch. If you ever give up model trains you could get certainly get a job in hollywood. I understand where you are coming from with 2 tier, the permutations are endless.
    Good luck with the project and I look forward to seeing more videos.

  13. jean says:

    merveilleux reseau c’est plaisant de voir des reseau comme ça

    merci bonne journée.

  14. Don Garner says:

    Dave, I have come to the conclusion you are the genius artist of model railroading.I thoroughly enjoy all your videos. Thanks for those and keep then coming.
    I have three questions:
    1.)How big is your layout? The room looks enormous.
    2.)What gauge are you running? HO, N, 00.
    3.(Have you given any thought to making your vehicles (cars, busses, trucks, etc,) mobile? If anyone can do it, I bet you can.
    I really like the track level camera–I almost feel like I’ riding a real train then we come around a bend and “the jolly green giant appears in the background and brings me back to reality. 🙂

  15. charles N.Y. says:

    Hi Dave,your video’s are great.From the first one I enjoyed all of them Gives us a lot of good ideas for us to try. Bless you.

  16. Michael Ankerson says:

    Hi Dave, Sad day…

    Thanks again for sharing your fabulous layout…

    I loved the layout…

    DON’T DO IT Dave…….please

  17. builder Kim says:

    très bon site pour apprendre à construire et sauver à Montréal

  18. Steve from Exeter NSW Australia says:

    Sad to see your fantastic layout go. I have loved watching your videos Dave, especially the “Traincam”. I eagerly look forward to your new mutli level layout! Keep up the GREAT work!! 🙂

  19. 'Nother Grandpa says:

    Somehow, I am not surprised at this news. Good Luck, Dave. Can’t wait to view the results of your next effort.

  20. Mike Mattei says:

    Dave is a very clever modeler I have enjoyed watching his videos from the first.
    I like the idea of the camera on a freight car and all of the effects one sees from that level.
    I would also like to know how and what video program Dave used to edit his videos.


  21. Gary says:

    What an artist, both the model RR and the filming. Dave, what did you do in your previous life??? WOW !!!!!

  22. Questions I can answer some I carnt , but the layout is 28fT. x 8ft. its in 00 , and the editing I use is Cyberlink director 12, MY PREVIOUS LIFE .. occupation before i retired was owner driver trucking mainly through Europe …

  23. Well Dave i will miss your videos. After a hard week at work and come home to look at all the emails i have on trains is great. cant wait to see Dave what you are going to do next . thanks for all the how dos track layouts improvements just keep them coming.

  24. Tony Cooper says:

    Dave, what an excellent video, I have watched it a number of times and keep seeing different things each time. You have over the last few months certainly given me a number of ideas which I have used on my own layout the building of which is nearing the end after 2 years . I also intend taking a video which if it’s ok I will post and am already like you then thinking of my next one. My current layout has no lights or electrics (other than to the track) and I intend my next effort to be a bit more sophisticated so any work in progress updates from you would be well appreciated.
    By the way I don’t agree with Ron from Kentucky as I think the camera perspective is actually enhanced by its placement. You can actually imagine yourself riding the train.
    Kind regards
    Tony, Cardiff

  25. Fantastic video, I love watching your videos. I wish I could give myself the ‘oomph’ to get on with my own layout.
    Keep the videos coming Dave.
    Best wishes,

  26. Ron says:

    My significant other , who I should say enjoys your railroad and videos as much as I do, has a question. What are you going to do with the present layout and all that goes with it???

  27. Andy says:

    Looking forward to the new layout; sorry to see the old one go. Will you ever be happy with one layout. Guess i’m building mine to be future proof.

  28. John Reynolds says:

    Dave, I have appreciated your videos and the consistently increasing quality of them. While on one hand it will be sad that this is the end of one fantastic layout; I easily believe you have a far better one in mind. When I read your announcement, I was not overly surprised given the number of changes you have made to your existing layout… Something tells me you like the building as much or more than the operation.

  29. Jack says:

    Great layout – but again – couldn’t understand a word you said – thus we’re losing out on your great talent and wisdom on layouts.what you have to say.


  30. steven stclair says:

    I especially liked the camera freight train following your Pullman through the dark tunnel. I have been viewing the Glebe railway videos and surely that could be your next step to model a real railway station, for example, Bridlington perhaps. As usual brilliant work Dave.

    Steve Sydney

    Ps Al did you receive my photos I sent you?

  31. love watching the video but would be better if i could hear your voice there al as everything this end works a okay and i have my volumn turned up so it aint my end i think you must check out your audio card bro

  32. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Good luck Dave will miss that layout. Jimmy Edinburgh

  33. Gary Mitchell says:

    Always enjoy watching your videos Dave, look forward to seeing the new layout. Regards Gary from New Zealand

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