HO scale camping scene – Ray’s

Ray’s been in touch with an update – have a look at his HO scale camping scene:

“Hey Al,

Here’s some updated pics on my 3 Loop Layout. I’ve made a lot of progress with 2 sections of my layout!

The side with the cattle corral and the side I call the residential area with pond and camp ground. There are still lots of things to do, so I imagine this will be an ongoing project. I have learned so much from reviewing your posts and I get a lot of great ideas.

I’ve done a lot of work on my HO camp ground and residential area, I do need some people and vehicles to enhance it. I realize the campground is up against the tracks and may be unrealistic, but I have limited space. Nothing like sleeping in your camper while a train comes rumbling by!

 HO scale model railroad

HO scale camping scene

HO scale camping scene

The side with the cattle corral and farm has come along very well! I found some cattle for a reasonable price on Ebay! Notice the green John Deere tractor, I swiped that off of the light pull chain you had pointed out in the past!

model railroad house

model railroad freight

model railroad freight

I do plan on putting some ballast down, all in good time!

I appreciate all the comments, they were very encouraging and I love looking at all your posts. There are a lot of talented model railroaders out there, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading!

Take Care & God Bless,


A big thanks to Ray for sharing his HO scale camping scene update. It’s really taking shape and I’m already looking forward ot the next one.

(Ray’s last post is here: 3 loop HO layout update)

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get going on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.

Remember, it’s the start that stops most people.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

16 Responses to HO scale camping scene – Ray’s

  1. David Howarth says:

    nice layout Ray , with good scenics , which help to make a good layout even better

  2. Rich B. says:

    This is really well done. Another first thought, usually gravel and grass are always haphazardly together. All I see here is a place for the gravel and another for grass. This doesn’t appear sprayed down either is my point. Just love these ones with soccer ball size boulders in street and scattered all over grass, NOT here! Maybe the house lots though are too generous, houses closer together lol? Well fenced off, maybe too thoroughly, pond looks great. Think I’d have those boats there displayed also.

    The little things are well noted and noticed.

    Rich, Regarding

  3. gene servoss says:

    that is nifty

  4. Rob McCrain says:

    This is a well-built layout with interesting scenes. It looks fun to run and fun to observe running. It is very nice, good job. Rob

  5. Ed Horst says:

    Morn’n.. nice layout, working on layout will come along nicely.. figured, vehicles, details are always on going projects.. enjoy & remember Ray, it’s your layout for enjoying..🎶☕️✌️

  6. George Zaky says:

    Much thanks for the submission. The peaceful country, farm scene is nice to see. Please keep us posted with updates and run those trains.
    Big Al
    Bight AM, java, nice missive,- 😊. Gonna be a nice day.
    Tack så mycket! ( swedish)

  7. Dave S. says:

    Ray, I love your layout and your approach to the various areas and your skills in scenery. Your comment about adding ballast, automobiles and people (and likely other touches) will only enhance the appeal. Something to work on and enjoy for years to come!

  8. Bob Thompson says:

    That’s a neat layout. Excellent work

  9. David Lester in AZ says:

    I have camped in all of the lower 48 states. Most KOA campgrounds are near railroad tracks. We joke about that. Very nice layout.

  10. George Kissinger says:

    Good job! You reference to the campground reminds me of a place my family stayed at back in the late sixties. My Father was originally from Williamsport in North-central Pennsylvania. One summer, we took our family tent and stayed in a local campground outside of town. It was located in a valley with a creek, a road and a section of the Pennsylvania Railroad running through it. It was a very narrow valley so everything was somewhat crowded. The road ran along a mountain on one side, with the railroad on the other side of it. As I remember, When we got there, we had to cross over the railroad to get to the campground where we pitched our tent. It was located next to the track, as most of the campground was filled (it was summer). As a teenager and a fledgling model railroader, I was thrilled to discover that several trains went though each day, including a night train. I would guess that our tent was no more than fifty feet from the rails. Very exciting for me and my siblings!

    There’s an old adage in Model Railroading: If you can model it, there’s probably a prototype somewhere.

    Have fun – don’t sweat the small stuff!

  11. Don says:

    the homes are nice & colorful, love the cattle cars & the farm settings.

  12. James Davis says:

    Ray, your campground may be more realistic than you think. There is, or was, a campground in Durango, Colorado, that straddles the D&SNG railroad. We camped there once when our twin girls were young (still in diapers). Every time the trains came through, the girls were frightened by the whistle. We had to put them in their car seats and roll up the windows. The whistle was still pretty loud, but not to the point of frightening the girls. So, your campground is not that unrealistic. Those girls are now 21, just for reference.

  13. Mike Balog says:

    Hi Ray:

    Well Thought out and planned layout. Like the Village with the Fences enclosing each yard and protecting people from the RR Property and the Pond. Which has a great reflection of the water. How did you create that effect? Like the fact the farm property also is fenced in to keep the livestock on the farm. For the Gravel Roads,,, you can use N Scale Ballast or Gravel,… that way it would look more realistic. As it has been said before, make sure all you track work is correct and trains running smoothly before applying permanent ballast. You could have a Few Lights on telephone poles,… near the houses and on the farm for lighting at night. And use “Dull Coat Spray” on the Plastic Buildings, Vehicles and People to cut down he shine on the buildings, vehicles and people. Overall a Great Layout. ~ Mike in N.H. USA

  14. John V says:

    Nicely done with just the RIGHT amount of detail

  15. Garry Plesha says:

    Deutch Fest in Odessa WA, and you camped out right next to the tracks that came and left north of town. The engineers were cool with us, they would wait and see if we were awake and still partying; if we were it was Ball to the Walls horns and bells going through, if they didn’t; we would call them every name in the book, and pelt them with partial filled bottles and cans.

  16. Jerry Placenta says:

    This was well thought out as opposed to the Duetsche fest

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