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Eric has been in touch again. And my word, he has been busy with this brand new layout (You can see Eric’s last post here).

“Well as I mentioned before I have started a new layout and renamed it Newdale.

The layout uses the same boards as before measuring approx 7*5 foot, it is modelled in N gauge and consists basically of two tracks with a separate goods line that is just a large oval.

The twin tracks run over three levels with just a couple of sidings a track at the front as I’ve done before.

Newdale is a small Yorkshire town with a small station on the rear wall on the top level. I haven’t included a running session at present but for information the engines take over a minute to traverse the whole track at regular speed, no points hidden this time so I am working them by hand and it also makes running smoother and more reliable over the rest of the tracks. As mentioned last time I am using 1/4 & 1/2 inch furniture foam rather than plaster this time and I am pleased with the results so far and it is easy to work with.

The helix is back in it’s usual place but raised so I can run tracks below. You will see the farm board that covers the helix has changed quite a lot. I hasten to add that all boards can be lifted to access tracks below as each boards electrics are to removable connectors below the boards. This time I have incorporated live working traffic lights and my belisha beacons. So far I have been working around 3 months and have over half the layout complete but still to be populated with vehicles and people.

You will note from the first pictures in the snapshot video that all my wiring is onboard in the centre of the layout so easy to connect all the wiring. The connectors I use on the boards are the pull apart type so easy to link and unlink and means a lot less crouching under the boards.

The film is all pictures from the start of the project up to present and has a running time of around 5 minutes. I like all my tools to hand when working so some of the pictures show more tools and bits and pieces than railway 🙂

Keep up the good work Al, we all appreciate it.


Latest ebay chat sheet is here.

What I like about Eric’s posts is that they show everything – warts and all – when the layout is taking shape. And that’s what it’s all about, not worrying about the mess!

That’s all this time folks because I’m pushed for time.

Thanks for all the kind comments about the store. I shall add the rest of the buildings as soon as I can.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you’re tired of watching from the outside. Come and join the fun.

Keep ’em coming.



16 Responses to Eric’s latest layout

  1. Rod Mackay says:

    Beautifully disguised, but at the end of the day you’ll still be just driving round in circles? Don’t you fancy a bit more operating potential? Best wishes,

  2. BigBill Londell says:

    I’m speechless, so I wont speak.

    GREAT job.

    BigBill (NJ-USA)

  3. Richard Fiske Bailey says:

    The ever-present attention to detail is magnificent. You are truly a master builder.

  4. Eric says:

    Thank you Big Bill.
    Rod because of my twisted fingers I prefer simplicity. You’ve seen the shape of my baseboards with the solid wall and hatch. Ok I have a lot of engines that can’t be run all the time, but to work a yard setup type layout would be too awkward with my fingers and very awkward to fit to my board as the only place I can use a yard is right at the front of the board as it is the only area where I can run track in decent lengths and even then I have to use the short points. Even though I dislike designing the scenery I love to see a layout with not just tracks but real scenery to make it life like. With this design I really like the way the engines appear where you least expect them. Happy modelling.

  5. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Nice Eric….It will definetly keep you very busy when completed…I like the fact that you are doing it your way the way you want it…Keep it up…Mike

  6. Very Impressive!! A tremendous effort with a ton of hard work!!
    Thank You for sharing! Love to see a video in action!

  7. Richard Sommery-Gade says:

    Mind boggling in its complexity. Wonderful piece of conceptual work.

  8. Ian Mc Donald says:

    nicely done. a lot of work gone into track setup and scenery cant wait to see trains moving around .The other part of this hobby is the photos great job, Then to put them on your computer and send to Al well done its something I should learn, me and computers don’t blend.

  9. Nice work Eric and a great idea to take photos at all stages, often we like to show the procedure whatever the level of skill or expenditure in the hope it inspires others. You have certainly achieved this. I have had several goes at this showing the photos of a large shed complex from baseboard to finish and the all the junk in the meantime before you arrive at the finished project. Often scenery seems very daunting but it is not when you actually get down and do it. Very pleasing results and satisfying that you have done it all your self! well done. Steve (UK)

  10. Looks fantastic! You’ve come (gone) a long way! Would love to see it in motion!! Nice job!!!

  11. David Murray says:

    It’s immediately obvious that an awful lot of work has gone into this: it’s very detailed. I instinctively feel that so many layouts lose sight of the fact that the area was there before the railway arrived. Looking in detail at what you have managed to achieve on your ‘canvas’ it is at once apparent that you have the proprtions absolutely correct. I particularly like the gardens to the houses, and have to remind myself that this is N gauge. On my ‘Elmton Branch Line’ (LMS) in 00, I set out the church, Rectory and Rectory garden. I found this to be very fiddly and that is in 00! My line fits into the surrounding area of 25′ X 15′.

  12. Sandy Simpson says:

    Nice work , if your ever in Canada stop by you can help build a little piece of my layout with me. I will even let you autograph it afterwards.

  13. Kevin Duffy says:

    Most excellent
    Wonderful work

  14. NJ Mark says:

    Complex and wonderful! Cheers! NJ Mark

  15. Eric says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, it makes it all worthwhile, I had added another section of scenery and building the rest, still a bit unsure what I am going to do in the centre over the hatchway yet but ideas flowing. Will at least finish the groundwork before filming a tour and running session and hopefully Al will put it on the site so you can all see the result.

    Thanks again Al for your hard work in keeping this site open.

    Eric (Leeds) UK

  16. Ray Ehlert says:

    This is a most complex AND fun layout ! I cannot believe one person can accomplish this in such a small scale …the sequenced slide presentation is also so helpful. Someday I will start my layout but for now it is just time to gather more ideas.
    Railroad Ray

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