G scale train layouts plans – Fred’s

Fred’s been in touch and added to the G scale train layouts plans on the blog:

“hi al and thanks for all of the good info all tho I am in (G scale) garden railroading and doing all of my lay out, out side in the nice Az, heat, but we don’t have heat all of the time. believe it or not we do have cold weather out here to.

I am 77 and I have ben working on my railroad for about 10 years. making and remaking till I same up with something that I like but that can change to ?

I have 3 trains that I run in a small area in a mobile park but I am able to lay down 223 feet of track, with about 40 feet of trestle one over other, and 3 long tunnels where I store the trains at night, the water falls that you will see in the pictures is just over 5 foot hi, and runs down in a 50gal lake, then down in to a 15gal pawn, then river runs down under a road bridge and on down to a nether 15gal pawn under a railroad bridge and is pump back up to the falls and starts all over again.

The trestles I am rebuilding and going to put more detail in the structure of it.

It was put up quickly just to see how the train would run on it. every thing runs good so I am putting the detail in it now.

By the way there are fish in the lake, sorry to say, we do not have a salmon run in the fall. LOL

OK here are some of picture hope you in joy as do.


model train g scale

model railroad g scale

garden railway

garden railway

garden railway

garden railway

g scale train layouts plans

g scale train layouts plans

g scale train layouts plans

g scale train layouts plans

g scale train layouts plans width=

Big thanks to Fred.

I get lots of mails asking for me G and O scale stuff. Just so you know, I’m happy to publish it when it comes in!

And now I quick word from Hall of Fame member, Mark.

He sent me a quick mail on his last post, which is here

“Hi Al. Yes, seems to have created a stir.

I just noticed on YouTube that there are over 7500 views!

Amazing for a simple little project, however I mostly enjoyed reading the responses on the main point of not getting overwhelmed by the project.

One interesting side note emerged – there were a number of requests as to how the flashing was accomplished.

I sensed that some readers perceived this to be beyond their ability. (possibly adding to the frustration)

About mid way through the responses I gave the information, but I don’t think everyone got it.

Anyone, including the beginner, can duplicate this by using a readily available, completely assembled product from NOCH GmbH Part #17520.

If anyone should inquire, please feel free to share this info with them.

Also, as time permits, I’ll send in links to some more videos, but with “Tips” always included to encourage others to get involved in building! Cheers!


Mark’s absolutely right – there’s some real gems of advice in the comments, including his explanation of the camera flashes.

(Don’t forget, Mark was very helpful indeed with the guide).

A big thanks to Mark, and to Fred for adding to the G scale train layouts plans.

That’s all this time, Folks. Please keep ’em coming.

Latest ebay cheet sheet is here. Still going strong.



54 Responses to G scale train layouts plans – Fred’s

  1. Now that wonderful layout combines two favorite hobbies in one. Really well done! Joan

  2. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    A1 layout Fred Jimmy Edinburgh

  3. Jerry Suits says:

    Fantastic Garden-sized layout! Very clever to store the trains inside the tunnels. I would like to see a video of it.
    I’m happy to hear that O scale layouts are welcomed.

  4. David V. Corbin says:

    But where can you buy G Scale Fish??????

    Seriously, Great Work!!!!

  5. Mike says:

    Wow! I could not think of a better location. Your efforts are truly realized in the finished product. Now that I have just retired I will be thinking of your setup as I contemplate the start of my own. Great Railway Model.

  6. david howarth says:

    Excellent work there Fred , one thing I have considered over the years but not got round to doing … very nice ..Dave

  7. John Graves says:

    Where do you get your G-scale tracks from? I need about 35 tracks to complete my set up.
    John Graves

  8. Austin Wilson says:

    That is just amazingly beautiful. Awesome G Scale layout. Wonderfully done Fred. Thanks for sharing. I have my very large layout in the basement and it is HO scale. Have a great day.

  9. Don Garner says:

    Fred’s Garden Model Railroad is terrific. It is clear to see why he isa Hall of Famer!
    Great job, Fred.
    Don Garner

  10. Tom says:

    Hi Fred, “G”arden Scale is a great scale to work with. You have a wonderful layout. I have a “G” scale Bachman Heavy Hauler passenger series. I put it up at Christmas time and run it under the tree. The grandchildren love it. Well really we all do too!
    Tom, Maryland, USA

  11. anthoney king says:

    Love your railroad id love one in my garden but wife says a 22 feet train room in our garden is enough lol

  12. mark loos says:

    Hi Fred. EXCELLENT!! I have some G scale that needs to be installed outside. How do you manage to keep all the vegetation looking so great in the hot weather? Mark < (Las Vegas)

  13. wow Fred a KILLER G scale layout..!!
    and just the right spot for it in the ‘Garden’….
    nice work and keep ‘remodeling’ it…
    wow the waterfalls really work too!!
    lessee some VIDEO of it running!!!!!
    I have a buncha G scale stuff and hope to build a layout sometime too
    oh…and to JOHN GRAVES….lotsa goood G gauge track at good prices on ebay……!!!
    keep em runnin fellas

  14. Dave Parker says:

    Awesome layout Fred. I would love to have a g scale railway but sadly don’t have my own garden so have to stick to 00 gauge. The way the layout is worked with the vegetation is stunning and gives it that extra depth. Keep up the good work.

  15. Ian Campbell says:

    would have a garden railway if I had a yard larger than two ping-pong tables pushed together. Something for retirement, possibly…. we could use it to transport vegetables to the kitchen, as we’d never have decorative plants where we could grow food.

  16. Randy Feemster says:

    Wish there was a video to this great layout…..

  17. jim says:

    Fantastic system and garden combined……10/10 jim

  18. Bill says:

    Dimensions? Please & a rough plan, outstanding, I also suffer from little room, I have the track G Gage, the equipment, & desire.
    Besides that we went from Ouray to Silverton yesterday to watch the 2 trains arrive from Durango, so am fired up.
    Will be in Durango Fri. For a few days, staying track side, RV people,
    Enjoy all these posts.

  19. paul Otway says:

    A very nice garden railroad


  20. Jon B says:

    Fred, as an avid gardener and a soon to be model railroader, I too would love to see some video of your amazing work.

  21. Ken Hill says:

    Hi Al.
    I have just started an “N” scale at home but I am a member of the “O| scale club in London On. Canada. We have been building the layout for the last 45 years. The layout is 40 ft. X 105 FT. You can see it on out web site LMRG.org
    The track is hand laid approx. 5200 Ft of it.

  22. Bill says:

    Great job! I attend the tour in Portland Oregon most every year in June. Can’t believe what some people can accomplish. What a great hooby, no mater what the scale. Again, Great job.

  23. Richard Sappelli says:

    Great garden railroad. You are a trustworthy soul having the RR right out on the street. I guess there are no petty thieves around your neighborhood. I live in a good neighborhood nd some one stole my cast iron garden bench from right next to the front door. And it was big and heavy. My garden RR is in the back and not visible from the street.

    nice railroad.

  24. creig says:

    Would always worry me about G scale front yard layout, knock on wood here, but be so worried to wake up, and either destroyed or stolen track, thank you for sharing 🙂

  25. M L says:

    Can say anything that hasn’t already been said. Great work Fred, I am jealous. Best Wishes

  26. Kenton says:

    Totally awesome I love the outdoor concept!

  27. Dan says:

    Liked your G scale layout. I live in Northwest AZ and summers are hot!!. I hope you have a gated trailer park. I never would store expensive RR equipment outside(theft,wind, dust)

  28. Roy tibbles says:

    Great layout Roy

  29. ian impett says:

    a work of a life time impressive

  30. Ian McDonald says:

    great garden layout .

  31. Joe says:

    Fred, outstanding use of the available space! Nice work!

  32. Nathan Perreira says:

    Great layout very creative.

  33. Harry says:

    I would like to know HOW people put a model train outside.! Does it never get humid? RAIN? or temperature damage.? I have enough trouble with damp temps in my basement, let alone out side. Would love to know how! Don’t the track get rusty over time??? HOW?

  34. Thomas westerman says:


  35. Dominic Nicosia says:

    That is so damn cool !!!!

  36. Cary Price says:

    Hi Fred, great layout, looks like your having fun. i’m about 6 years into my garden g scale layout and just started running some trains late last summer.

    question- how do you clean and how often do you clean your track?

    Cary in KY

  37. Al in Guyton says:

    Great Job. AZ allows for some greater planting than here in GA. But I really enjoy the idea of placing the plants in their pots which would allow quick removal for weather or for tiding up. Great job… you inspire me. Thank you

  38. DAVID B RUFH says:

    Great layout Fred. Good use of a smallish area. Very appealing with the vegetation
    plantings. I have a good sized layout (2) with six independent routes in Northern Illinois. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Joseph says:

    I have a small G layout but this puts my to shame. Already every praise has been expressed here. Agree totally with them all. Great Job Fred Keep rolling down the track.

  40. Franco428 says:

    This is a great layout.

    Most of the newer ones I have seen are in homes and used to deliver drinks from the bar.

  41. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Great job there Fred, I like all the real rock, water, lol bridge’s. I like to have an outdoor Og & HOg. Those are the gages that I have, Og & HOg. Happy modular & molders. Keep on Trucker.
    From us on this side of the pond 🌎 to 🌍 on the other side of the pond.
    Proud to be born in the U.S.A. & to serve.


  42. Hemi says:

    THAT Sir, is absolutely STUNNING!!!!!! LOVE how toy did the track work in the garden, and the Absolutely AMAZING way of “hiding” the trains in the tunnels is GREAT!

    HAVE FUN my friend! thats what its about!

  43. Like the concept, the details are terrific

  44. Russell Zanetich says:

    Great Job!! A lot of detail in a small area.

  45. Jim Sinkowski says:

    For those of us who think we are getting a bit too old to start such a layout, or we don’t have the space, you are wonderful inspiration! I have some great LGB stuff stored in my workshop that I think I will have another look at. THANK YOU!

  46. Johnny Free says:

    Outstanding Layout. You have really excelled with your attention to detail. Thanks for sharing. I worked for AT & SF for over 40 years and remember the Garden Railway at the San Bernardino Shops where I Grew up and Worked before moving to Topeka Kansas.

  47. Welder dave says:

    That’s a great use of garden and railway ! The only thing I would worry about is theft now days the tweeker meth head scrappers even steal kids bicycles out of their front yards ! A friend caught one trying to take his lawn mower when he went in for a cold drink ! A shot placed at his feet sent him running !

  48. Jim Kennedy says:

    The stills are great but I really would like to see a video of it going around the circuit..

  49. Erick says:

    Great layout.!!! I always wanted to put my layout outside but afraid of the elements getting to it.

  50. Jim Marek says:

    So are you a gardener turned modeler or? Everything is so green and lush,I think it’s awesome job of combining the two outside. Love to see it running.

  51. Ken of Lakewood Shores says:

    In a word…..WOW

  52. Brian Olson says:

    Love the variety of choices we have in this hobby!

  53. Mr. Ron from So Mississippi says:

    I wish I could build a G scale layout. I have 8 acres of land and a pond, but not the money. I will have to settle with my 11×12 Marklin layout. If I could win the lottery, I would be spending big time on a G scale railroad.

  54. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice good landscaping.

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