Dave’s new sound decoder

“Hi, Mr. Lee,

It doesn’t look like people like this stuff much for what it is designed, but it is great for model railroading

It is called Rustoleum “Deck & Concrete Restore® 10X”

It is meant to keep people from slipping on outdoor decks, but in the earth colors it make the best “rock face” I’ve ever seen. It actually has sand in it, with a strong binder. It is very thick, but can be applied with a paint brush. It is thick enough and applies rough enough to cover Styrofoam or plaster underlay so it looks like natural rock.

I don’t know if it is available in the U.K., but at Home Depot in the U.S. it sells for $45 for TWO gallons. That would cover a lifetime of most model railroader’s construction of layouts, so maybe it would be best for a club to buy it and divide it up.

It comes in dozens of colors and shades – even green which makes a great ground cover.

Check it out; I don’t think there is a better way to create a mountain layout.


And here’s the latest from Dangerous Dave:

Things happening on the ebay cheat sheet too: here’s the latest one.

Keep ’em coming.



PS Want three times the content? And to search through the archives – that’s every post since day 1? You need the Golden Key.

5 Responses to Dave’s new sound decoder

  1. Carl says:

    You’re right Dave – it sounds like a bag of hammers or whatever! Do prototype locos actually sound like that in the UK? Diesels in North America are much sweeter sounding if such is possible. Great videos and a great model layout you have. Keep ’em coming. Carl (near Toronto)

  2. Tom says:

    Dave, Everything that you do to ad to your model railroad gives it a better flavor. Certainly a nice touch.

    Paul, I am going to paint restore my deck. Thanks for the info about the paint

    Thank you Mr. Al for sharing!

    best regards.


  3. Rob Billing says:

    Yip you are right it does make a awful noise to start with and as you say it gets better. even if it does blow my ears off

  4. Chris g says:

    It sounds and looks good Dave,

  5. Hi Paul thanks for your tip i will go around our hardwares in australia see if that brand excits here or something close. the sound card is alright i am not into them yet but i did enjoy the video with the trains running ,watching your videos always leaves me with ideas for my layout thanks Dave. Also thanks Al for the email if you can or want to more adds it hasnt put me off i showed some friends the train cam and they where interested.

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