Engine shed anyone can make

Engine shed anyone? Because for one more day (again!) I’m running a little sale.

It’s hard to believe the buildings below are made from downloads – but they are. Just:

1. Download
2. print out
3. Stick together
4. Make as many as you want!

I don’t care what you call them – locomotive shed, engine house… whatever it is, these models will look great on your layout.

Not only are they cheap, they are great fun to make.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter what scale you model in, these prints resize.

HO scale – you don’t need to do anything to the download. Just print it out!

N scale – reduce the print by 54%

Other scales aren’t a problem, but you’ll need sharp eyes for the smaller ones – or a big printer for the larger ones…

You get all 3 different engine sheds in the download.

Engine shed #1

engine shed

locomotive shed #2

locomotive shed

Engine house #3

engine shed

Here’s what they look like when you download them:

And here’s John having great fun making one of the engine sheds:

Making them is easy:

1. Download the file.
2. Print them out.
3. Stick to card (John uses old cornflake boxes)
4. Glue them together.
5. Add a bit of weathering – you can paint dirt on, cut windows out, brush on smoke stains…
6. You’re done!

What’s more, you can kit bash as much as you like – have a look at this one.

Or course, I’m biased, but they look just as good as the kits. Here’s a kit version Brian made – but it was a lot more expensive.

Now compare that with one Larry made from the download, which is here.

And here’s a kit one from Laurence. It looks fab, but I know which one I prefer (the download / stick together one) becuase it’s a fraction of the price.

You get all 3 engine sheds for a silly price of just $9.97.

There’s also 60 day, iron clad, money back guarantee too. No questions asked whatsoever.

Don’t forget, once you have the download, you can make as many as you like, so you really can have a lot of fun with them, just as John shows in the video.

Click here, or the button below, to buy right now. Checkout is secure.

Here’s some more pics of the engine sheds so you can see some more detail:

I love the broken windows – adds realism! But they are optional too…

The inside it just as detailed – it’s just the same printout stuck inside…

This one is a double shed.

This shot really does show off how 3D you can make this print out scenery look.

Some wonderful weathering.

And again, the inside is just as detailed.

Click here, or the button below to buy right now. Checkout is secure.

The check out is secure – here’s the screen you’ll see:

And if you’re wondering whether print out scenery looks any good – have a look at another one of John’s videos:

With the prints, and a bit of imagination, you can pretty much make anything.

Here’s another – John making the viaduct:

That’s all for this time.

Don’t forget this deal won’t be around forver, so please grab it now if you like the look of it.

And with a no quibble, 60 day money back guarantee, why wouldn’t you?

You can grab it here.



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  1. John Penne says:

    I model in Large Scale. Is it possible to enlarge the engine shed downloads to approximately 1: 20 scale. I fully realize that one will have the potential to do more cut/paste.

    Thank you for any response.

  2. Fierz Kurt says:

    Super Kind regards
    Kurt Fierz Switzerland

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