Elevated model train track

Wayne’s been in touch with his elevated model train track.

I really do like what he’s done – his layout, his rules: a red and yellow background, dinosaurs, a volcano, lions, a constuction site, airport, battle scenes…

I’ll bet the grandsons enjoy the layout almost as much as Wayne:

“Hey Al,

Been following you off and on for several years now.

Really enjoy all the ideas and content submitted by all the RR enthusiasts out there!

Over the last 6 years I’ve built 4 layouts starting at 4’x8′ and up to this 18’x11′ lay-out.

I didn’t build a theme on this as well as my previous layouts. They were made to impress my 2 grandsons…and me too 😉. Basically, I just let my imagination go as I was creating this layout.

In this layout there is close to 400 feet of track. 3 tracks on the base and 2 elevated tracks.

The 5 train tracks are all separate and controlled by an NCE Power Cab.

I put together all the plastic model buildings. There are quite a few handmade wooden buildings that were all created from scratch. They were all made by my Dad when he built me a train set when I was 8 years old (I’m now 65).

I built all the red/yellow/blue risers for the 2 elevated levels. I had fun creating the airport. It is in honor of a close friend who is a mechanic for American Airlines.

Instead of painting mountains, etc. for the background, I decided to paint the red and blue background. I think it makes the entire layout stand out.

Thanks so much for what you do! Take care!!


model railroad overhead view

model train horses

model railroad canyon canoe

model train building

model railroad corner

model railroad track

model railroad buildings

model train dinosaur

model train dinosaur

model train volcano

model train track scene

Elevated model train track

model railroad zoo

model railroad freight

model railroad freight

Elevated model train track

model railroad track curve

Elevated model train track

model railroad construction site

Elevated model train track

model train dinsoaur

model train airport

model train airport

Elevated model train track

model train airport

Elevated model train track

model railroad brake van

model railroad building

model train layout

track plan

A big thanks to Wayne for sharing his elevated model train track – it looks like he’s having great fun with his layout and grandsons, and that’ what it’s all about.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

26 Responses to Elevated model train track

  1. Don says:

    the moment, I saw the elevated tracks I feel in love with this layout. from the tanker car train to the airport unique & different from start to finish. the dinosaurs are fun & just the whole layout is great. good work.

  2. juan nieves says:

    beautiful layout very impressive

  3. Greg Marples says:

    While my modeling is very much to prototype and follows a particular era as closely as I can, I absolutely love your primary colors and futuristic, fanciful elevated tracks running around everywhere! The wooden buildings your father made are a treasure, I like the Scandinavian theme you played with in there as well! What fun!

  4. GaryM from Long Island says:

    Love Godzilla

  5. Ken Holbrook says:

    If I were a moose I’d try to stay away from lions, tigers and leopards… not to mention the T-Rex!!! How fun is that!!!

  6. Stephen Hill says:

    Fun! That’s what it’s all about , fun. Great layout , great imagination applied throughout . Your grandchildren are blessed to have you . What a fun display

  7. Larry Arendas says:

    Close to what I have planned for my layout. Great imagination! My layout includes a Bat Cave for Batman, a Bat Signal, colorful cars and locos, many operating accessories for interactive play, and even prototypical equipment and track. Fun and variety according to individual preferences make the model railroading hobby attractice to all ages!

  8. JW says:

    I love the whimsy of it!

  9. Don R - Florida, USA says:

    I think Wayne’s layout is fun, colorful and whimsical. But each track is individuall powered and obviously color coded to eliminate confusion. My choice is running trains rather than a skillfully landscaped layout. Different strokes for different folks!

  10. george zaky says:

    Scale please.
    What a hoot! If you take away the dinosaurs then you have a real life scene that really tells it like it is. Predators eating game, war is hell, and action all over the place. Especially love people waiting for a train while a Brontasaurus is chewing on a tree, TeeRex chewing on Irving, and a great airport. Dad’s old buildings are super.
    Your two grandsons are very lucky to be in your tribe. Fabulous job!
    Big Al
    Another fun trip.

  11. robert dale tiemann says:

    i likke the elevated parts. very nice job.

  12. Sam H. Maryland, USA says:

    Very nice. Great involvement with your grandsons. I am in the beginning stages of this year’s layout with a slight expansion. My 10 year old grandson is involved in this also. We named the town after a mix of our names. No specific model, just what we have and where we want it to go. We still have last year’s layout up and running, but it will come down as we start this year’s version.

  13. Pete from Michigan says:

    What fun! I loved the free imagination and the bright colors. The pictures made me smile.

  14. Brian Olson says:


  15. Terry Miller says:

    Great! Love the colors and the fact that support columns for the elevated railways stand out rather then being hidden by a variety of things.
    Good Job.

    Terry/Idaho USA

  16. JOHN BULLOCK says:

    Wow! To say this layout is unique does not do it justice. You’ve “Raised the Bar” as far as layouts go! Congratulations on a stunning and colourful layout.

  17. Jim AZ says:

    Fun stuff. Lots going on here. Must be fun just running trains through this layout.

    Jim AZ

  18. Wayne Kjar says:

    I forgot to mention that the layout is H.O. Scale.

  19. george zaky says:

    I feel so much better!!👌

  20. Scott J says:

    Hah! Color-coded levels! I love it!

  21. Andrew Aves says:

    Wow! Wayne – What an awesome layout – So much variety – I just love it – Very well done – I’m lost for words
    Andrew in Oz

  22. Salvatore DiMaria says:

    I was never a fan of elevated tracks but this is very impressive. Nice job and very well executed…

  23. TJK says:

    Vibrant colors! Dino’s, animals, elevated airport runways, magnificent trains balanced on an elevated trestle…….you have it all…….it is impressive to see all of the perfect scenery and models built to scale by the craftsman on this site….
    But this, is geared towards Wayne’s grandchildren with a flare for fun!
    Nice job Wayne!!!

  24. Keith G Willoughby says:

    Love the layout!……. but those soldiers have seen a bloody battle haven’t they?

  25. Malcolm says:

    Wayne, A fun layout, no doubt. One tiny suggestion, a transparent support for the plane taking off rather than 2 massive black pillars.

  26. Milton Robinson says:

    Enjoyed all the colors and track plan! I built my layout before my grandkids in their 20’s as my retirement endeavor. By that time they were into cars and girls. Now that I’m 76 with great grands I’ve added a few animals and have some dollar store planes hanging from the ceiling. Thanks for your inspiration.

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