HO scale small town – Eric’s

Eric’s been back in touch, with pics of HO scale small town.

It may be small, but it has bags of character.

If you want to get up to speed, his last post is here.

“Hellooooo Alastair

Some more updates of Town Maxville.

The local biker bar is now open for business, as you can see guy’s and gal’s going in and out.

Street lights have been put up by a generous anonymous donation.

A city clock also by donations the firefighters had collected in a fill the helmet idea that they had.

The sign entering town was donated by the local lumber warehouse before they shut it down due to multiple fire issues.

Lights are on in the buildings during the day, at dusk and 4am in morning.

It was noticed early that morning before sunrise that a red glow was coming from the vacant lumber warehouse with smoke coming through the walls and roof.

Ok Al thats good for now, and everyone hold on for part 6 of Town Maxville.

Eric The Firefighter St Louis Area.”

ho scale small town

ho scale small town

ho scale small town

ho scale small town

ho scale town

ho scale town

A huge thanks to Eric for sharing his HO scale small town pics. I think he’s done a smashing job.

And now on to Cassio, who has sent in this latest video:

“Friend Alaister

I send one more short movie.

I hope you like it and share it.


A huge thank you to Eric and Cassio for sharing.

That’s all for today folks – please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to get going on your own layout, just like Eric and Cassio did.

It’s all about making that start…



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

15 Responses to HO scale small town – Eric’s

  1. Bob Vysinka says:

    Your boat repair dock is just unbelievable. Outstanding job!

  2. Maxville is growing to be a Town with all the additions , bikers will be happy…and Casio your trains sound great , along with the layout ..Dangerous Dave

  3. David Begg says:

    Really interesting and great, a huge amount of hard work, but where is the grime, dents rust and so on. Locomotives, wagons and buildings are seldom in new pristine condition, rusty roofs, grimy and scratched wagons + graffiti, weeds, dirty automobiles, in reality, the list goes on and on……..

  4. Cary B says:

    Good morning all you model railroaders, Eric and Cassio. A very special thanks to you Alastair for posting all these wonderful layouts.
    Cary B

  5. george zaky says:

    Great job. The town of Maxville is to the Max.
    Bravo. keep it coming
    All be safe and well
    George from LI, NY

  6. Robert says:

    great layout….i only have one thing to say….i have never seen a firhouse that doesnt excit right to the road ….it looks odd to see you have to send yours around a curved drive first…..just an observation

  7. Robert Brady says:

    Nice layout . Would’ve liked to see a passenger train also.
    Show another video with passenger cars.
    The Critic

  8. Robert Brady says:

    And as for Robert Just above me. It’s Firehouse and exit !
    All Eric would have to do is turn his firehouse 1/4 turn to left slide forward and walla , the trucks can shoot straight away down the street.

  9. Alabama Mike says:

    Eric, you have really outdone yourself on your layout. It is really beautiful.

  10. Alabama Mike says:

    Cassio, you have a very nice layout and I really enjoyed your video.

  11. Eric the firefighter says:

    Robert yes there are firehouse that go up drives to get to main road, I work at one.

    So sorry

  12. Hemi says:

    NICE work on the Layout Eric!!!! VERY impressive!

    Keep up the GREAT work! ~Hemi

  13. Outstanding layout and as in any good train layout everything has story behind it. My layout ended up being in the garden. Right now I’m working on Ho Marklin and Kato n- scale, plus Marklin z scale. Seeing your layout and it’s pictures inspired me in certain areas! Seems like firefighters have thing going with trains. My friend is retired now and it’s working on becoming an engineer for Jamestown rail Depot big boys playing with big toys! Keep up the good work!

  14. Great layout and great movie. This biker bar reminds me of my favourite biker’s bar located in Alzada, Montana. It is a one story false front cowboy haven with old car seats on the porch. During the Harley rally at Sturgis, South Dakota, the parking lot at Stoneville Saloon is loaded with motorcycles. Inside the walls are covered with old license plates from around the world. The floor is covered in wood shavings and peanut shells. Diane Turko, the owner and chief bartender is a most friendly and hospitable lady. The sign out front says: cheap drinks, lousy food. They jest. The drinks are great and the home-made ice cream and home-made blueberry pie are the best this side of Shanghai. A most welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The Stoneville Saloon has a website. Look it up. It is well worth it. This is a building that should be modeled. Alzada is on US Hiway 212 in the southeast corner of Montana. Only a mile or less from Wyoming, and several miles northwest of South Dakota. Google Earth street view can drop you right in front of the place. Alzada has a population of about 40 people. It’s the bar and a gas station-post office. That’s it folks! Much thanks from Milwaukee!

  15. Can you please share your Track plan ?

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