Dave’s running session

Not long ago Alan showed us how he was syncing his layout sound with his ipad thingy. It went down well, so here’s the talented Dangerous Dave showing off his sounds:

“Morning Al,

Just uploaded this video showing a running session with diesel and steam , most with sounds. Gives a few ideas of what the sounds are like.



And now more scratch building from Kim.

“Hi Al. Just an example these are the main bus lines. These lines will be active. I have modified them since this picture to separate them a little more.

Each transformer will have a line from them to the bus lines. I added an old pic of my station for an example. you see the main bus lines with the transformers connected to the bus lines. Those lines are for show but still carry power from the main lines.

In the old station I hooked power to it and it worked great.But found it was scary lol to go near so I took it apart and am rebuilding it safer and better .Some of you think why don’t you make the station static.And just run a bunch of wires to every home sign street light bill board and such. I’m male and we like to grunt and bang your chest when you built something different.

I will send in a update once I have installed my tower’s. If you have it already not sure on a how to make poles and what you need I will send in a how to just ask or if anyone else wants them I will send it in.

ho scale 001

ho scale 012

Al my second attempt to weathering. A steam boiler in a falling down shed. will be another part of my swamp scene. have more work to do on it. The part for the belt to drive something is a part off a cigarette lighter. This is the moss I mentioned on your site.

ho scale old boiler

ho model scale tools

Bunch of tool’s made from scrap. Easy build’s to fill space


Huge thanks to Kim and Dave. I sometimes wonder whether I post too much of Dave’s stuff, but seeing as it always goes down so well, I guess not.

Please do keep ’em coming folks. And don’t forget, if you haven’t started your layout yet – or you’re just looking for inspiration – this’ll get you going.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Still updated everyday.

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  1. Brian Messenger says:

    Hi Kim, I follow your posts with great interest. The items (tools) that you have made are really great. What I do, is if a make one that I like and think I could use a few of them around the layout, I use it as a master and then make a rubber mould and cast as many as I think I could use (never enough). I have I a drawer on my workbench which is full of castings mostly unpainted. When I am looking for a simple evening project, I open the drawer and paint and weather a few castings – as many as the evening will allow. This saves me time when finishing off a project and just dig into the ‘Bits Box’ and use whatever I need if it is painted.
    If anyone wants to know how I make the ‘Rubber moulds’ I could put up a post about the how to. Cheers Brian.

  2. Keith Miller says:

    Al – thank you for this blog. I just want to assure you that you do not post too much of Dave’s work – it is is most welcome! Good to see Kim’s scratch building under way – inspirational. I don’t know much about sound – would it help others to know how it is synced to the loco starting off? I would like to know.

  3. Peter Jones says:

    Dave – Once again a magnificent video of your wonderful layout.

    Kim – As always really good scratch building

    Al – I never tire of seeing all contributions from all our friends in the model railway world their sharing gives great inspiration.

    Pete “the Makem” Sunderland, England

  4. Iain Robertson says:

    Dave, ……… Phenomenal, just wished I had your patience and talent. Great work.

  5. Tim says:

    Dave that was great. I love it all and the night time shots wonderful.

  6. Tom Howell says:

    Dave’s layout is the best. Scenery, lighting, sounds, and even the videos with his gingerbread gremlin. Keep his vids coming. You reading this, Dave?
    PS,…The rail-cam is done quire well too.

  7. Lynn says:

    A question for Dave or anybody else for that matter. Is it possible to make vestibules between the passenger coaches for added realism? As I was watching Dave’s video I noticed the gaping hole between passenger coaches and began to wonder if vestibules could be fashioned so the passengers could pass from coach to coach.

  8. Dave Whatley says:

    Thanks for the sound video and your lay out is really great. I my self are working on mine and use a lot from every one, thanks again Dave in Savannah, Ga. USA

  9. Frederick says:

    on Dave’s layout are the sound generators in the locos ? and do they vary the sound output to spreed/ track voltage of the train ? I think the sound really adds to the effects on the layout. for both diesel and steam. Did this layout have workshop sound earlier ?

  10. William says:

    What track scale was used for Dave’s layout ?

  11. builder Kim says:

    They sell diaphram’s to go between coaches.So passengers can go between coaches.

  12. builder Kim says:

    Hi Brian molds be great. A how to would be super.I have a lot of scratch built stuff. Drive poor Al nut’s with all of it lol.

  13. lindsay says:

    great layout realey enjoyed your demo thanks a lot

  14. Gene "Hat" Hatfield says:

    AL, Please ask Brian to post the How to on making “Rubber moulds’). Thank you. Keep up the good work. A great help for us new modelers. Hat

  15. Marklin ed says:

    cave your a man after my old heart

  16. George Ross says:

    One of the Best Yet. Thanks For Posting.

  17. jerry (Mitch) Michnewicz says:

    Dave, Your layout is just the GREATEST. I look forward to your emails and would like to know it you have any room for expansion?
    Oh, and I really like the ginger bread guy popping up during the video. Great production work also.
    Take care and Happy Modeling

  18. Daves stuff is always brilliant
    and so is Kim’s
    both great scratch builders…..
    and yeh….let’s see how ya make the rubber molds…!!
    keep em runnin fellas

  19. Joe says:

    Dave, this is a brilliant layout and demonstration of a great Master of reality in motion on a small scale… I congratulate you on your hard work as you have thrilled all of us that love the hobby,,, Many thanks and please keep it up as you have become a motivator to us all…

  20. Bob Miller says:

    These layouts get better and better. As for molds, check out Micro-Mark. The latex stuff comes with instructions and is easy to do.

  21. John says:

    Thanks for making me smile Dave! Keep up those great video quality videos mate.

    JohnE UK

  22. Doug Longenecker says:

    Very, very nice.The cinema photography is excellent.To many “filmers” don’t know that the camera stands still-the action moves.

  23. Edward says:

    Dave’s layout is fantastic! Love the scenery and the nite shots!! Very detailed. The lghted passenger cars add the final touch to the night time scenes!

  24. Mark J says:

    Kim – brilliant stuff. Yes we want a “how to”, on all of it. Fantastic.

    Brian – Rubber moulds would be great. I think we’ve had a “how to” in the past, but knowing more than one method never hurts. Thanks.

    Vestibules – you can buy rubber ones, but I have sent Al two methods for DIY ones today. They are quite similar, but both are simple, quick, and effective.

    Thanks to Al and all who send in.
    Mark J

  25. Steve Masters says:

    inspirational to all wanna bee’s , great work keep them coming as well as the advice!
    Steve M

  26. William says:

    Yes, as usual we’re definitely in awe of Dave’s work! I’d like to see more action on the up and down grades though. We’ve not seen much going on there.

  27. Dan says:

    Al, You don’t run too many train videos. My first hobby is electric radio control airplanes. My second hobby is model trains since my father and my wife’s father were connected to American railroads.
    My brother is a life long model railroader and he belongs to that very special rr club in Hendersonville, NC.

  28. Tom Bova says:

    Great stuff from a wannabe modeler…just don’t have the room right now even for a small “N” (my gauge) layout. But, have my first “grandson” due in September…have 4 granddaughters…so I told the boss that now I have to find a
    place for my self designed 4′ x 8′ “N” gauge layout. Everything’s in boxes in the garage right now…but not for long!
    Dave, any chance on getting a “track layout” of your railroad? Just curious how everything is connected. Kind of hard to put it all together from your “GREAT” videos.

    Tommy B

  29. Ian McDonald says:

    great how to and great video on the trains.

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