HO scale roundhouse details – Brian’s

Brian’s been in touch with some impressive HO scale roundhouse details:

“Hi Al

I thought that I would keep you up to date on the construction of my new double deck layout.

Remember the engine house (HOn3 scale) from my previous layout and the article that you published, it was stripped off its original placement (top photo) and will be relocated to the upper deck just above where it is shown in the last photo.

It took a lot of courage to remove it without any damage being done in the process and about three hours of painstaking work. Pardon all the visible wiring at the moment as it will all be hidden “underground” once in place.


HO scale roundhouse details

HO scale roundhouse details

HO scale roundhouse details

model railroad interior

model railroad interior

And lastly Dangerous Dave has been in touch again with his latest installment too:

“Hi Al,

got the Pannier tank Loco back, now with sound and lights, very impressive sound, not often you get good sounds from /Steam Loco`s this size ….

I also show that dave also does things wrong, got the loco on the track with one axle wheels off the track… but a good demo of sound that can be added to these small Loco`s.

Still got to figure out altering the CV for the chuffs , am told should be 4 chuffs per wheel revolution.

All part of the Hobby.



A big thanks to Dave and Brian for sharing his HO scale roundhouse details – both of them Hall of Fame members. I’m very interested to see how someone as talented as Brian puts his layouts together from day 1. Looking forward to the next update.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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14 Responses to HO scale roundhouse details – Brian’s

  1. donj1044 says:

    Nicely detailed engine house and good looking turntable

  2. colin says:

    Amazing sound decoder. Very Very very realistic. Thanks for the tip dave.

  3. John Reynolds says:

    Wonderful engine house…

  4. Dave Whatley says:

    One f the best yet video , thanks a lot Dave in Savannah, Ga. USA

  5. Vic Heffren says:


  6. idris dixon says:

    the sound on that pannier was fantastic….i want one!

  7. Graeme Bregani says:

    Brian, the engine house is great! I saw another that depicted a roof being renovated, so as to allow viewing the interior. I am also using a similar idea as you have for my turntable. Nicely done, not overstated. Turntables should be simple on small sets. They were expensive to build, and are often ‘overbuilt’ on modeller’s layouts.

    Excellent sound, Dave. Very impressive. I heartily approve of you mentioning the suppliers of such excellent services.

  8. Albert says:

    In the wide screen mode, this display looks as real as real can be in a model railroading setup. Congratulations.

  9. paul Otway says:

    I love the loco shed

  10. Dave Fairfull says:

    Enjoyed both of your posts Brian and Dave. Thank you.
    Dave F.

  11. Joe Wright says:

    Thanks Dave and Brian, great stuff. Great sound on that engine Dave, thanks for posting.

  12. Helmut Eppich says:

    Great layout! Never enough to look at! Videos are very informative, and extremely well done. Watching and listening to you and your beautiful layout makes one want to go out and begin model railroading. Always looking forward to your videos.

  13. James Maitlasnd says:

    Super sound just like we have at the B & O.

  14. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great layout work hope to see your progress over the coming months Brian . very impressive sound card Dave.

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