Dean’s latest video update

Dean’s been busy on his layout as you’ll see – his last post is here.


here’s the latest video in my construction series.

This one covers building a lake and river scene.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here (Really hots up at this time of year).

And I’m pleased to say I’ve finally pulled my finger out, and the Beginner’s Guide now has a paypal option.

That’s all this time. Thanks to Dean.

Keep ’em coming.



16 Responses to Dean’s latest video update

  1. Keith Willoughby says:

    Hi Dean,
    Great addition to your layout…. I also noticed the scenery In the background that looks brilliant too, keep up the good work!

  2. Jim says:

    Nice use of so many different products and as always a little trial and error. Nice job.

    Jim AZ

  3. Sal Fazio says:

    I enjoyed Deans presentation very much, however my preference would have been to address the culverts pristine look with some coloring and foliage surrounding them to give a more aged and weathered look to them.
    Thanks Dean, for a fine presentation.

  4. tom in az says:

    That was very informative, Thanks you did a very good job of explaining. I like how you show the products you use in detail. So many people just don`t explain these things well. GREAT JOB. Tom in Payson AZ

  5. Edward F Steinfeld says:

    Best how-to video I’ve seen.
    Thanks, Ed -Wisconsin

  6. Minnesota Dan says:

    Another stellar presentation from Al’s faculty. And they say that Mohammad Ali had fast hands. Very informative!!!

    Thanks, Dean!

  7. Warren Ferguson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video presentation, Dean. Following it all the way through has given me a lot of enjoyment, and I learned a great deal about modeling, too. You’re doing a fine job! Thanks, and keep it up. Warren in Alabama.

  8. excellent video Dean….
    great detail on your layout….

  9. ted says:

    this was very helpful for culverts I can see adding them and othe types of water to my layout.

  10. John Emery says:

    Excellent job Dean!! This was the first time I have seen water made and it gives me the confidence to give it a try. Well done.

    Thanks….John in Northern Michigan

  11. NJ Mark says:

    I love to see established scenery ripped out and improved. It just illustrates that model railroading never ends; it is a work-in-progress. Cheers! NJ Mark

  12. Ken Stramel says:

    Great video, thanks a lot.

  13. RonE says:

    …definitely a thumbs up! Imaginary and realistic. RonE – So. California

  14. Gabe says:

    Your creation of lake reminds me of a similar project I made 20 some yrs ago with my first N Gage layout. Actually lge pond or small lake near a Shell refinery and had figures fishing. Had sim problem with too much shimmer/reflection. So I used some nail polish remover to mix up the water surface and add small Wake/waves. It was great. Unfortunately lost all pictures I had in our transfer from mainland to Hawaii. Good luck n keep up the great work. I will be getting back into modeling again in the next few weeks. Look forward to your ideas n examples… HOOAAH!

  15. Carl Halgren says:

    Great how-to video, keep up the good work.
    I sometimes have a slightly warped sense of humor, so I would like to make one recommendation. Where your water flows over to the edge of your layout, I would paint some gloss varnish down the front of your fascia. Or paint a streak of clear silicone down the fascia. This would give the appearance that the water is running out of your layout.

    Keep on Training,
    Carl in Kansas

  16. Charles says:

    A++++ on the video. Great idea using the bark and vinyl sparkling.

    Charles in Kansas

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