Eric’s latest layout update

Eric’s been in touch again – if you missed his last post, it’s here.

“I thought I might as well add my latest update which is as near completed as I intend to go with it, I could add bits and pieces but it would only add a tiny bit to the layouts appeal.
I do like the way it has all turned out (especially the castle) and I hope you and the list do too.

Ok the two engines on this update are longer and going faster than normal, this is to show that I do not have any problems using higher speeds or longer trains on the inclines, plus with all the hidden track it keeps the scene moving. You will see I now have a decent campsite with tents and caravans and it is now peopled around the lake with peops enjoying the sunny spring weather Click Me!.

In the near future I am thinking of recreating my original Wensdale layout that I had to dismantle due to redecorating as with that I can keep adding more to it and make a difference.

Best Regards


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

“My Dad always drew out his plans to Scale on paper first. Track, trestles, houses, mountains. Then after setting up the platform roughed the sketch on the platform. Fresh black paint first. He painted a 5’x15′ backdrop for the background which was rolled up after the holidays until the next year’s platform was done. Planning is a must!


“Hi Al, I use black flooring nonskid material for roadways. I comes in long rolls that are 6″ wide. The material has an adhesive back that sticks to nearly any surface. The result is a granular surface that looks exactly like a blacktop asphalt road surface.


“I would like to thank everyone for their comments model builders know how important that is. There were some questions asked I will try to answer.

I attached a wire diagram for the switches circuit you have to add resister to the LEDs depending on their voltage. Different color LEDs have different voltages. Red and yellow are 2.5 volts and green blue and white are 3.2 so you have to wire accordingly. If you put a resistor at the supply some of the colors will not work. You have to treat each LED separately. Just make sure you have enough amps in the power supply.

My layout is 2 boards one 5 feet by 9 feet and 3.5 feet by 10 feet.

I do go to the train shows in Brick and Toms River. I got a lot of my track and switches there. Shows are a good place for parts and equipment at good prices.
O27 is O gauge the 27 is the turn radius but the track is lighter.

When I say my system is D.C. Not DCC I know mine is really AC but most don’t think of AC as a system.

Steve from Toms River.”

(Stephen’s last post is here)

And lastly, Hall of Fame member, Brian, keeps us posted:

“Hi Al, the next section of the layout has all the track and points laid down, wired and fully operational. The middle section of the ‘U’ is also complete and ready for the sawmill, logging repair shed and extras to be added.

Busy with the town, engine facilities, yard and station. White paper is where the gravel road will be. Once satisfied, will begin with the scenery.

That’s all for now and keep up the good work.

Ps, the 2-6-6-2 locomotive just fits on the turntable with no room for error. (A modified HO Atlas turntable with HOn3 track wired on to it and a Tamiya gearbox mounted underneath the hut to power it).


(all images are clickable by the way.)

That’s all this time folks – please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to make your layout actually happen!



7 Responses to Eric’s latest layout update

  1. Bruce says:

    The mention of O27 track is a designation by Lionel Company for many years. O27 indicates O gauge and 27 inches diameter of the full circle of curves. There was also the O30 Tera king which was 30 inches diameter and for the bigger cars and engines. O30 track could also be used with the O27 but the O27 rails had less height so had to be shimmed to do so. I also have my O27 set given by the jolly man in red suit back in 1947. It with several others will run again soon as new home will be complete end of March.
    Thank you Stephen for the good info on the LED supply wiring detail. Your instructions are very helpful, saving me a little research time.
    Thank you Al for your time and dedication to these posts.
    Bruce from SC in USA

  2. Bruce says:

    And thank you Eric for showing the rewards of careful construction on you video post. Beautiful layout.
    Bruce from SC in USA

  3. Thomas Murphy says:

    Really pleased with your site, Al. There is a tremendous amount on model railroading information that is passed on this site … it’s all worthwhile and very helpful. Thank you to everybody who shares their experience.
    Regards, Tom (USA).

  4. great stuff …killer detail and the trains running at high speed is perfect
    keep em runnin fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  5. Cary says:

    Eric, congrats on a great layout, the water is very realistic, some of the best I’ve seen, Brian, love the engine shed, especially the interior, must have been a very satisfying build. Thank you both for sharing ! Cary in Kentucky

  6. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great video. really nice work on the camp ground. impressed with the shelf layout looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Jim Sulkosky says:

    Congrats , Eric on your layout.

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