Eric’s new layout

Eric has been in touch again. You’ll remember him from this fine layout.

Now have a look what he’s doing!

“Hi Al

I’m afraid Wensdale had to go while I redecorated my bedroom, but Wensdale is being slowly reborn in a new format, gone just having two tracks but now we have four, two at higher elevations and two below so I am sending some pics of New Wensdale in the raw. Ignore the old scenery on the wardrobe walls.

To enable the four tracks I have raised the helix up a level so that I could run the lower two tracks below, unfortunately after trying various ideas I can’t link the higher level to the lower tracks but hopefully that won’t detract from the ability to now run four tracks together.

The engine shed and sidings on the raised level are also usable when the four tracks are running as they link to a second control unit. Note the controls on the last picture. The two controls will be the lighting controller the next six controls run the tracks.

Note that all tracks are accessible in readiness for possible problems and any scenery added will be removable for access as in my old layout. After the many comments after my old layout about getting to the layout and did I have an access hatch well now you can see the basics in all their glory 🙂












A huge thank you to Eric. I do love seeing the work in progress stuff and reading what the plan is.

That’s all this time folks. Don’t forget the ebay cheat sheet. I find it bizarre how some days there’s not much to ponder over, and other days some absolute steals.

Anyhow, keep ’em coming.



PS Still mulling over the Beginners guide? Don’t be shy. It’s here..

38 Responses to Eric’s new layout

  1. Paul Schofield says:

    That’s some layout! Can you send a trackplan of how it all connects now?

    All the best, Paul

  2. Robert Stone says:

    Is an overall track plan available?


  3. david howarth says:

    That looks great , and what a fiddle yard you have built …think I could do with something that size …time to rip mine up again ?? …Dave

  4. Lawrence says:

    What a beautiful layout. I would to have this. You ddid a wonderful job.

  5. Wayne says:

    WOW, God I wish I had space like that. That layout is Amazing. Good luck finishing it and injoying it after you finish.


  6. marvin K says:

    Please please let us watch the progress. Great work!

  7. Dave Dawson says:

    What scale is your layout? Is it N

  8. John Bennett says:

    Hi Eric, is your layout available to watch on U Tube? If so can Please provide a link to your channel. A Track Plan would be great, along with Dimensions.
    Kind regards.

  9. Peter Jones says:

    Looks a fine plan Eric with loads of track to show some great train movements, looking forwards to seeing the next stage

    Pete “The Mackem” in Sunderland

  10. Rod Dunn says:

    Nice job ! Can’t wait to see the finished (?) Layout.

  11. christine says:

    Very nice.

  12. anthoney king says:

    Love that new layout i did decide to do some thing similar but with out the circular down wards i will share with the fans at some point my progress but mine is painfully slow
    i think yours is gona look Great keep posting as love to see it come to life

    cheers Paul

  13. ian impett says:

    very very good. we are never satisfied for long. it’s the hobbie

  14. Don J says:

    Erik == You are one lucky son of a gun to have such a large space and to fill it with double track mainline and train yards. Keep up the good work and supply more pictures when you can. Donj

  15. John C says:

    Wow. An amazing layout. Well done.

  16. wow wish I had that kinda space to work with….
    really kool to see the ‘innards’ of the works….interesting
    the helix is awesome
    too bad the upper and lower cant connect someway
    and that ain’t a ‘fiddle’ yard..its a ‘cello’ yard….LOL…
    great layout
    keep it runnin fellas

  17. eric7 says:

    Hi all
    The layout is in N and the space taken is around 7ft wide and nearly 5ft deep. John my old layout is on YouTube. Sorry but not done a plan for this one …yet.
    Dave that was my other reason for building mine this way but you know what, I put all the trains on the other day and still don’t have enough sidings:-)
    for my old Wensdale layout. Thank you for the encouraging comments and a big thank you Al for the service you provide to modellers everywhere.

  18. Tim Morlok says:

    Eric, great looking progress on your new layout! Have you tried using a curved turnout at the lowest point of your helix to continue the inside track down to the lower inside track? Good luck. Tim

  19. Leonard says:

    Nice track layout. I look forward to viewing your progress.

  20. Wayne Wallace says:

    now that peaks my interest. Will copy you on this one…..
    I can only imagine.

  21. Bedros Anserian says:

    Erik well done, specially the various layers it’s a beauty. Will wait and enjoy when the work is done and you will post us your new pictures.

  22. paul Otway says:

    can’t wait to see it completed

  23. Emil says:

    I like what you have done so far. Like to see the complete layout when finished. Now my question. I am running HO scale, have a 4×13 lay out, I took notice to your the circular ramp. How do you figure the up and down grades for the ramp?

  24. mike vassar says:

    nice layout Erik.

  25. You have one out standing lay out. Best of luck.