Fred shows us how he makes his fantastic model train scenery

Lots of you left questions on Fred’s post, where he showed us how he makes his trees.

And no wonder, it’s stunning stuff. If you missed it, it’s here.

Well guess what?

He’s gone the extra mile for us all, and he’s put together this superb ‘how to’ vid:

“Hi Al

hope this will answer comments and questions about the tree you published.

Thanks from fred

Sent from my iPaddington station platform 13 & 11 /9ths”

A huge thank you to Fred, I think it really is stunning stuff.



PS You can grab it here, right now.

8 Responses to Fred shows us how he makes his fantastic model train scenery

  1. Minnesota Dan says:

    Just in time for the 4th of July…… Very nice job Fred, great soundtrack as well.

  2. Ennis Hackman says:

    Thank you for your fine support.
    I just found a true Brit living in my city just a half a block down the street from me
    and I;m going to see if he is aware of this great web site. he has been there 18yrs,
    and I always went anorther way home

  3. steve joyce says:

    Fred as stunning as that tree is, sooooo much work involved. Then look at cost of materials. various thickness wires, milliput, paint, lichens. LOL By time you are finished it may cost as much as buying a pack of those trees from China. I collected a box of twigs and stuck some pieces of wire to give branches used some florist dead flower ( forgot what they called it). Could knock half a dozen out in an hour when I went into production mode

  4. Warren Ferguson says:

    Fred, that’s an outstanding job you have done on the tree! About how long did it take to build it from twisting wire to the last bits of leaves? And, what supplies should one have in hand before starting the project? There must have been a long learning curve to it, too, unless you are extraordinary talented (and you must be to create such a beautiful thing.) Thank you for posting the video. Warren, AL, USA

    Al, thanks again for maintaining such a great site! I visit every morning over my coffee, and I never tire of it.

  5. koool stuff Alistair…
    once again, thanks for all the things you bring us
    we really appreciate it sir…..
    and ……Kit Bash John is the badazzz of all badazzezz when it comes to imaginative construction……
    keep em runnin fellas

  6. John Reynolds says:

    Two amazing videos in two days!
    The realistic water video was a very good tutorial on a subject that is a challenge for many.
    The tree video… Wow!
    There are many ways to make trees, some more realistic than others. Fred used a dizzying array of materials to make a truly heroic tree. For one tree, the cost of those materials is significant BUT… A roll of florist’s wire is good for about 60 to 100 trees.. And costs less than $6 here in the states. Fred may have $25 to $30 invested in the one oak… But he can build two or three dozen more for FREE with the materials he has left over.
    Something money cannot buy is the satisfaction is creating a piece of art that no one else has because you did it yourself. Fred’s oak is a true piece of art and what we call here in the states “A foreground model”.

  7. John Reynolds says:

    We seem to live in an odd age that I do not understand.
    Running a site like you do takes time and effort; Effort that too many do not appreciate.
    Based on what I see, in Europe (and the U.K.) it takes money too, more money than it appears to take here in the states.
    You offer a value and you ask little for it. One value I was raised with is to appreciate what is given and support what brings you joy.
    Through the years I have purchased several kits from you. While I mostly use two or three, the rest of the purchases support something that brings me joy at least three times a week. Again, I consider these small investments in a site I enjoy but also a site that brings to me new ideas and teaches new skills to me. Again, when someone teaches, that is a value they have given and it is a value that deserves recompense.
    Videos like the two this week and also John;s humorous and instructive kitbashing videos make your site one of the best values around. I know that there are other sites and some are free, none gives the broad spectrum of quality inspiration and instruction with the frequency that your site does.
    I am working on projects I expect to share soon…
    John from Cali (California)

  8. Jerzy Rapinski says:

    I’m 100% with you John from California. Now a days people ask much too often two questions that make me go nuts: “How long it will take?” and “How much it will cost?” Any modeling is not a PIECE WORK!. It is your creation of art. You put all your free time, your heart, money and experience into it, because you love it! It gives you joy, satisfaction, happiness, builds your self-esteem, it loves you back if you like the final effect. And if the time and money counts it’s not a hobby – it’s a dull boring job. You can only have it good OR fast.
    Your long time fan Jerzy R.

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