HO scale oil tank cars

Wayne’s been back in touch with something for his HO scale oil tank cars.

He wanted aloading platform for them but couldn’t find one. So he’s made one.

If you missed his first post, you can get up to speed here, it’s a real belter.

He’s been in the wars – he’s not been well at all but he’s still managed to dedicate part of his layout to his late brother-in-law:

“I haven’t done much on the layout except some small things.

I built a unloading rack for the tank cars, a yard office, cleaned the town of splattered plaster, and turned one store into a real estate office.

My sister and her husband own one. He passed away about two weeks ago, so now they have a place on the set. I got a couple more lights hooked up, and figured out how to soldier those ( 2 hairs and air ) wire together, without melting the wire.

I saw the post you did on some of the stuff I had sent you.

Please tell your readers, thank you for all the kind and helpful comments they posted.

I have a lot to learn, and not to long to do it.

My tank cars needed a way to unload to the tanks for the fuel distributor.

For such a little item I had to spend hours makeing it. It still needs to be weathered, that I can do later.

If you see anything I missed let me know.

Thank you.


HO scale oil tank cars

HO scale oil tank cars

HO scale oil tank cars

HO scale oil tank cars

HO scale oil tank cars

Now on to Cassio.

He was man of very few words, but thanks to the online translation sites, he’s now a man of some words!

“Dear Alastair

I send another movie made with Union Pacific locomotives in Bragança Layout.

I hope you enjoy sharing it with your followers.


A big thanks to Wayne for sharing his HO scale oil tank cars and their platform! And thanks to Cassio too.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if Wayne or Cassio has inspired you, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



17 Responses to HO scale oil tank cars

  1. Ms. Jackie says:

    Cassio, I like the plastic to keep the rolling stock from making the long trip to the floor. Good Job

  2. Robert Brady says:

    Great layout, a lot of freight moving. What would have been Kool, Amtrak waiting at train platform loading passengers ,just say n.That would have added to the scene.
    The Critic

  3. Bill in Virginia says:

    Really nice running and layouts from both. The scratch build looks great.

    Al – really like the forum idea. Should be very useful. Have already posted a question to it

  4. Chuck from NY, USA says:

    First; Wayne, that’s a nice structure, Where did you get the plans? I would like to build one for my N scale layout.

    Next: Cassio. Very impressive layout. Are the buildings scratch or kits? The Union Pacific motive power and freight equipment is nice. Thanks also for running the trains at scale speed in the video. Keep up the great work.

  5. Charles Eyster says:

    I think a forum idea is excellent! I hope that you will not be overwhelmed by it! Already signed up and post first question for my personal edification. A little confused over the language selection options. British English ? Will I be required to introduce a few “blimmies” every once in awhile as I write? 😉

  6. incredible!!

  7. That little oil platform is incredible… Very nice work.
    I love to scratch build and I have discovered that the smaller the object, the longer it seems to take to get it exactly how you want it.

  8. Great stuff.
    Why does every one use fake roadways on their layouts when model motoring can bring static traffic to life? (slot cars) These track can be powered with a simple tyco rail transformer to simulate real world traffic! Nightime can be great looking with lighted headlight cars. Not talking racing but city type realism. Yes Era would matter. Trucks like Coke Butterfinger Mountain Dew go forward and reverse into docks etc etc.
    possibilities are endless.

  9. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Cassio Layout looking very good. loads of interest. Nice to see that you have employed nice sweeping curves in your track layout.
    Dangerous Dave’s recent changes also included changing his layout to long sweeping curves and it made a huge difference to his layout which was already very good but it just lifted it to another level.
    Wayne you appear to have a design error with your layout. You’ve built a work hut across your man line .Difficult for your trains to get past. Only joking layout looking very nice

  10. Robert Brady says:

    Wayne Where are you storage tanks in accordance to your pumps?
    The Critic

  11. Alabama Mike says:

    Wayne, your layout is beautiful. You did an outstanding job on the tank car unloader rack. I really like it.

  12. Alabama Mike says:

    Cassio, that is a fantastic layout. I enjoyed watching your video and observing all the industry you have. Lots of oil , some coal and other industries. What was causing the movement in the pulleys on the container cranes? I also saw some of the containers moving. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  13. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Cassio….that is one huge layout you have…..how big is it? You have a lot of detail. I love those long freight trains.

  14. Tom Provo says:

    I absolutely loved the platform along with the underground pipes

  15. Tom Provo says:

    The layout looked real busy and some scenes were very much like real life

  16. Art in NJ says:

    Wayne. Wow what a great job and seems like a totally believable way to unload your tank cars. I never gave this subject any thought. You are definitely creative.

  17. Wayne Watts says:

    Chuck from NY. The planes were from my head. I worked in a oil refinery for 21 years. It is a shortened version of what they had. The hose is leather shoe strings. To form them to the shape I wanted I used alcohol to wet them so I could bend them around the hanger. Alcohol dry’s faster than water.
    Colin Edinburgh: I talked to the employes at the storage co. They would prefer to be hit by a train than be flatened by my butt.
    Robert Brady: in a straight line from the unloading rack, to the pump house, then to the storage tanks. You have to look close to see the large pump & motor under the rack.

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