N scale lumber yard

Richard has been back in touch with his N scale lumber yard:

“Al, I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily blog posts and have found quite a few useful tips for use on my layout.

Back in October I sent you a write-up on my modest N-scale railroad which you were kind enough to publish on your blog.

At that time I was hoping that I could somehow find a way to expand my layout (which is located in the smallest bedroom of my apartment).

I wanted to include a sawmill as well as a lumber yard. I only had room for a 3 foot by 4 foot extension which did not leave enough space for a stream or small river to float timber to the sawmill.

I decided to use flat bed tractor-trailers to transport the timber into the sawmill as well as to haul off the finished lumber to retail outlets and lumber yards.

I decided to use an N-scale sawmill kit from Walthers, but scratch built the structures for the lumber yard with the exception of the yard’s office building. I included a small picnic area nestled in among the evergreens so the workers could enjoy their lunch breaks.

I have included several photos in no particular order with some short notations.

n scale lumber yard

Picnic area.

n scale lumber yard

Northcoast Timber Sawmill with tractor-trailers bringing in fresh cut timber and a truckload of finished lumber headed out. Forklifts keep busy moving and loading finished lumber on trucks.

n scale lumber yard

Forklifts busy moving lumber at sawmill.

n scale lumber yard

HOBO shack (Notice the smart-ass kid sitting on the roof. *LOL*)

n scale lumber yard

Industrial section of layout. I built a TV and cell phone antenna tower to hide the seam between the two background panels.

n scale lumber yard

Church and graveyard in original section of layout.

Engineer’s main control panel. I will be adding a secondary control panel to control the five turnouts added for the layout expansion. Still have a fair amount of wiring beneath the layout.

Leo’s Lumber Yard with busy forklifts

n scale lumber yard

Overall view of layout (at least as much as I could get into the photo). It gives a little perspective of what I could squeeze into that tiny room.

I placed my most commonly used tools into holders so I didn’t have to drag out tool boxes whenever I needed a screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for all you have done for the modeling community !!!!!

Kindest regards and stay healthy,

Richard (Dick)
Lexington Park, Maryland, USA”

And now on to Hall of Fame member, Dangerous Dave:

“Hi Al, no changes for a change!

But have just uploaded a short running session on the layout, well got to keep them wheels moving..been a bit too cold for venturing in to loft of late, but thought I had better just run a few to keep my hand in..as they say…


That’s all for today folks.

A big thanks to Dick for sharing his N scale lumber yard, and to Dave.

Loved how much of the printable buildingshere’s the link. And there’s the Big Kahuna deal too!

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to get going on your own layout.



15 Responses to N scale lumber yard

  1. THOMAS says:

    Thanks Dave … I love watching your trains !

  2. Robert Brady says:

    Much better suited saying Cemetery as opposed to grave yard. It sounds so morbid. RR doesn’t bring freight cars to engine shed . Why wasn’t that water storage tower destroyed at the end of the steam engine era ? .Why is there a building in the middle of a road leading out of town? Lumber yard top notch.
    Richard I’m just playin with you .It’s a great layout.
    The Critic

  3. george zaky says:

    Great job and incredible planning.
    Funny that its not the just cost of building a layout and inventory but paying for a big enough place to keep it. Wife doesnt understand that we have to get a bigger place – at quite a cost and effort. Or does she? Hmmm.
    Be well & safe
    George from LI, NY

  4. your pictures are beautiful

  5. Marvin Johnson says:

    Richard,, how do you get at those beer steins when needed?

  6. Gary in Indiana says:

    Thanks Dave…always love to jump across the pond to see your layout in action.

  7. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Dave Thanks again for another excellent video. Just love the long sweeping curves on your layout. Keep them coming. Any further forward with your harbour plans.

  8. Erick says:

    Pretty neat.!!!

  9. Terry Miller says:

    Nice layout but the best thing is the “tool holders”. Never thought about that before and by adding it to my layout I can finally find that pesky rail nipper that always seems to be “under” something else.
    Terry/Idaho USA

  10. Hello Alastair,

    Great idea to add the forum, it will be another community resource for us “dabbling” modeller’s.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  11. Jim Robinson says:

    Nice work! I like the pull-out operating panel. I have mine in a drawer, similar to what you’ve done.

  12. Cool Dave!!

  13. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Dick……great layout….very detail and colorful……….you have a lot of activity and structures in a small space.

    Dave……always love the running………..

  14. Don says:

    I really enjoy the work you Gents display and am envious, y’all have a layout, and I do not. Our house is not conducive to having one. Ah well, I shall continue to enjoy the fine work of other modelers whilst I hang out at our RR club.

  15. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice. a lot of stuff in a small space.

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