Here you go

Here you go – please download the PDFs so you always have them.

Beginner’s Guide

Latest new building

Bonus background building

1. Firestation

2. Blue store

3. Blue lock up

4. Green shack

5. Storage shed

6. Warehouse.

7. Red Brick factory

8. White brick factory

9. Utility buildings

10. Side white brick building

11. Side factory building

12. Red townhouse

13. Brick townhouse

Buildings 6 to 13 are all made from this scratch kit collection.

14. Red barn

15. Flag side building

16. Flag shed

Buildings 14 to 16 are all made from this download.

17. Wooden Barn

18. Wooden signal box

19. Brick signal box

Buildings 18 and 19 are made from this download.

20. Stone tunnel entrance

21. Shipping container

22. Engine shed

Tunnel how to

Here’s how to download the PDF’s – once the PDF is open, just look for the download button, which is usually top right.

Thanks for your support.

I’m really looking forward to seeing your builds!