HO scale shelf layout ideas – Henry’s

HO scale shelf layout ideas – look what Henry has done to hide a staging yard:

“Hello Alastair

A great part of our hobby is creating illusions. I am creating the illusion of unit coal trains running between a coal mine and a coal fired power station.

I do not have the space to model either industry to scale, so a photo backdrop helps to create the illusion.

But where do the coal trains go? My answer, a hidden staging yard.

How do you hide a staging yard on the upper deck of your layout?

You build a mountain.

Here are some pictures of how the mountain progressed.

Once fully installed, you cannot see the staging tracks, so I installed 2 mirrors above the staging yards, so that you can see the clearnce markers (white ties).

Occupation indication is via current sensors in each track, that changes a LED from green to red when track is occupied.


Ho scale shlef layout benchwork

HO scale shelf train layout benchwork

HO scale train layout benchwork

HO scale train layout

model railway mountain

HO scale shelf layout ideas

HO scale shelf layout ideas

HO scale shelf layout ideas

Here is a youtube video showing the whole mountain with a few trains running past.

A huge thanks to Henry – nicely done! Always good to see HO scale shelf layout ideas.

I do love seeing how you all solve your glitches and problems.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to your start, on your very own layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

11 Responses to HO scale shelf layout ideas – Henry’s

  1. james hunter says:

    great looking lay out…………….well done and we see the love………..

  2. Very effective …Dangerous Dave

  3. Al Otis says:

    Nice work on the rock faces did you use molds?

  4. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Henry great looking Mtn!!! well liked!

  5. Henry van Wyk says:

    Al Otis, yes I used woodlands scenics moulds, check on my youtube channel, there are two videos showing the process

  6. Ron Swolley says:

    Beautiful mountain scenes. Thanks.

  7. Russ Jones says:

    Remarkable. Great worl!

  8. Erick says:

    Ok looks pretty kool.

  9. Your website is wonderful. I love seeing all the tricks used, and beautiful finished products it displays. I wish there were more sites like yours!

  10. Wynn Sands says:

    I know you have a way: but, how do you know where the trains are when they go behind the mountains? I’d like to use this idea on my own layout.

    Wynn Sands

  11. Mark Hall says:

    Bent layout is nice.

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