Eric’s N Gauge update

“Hi Al,

I have now completed the main part of my N gauge layout of Newdale and produced a video of the scenery and running session which I hope you enjoy. Approx 4 months to this point from bare boards but delighted with the results so far.

With keeping sidings to a minimum all within reach at the front of the layout I have just plain track running all under the scenery meaning smooth running right round the layout. I run it all on DC.

The lighting is on two unused controllers so the lights can be dimmed or brightened to suit. After spending 33 years in electrical retailing I enjoy wiring all the lighting up, I realise a lot find the lighting side horrifying but I group the various voltage lights together into a 12 volt string and I’m sure many others would find this method simplifies the wiring chore, of course you must make sure the polarity is correct for each group before connecting. If grouped by a total of 12 voltage lights it saves having loads of various voltage adaptors cluttering your sockets. This also means that house and street lights can be linked into 12 volt segments.

This layout is my favourite to date as I managed to get all the elements I wanted, multi level running with station, three bridge sections and many tunnel mouths, believe me even after building it I have trouble working out which tunnel the train will emerge from this makes it fun.

This layout uses the most track I have ever used even though simplified.

I have said in the past I love building the tracks but disliked doing the scenery. Well in the past I always used plaster and plaster cloth for hills and cliffs, now using 1/4 and 1/2 inch furniture foam it has made the job a lot less messy, I admit the cliffs may be a bit amatuerish but it is my first attempt using it. The good point is it is easy to add more foam with contact glue to continue the flow.

As with all my layouts the boards can be lifted for easy access, especially the one under the centre hatch and with just a wiring plug/ socket connector linking the boards means pull it apart and then lift the board.

There are still a lot of bits to do but it’s getting there, I hope you enjoy.



“My best model railroading tip, I’d have to say it’s not a technique nor a construction idea. It’s more subtle than that. My tip is to appreciate the PURE ENJOYMENT OF MODEL RAILROADING no matter the scale. Whether it’s G gauge, O, HO, N, Z or any I’ve missed, model railroading gives those engaged in it the pleasure and satisfaction of planning, creating, constructing and running a railroad that is our own unique self-expression. Whether we model the serenity of the British country side, the soot and grit of Pennsylvania coal mines and steel mills, or the rugged grandeur of mountain railroads in our Western States – our imaginations can recreate almost any place in the world where we find railroads.

So let your imaginations take you to your favorite place and enjoy creating the model railroad of your dreams. Sure there are challenges but solving them is part of the hobby. So appreciate the fact that Model Railroading gives us a gift – PURE ENJOYMENT.


“Hi Alastair

A quick tip for you. Save the cedar liner that comes in cigar tubes. It is beautifully thin and is excellent for siding over card stock or plastic and very terrific for cedar shingles. A chopper works well with this stuff.


A big thanks to Eric. Hope you enjoyed his vid as much as I did – hard to believe that layout is inside a wardrobe!

And even after 4 years of blogging I still love to read your tips and techniques. Please do keep ’em coming.

That’s all this time. Don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you’ve got the itch to get of the side lines and get busy.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Still going strong.

25 Responses to Eric’s N Gauge update

  1. david howarth says:

    Marvelous layout you have done there Eric ……Dave

  2. Jim Sulkosky says:

    Very nice layout, keep up the great work and happy railroading.

  3. NJ Mark says:

    Awesome set up. The scenery was spectacular. I love the 3D aspects. Cheers NJ Mark

  4. mark Allen says:

    VERY nice Eric, looks great!

  5. Ian Mc Donald says:

    nice layout good to see trains running nice scenery many hours of patience well done.

  6. John W Kauffman says:

    Hi from Meriden Connecticut USA.
    Can’t remember how I started with you, but have been a fan for sometime
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Barbara Jewell says:

    Love N guage….love these ideas!!!!

  8. Austin Wilson says:

    That is one great layout Eric. I can only dream of having something similar someday. I run HO Scale and I was able to get nine lanes open in my rail yard, entrance and exit, first time I was able to do this with some maneuvering. I run two main lines with a total of 105 buildings on the layout. I got a long ways to go after seeing your wonderful layout. Stunning. Have a great day.

  9. Stephen Kurtz says:

    You have done a good job. I am very impressed with your work. Thank you for sharing

  10. Al says:

    very nice Eric, detailing looks great and do like the lighting arrangement

  11. Hap Cummings says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

  12. Ron says:

    Great layout in such a small space. I have a G scale setup or for now a work in progress. takes lots of room.. now in my storage shed.. (30×60) ft. so plenty of room now that most of my big tools have been sold… goal is to move it outside sometime in the future. have lots of extra room outside…big problem buying the extra needed track to enlarge setup. have a LGB system…

  13. Don Viray says:

    Thank you Eric for taking the time to show us your very beautiful layout. I learn by just watching your video, on lighting techniques, street connections, and on, and on. Excellent Eric! I look forward to and future videos you post, of your creativity and detailed work. Sincerely, Don

  14. Ben Dickmann says:


  15. Vic Heffren says:

    You did a great job!enjoyed watching it.

  16. Jacob Straessle says:

    Thanks for the tour.

  17. Keith Willoughby says:

    What can I say, fantastic considering the space you have, i started a ‘Z’ gauge layout a year ago and don’t have a train running yet!
    But I will…… soon!
    Warwickshire. UK.

  18. Kenneth W. Hall Jr says:

    This was so relaxing to watch. Makes me wish I had the time to work on my layout.

  19. Barry . Devon UK says:

    Hats off to You Eric, a fantastic achievement.

  20. Johanna says:

    My first post ever
    Erick what a fabulous layout. It inspires me with more ideas to use in my own layout . Beginning is a very daunting place to be , but to see where you have ended up gives me hope as to what I might achieve. In fact I have been reading and watching all the posts that Alister sends through and just love it. I used to play with my older brother when I was young. He never said to me girls can’t play with trains. I lost him some years back and inherited some of his stuff. For a long time I did nothing with it. But since receiving Alister’s posts it has inspired me. Keep the posts coming guys. I will when I have something to show put up my own post in the mean time happy modelling Johanna.

  21. Ray Suckling says:

    Great layout Eric, any chance of a track plan to get a better idea of how it all runs.

  22. lee phillips says:

    great layout, most excellent detail, the gardens are exquisite. the only negative I could think of is the jerkiness of the camerawork. otherwise a most excellent presentation.

  23. Eric says:

    Thank you all for the kind words everyone it is greatly appreciated and inspires me to keep building. I do apologise for the poor camerawork and will try to steady my hands next time or use a tripod, moving to and fro while filming makes it harder and some went out of focus. The gardens on the cottages are actually purchased that can be placed together as you wish. I painted them first then used various grass colours sprinkled on to glued areas to get the different shades needed. Johanna get started and you will not regret it, create something your brother would have been proud of. I haven’t done a track plan for this as my previous video posted by Alistair showed the layout in construction you should be able to follow where all the tracks go from that.
    Once again thank you all.
    Happy modelling.
    Eric (Leeds) UK

  24. BullfrogEH, in Ontario says:

    Great layout. You must be very proud of your work. We can only hope to emulate your level of interest.
    BullfrogEh in Ontario

  25. John Hasler says:

    Great layout.
    I was impressed by the detail of thr vegetable gardens behind the houses commencing at 0:45.

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