James’ layout update


Here is an update on my layout. Phase two will begin construction in the coming weeks.

The buildings are scratch built, kit-bashed from manufactured units, and put together kits… No complete building kits are used.

There is a mix of incandescent and LED lights.

Paula is my wife, she has a huge Garden – thus the “Greenhouse… Daughter Geenamarie is working inside in one picture.

Bobby Shuttleworth is my son-in-law (Keeper for NE Revolution of MLS) the Pub is for him… Not the hooker, of course.

My son Nico’s spot is in phase two. My father and uncle worked for NY Telephone – so the crew is for them!

Here are more pictures.




Bike Shop



Main Street - Walts

Main Street

Main Street







Shuttleworth Pub-Cop

Shuttleworth Pub-Hooker


Yard 5676




“Hi Al , I have just done a bit more on the layout , and its now looking a lot better…



Dave has quite a following on the blog, and has contributed a lot to Beginer’s Guide.

Keep ’em coming. A big thanks to James and Dave for sharing.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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50 Responses to James’ layout update

  1. Raymond Bove says:

    Absolutely fabulous. I stand in awe. Pity all the cars are running on the wrong side of the road 🙂

  2. Don Rock says:

    This just proves that Model Railroading is truly INTERNATIONAL in scope and design.Viva la differencia!

  3. john wisnieski says:


  4. Toni O. says:

    James, Nicely done layout of an AMERICAN location, (not British or European).
    Dangerous Dave, You always amaze me.when I see your layout.

  5. now THAT’S suuuch a great layout….
    and the detail is so infinite…
    especially the ‘track to nowhere’ hahaha
    and your photo credits are stunning too,,,,
    wish I had that much time to put in on a layout…
    keep it running and lets see some more photos please!!

  6. Larry Dieter says:

    These are really sharp–love to see these—please keep them coming

  7. John Jeter says:

    Very nice work. The police car is going the wrong direction around the traffic circle. I thought maybe it was England but all other autos going in the right(?) direction–plus New York Central et al locos. Also, police car illegally parked in an intersection at nighttime. Maybe he is outside the law.

  8. David R says:

    Brillant, how have you made your conifer trees?

  9. John Sims Jeter says:

    Very nice work. The police car is going the wrong direction around the traffic circle. I thought maybe it was England but all other autos going in the right(?) direction–plus New York Central et al locos. Also, police car illegally parked in an intersection at nighttime. Maybe he is outside the law.

  10. Wayne says:

    Great layout. Oh for the space and the time.

  11. Fred says:

    Very good work and detail but it is a bit sterile. Perhaps I have jumped the gun and the weathering has yet to be done. Not nit picking because you have done a great job. Don’t worry about the police cars they do that sort of thing in any country you want to name.

  12. Bruce McIntyre says:


    Very nicely done. However, some of the initials you used in your story are a bit confusing to an Australian. Please translate “Keeper for NE Revolution of MLS” – yeah, I know, I am displaying my ignorance.

    Maitland, NSW

  13. paul Otway says:

    I love the street scene.

  14. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great layout James the scenery is so real i cannot get my layout to look so natural how big is your layout. very inspiring layout please send more. thanks Dave for the update looks great i am a bit surprised you said your layout is all but finished last time you said that you pulled it all down and started a new layout. everybody have a great xmas hope santa brings more parts for your layout. a special thank you to Al for keeping me in touch with the model train world.

  15. sundaram says:

    A truly fantastic layout considering many are handcrafted buildings. What is size of the layout. The gardens and greenhouse provide a change from the usual.
    Well laid out small town scene.

  16. Alan roberts says:

    Great layout James, nice to see the family and friends involved. My two sons live miles away but are not interested anyway. It’s just little old me, although my timber merchant’s is named after my neighbour and one of the canal barges is named after my wife. Keep up the good work!

  17. john wisnieski says:

    EXTREMELY NICE Really like the town square (circle with horse) lots of detail and very neatly done. I’m sure your next endeavor will be even better.

  18. George Benspn says:

    Some really great ideas! I’ll have to give them a try, now that I had to retire early. Thanks, George

  19. Scott M. Haskell says:

    Extremely well done, you are certainly an artist and visionary when it comes to scale modeling. Thank you for the look see.


  20. Mike says:

    So where’s the track plans? I need track plans….

  21. Paul J. Lash says:

    Where did you purchase the P&LE loco? My grandfather was track superintendent for P&LE back in the 30’s & 40’s and I’d like to find this loco for my set.

  22. Chooch says:

    …and in my moment of inspiration, let me brush my imagination on my soon-to-be three dimensional plywood canvas…

    Thanks for sharing!

    It looks awesome!!!


  23. Robert Holmes says:

    Real nice I’m jus getting started

  24. Cary Price says:

    Hi James, love the detail on your layout and especially the fact you do so much scratch building, must be very satisfying. I am also working some family names into my scratch built buildings for my g scale garden RR. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the next phase. Cary in KY

  25. Jim says:

    Nice looking layout, James. I too like your street scenes.

    Jim AZ

  26. tom in az says:

    great layout i`m impressed . Your hooker looks like my grandmother.

  27. Ray Runge says:

    Hey Dave love our videos, and after watching for about a year, you might think your done modifying for a while but we know your always changing and never done.
    I would like to see a hard copy of your track layout if you have. I know you probably don’t have is up to date. but i just saw a siding on top level i didn’t even know was there.

    Thanks again,

  28. Peter Theodore says:

    Lot’s of work here, very nice! Attention to detail is great..

  29. I stand in awe to see some the layouts that are very nice. When I was in Germany i had the chance to go see the small but very big layouts, they had Frankfurt airport, trains going and coming, trucks and cars and buses driving down the right side of the road. Schools and down town Munich and Amsterdam. It was a small world everywhere you looked. And then we had to go finish the tour, onwards to the Blackforest. Loved Germany and all the other countries around Germany. Love to tmake my beautiful wife there and take a long vacation. One day.
    Love you layout, great job, I can’t wait to show you mine.
    SDG Saint Petersburg Florida USA

  30. Bob From Towson says:

    GREAT!! GREAT!!! GREAT!!! i love when everybody gives thoughts on how you should make your layout this or that! I wish they would include pictures of theirs to compare to…..Keep up the GREAT work James!!!

  31. Chris Sylvester says:

    Wow that’s a really nice job on your layout !!! Really Really like it makes want to start working mine !!!

  32. Fantastic scenery, great kit bashing. It all shows the the fasination of MR ing.

  33. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Dave Thanks for the update. Your videos are a welcome sight. Layout looking really good. As I Said before like the large open spaces on one side and the sweeping track corners on the lower levels. Its good that you haven’t overstocked the trackside with too many buildings etc.Well done . Keep them coming.

  34. Robert Burke says:

    Hi Bruce McIntyre

    Yes, to we antipodeans, (the ones standing the right way up), a keeper stands behind the wickets. A quick look at Google suggests ‘Goalkeeper for New England Revolution in Major League Soccer’, but I may be wrong, again, of course.

    Tom in Az, how old did you say your grandmother was? :-))
    I was trying to guess the period from the vehicles.

    Great layout, and pictures. Looking forward to finishing settling in to our new home so I can start my first layout – at 69. I’ll have to go some to catch up to the talent on this site every day.

    Regards from New Zealand – where we’re quietly having a simple election. 😉
    Rob Burke

  35. Tim Kuhlmann says:

    Thank you for posting the update.

  36. Will in NM says:

    James, I really enjoyed all the photos of your great layout. I’d like to see the track plan if you have one that could be uploaded to Alistair. Your night time photos were very nicely done. I also liked the park in the roundabout with the rider-less horse statue, The night shot of that was one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see what phase 2 will add to your already wonderful layout.

    Dave, Nice to see that you’re almost finished with your latest reconstruction project. It must be almost time to teat it all apart and start over, right? 😉

  37. Will in NM says:

    Oops! That was supposed to read “tear” it all apart. I must have been subconsciously thinking of Jaems’ hooker in the red dress. 🙂

  38. Erick says:

    Mine is going to look something like this. Good work

  39. Wonderful creativity! Gave me a few ideas.

  40. Willic says:

    Beautiful layout. However, I think the police car is going the wrong way in the turn about.

  41. Daniel says:


  42. Gary Klein says:


    Can someone PLEASE help me find Wild West figures HO scale. I am in need of cowboys, gold miners, covered wagons, buck boards, horses, saloon ladies of the night, can can dancers & the list goes on. Anything Wild West. PLEASE help me with this as I know you will.
    Thanking you in advance & all your Friends that have more knowledge than I do!!
    Stay well & be safe
    Gary, in Las Vegas, NV

  43. William Orton says:

    I’m in awe of your layout. The florist and flower garden are one of many amazing sites.

  44. Rich B. says:

    The city scene could be Commercial St. in Portland, ME. Those streets were cobblestone even through 1960’s. Most finally paved over but not everywhere. Crooked white centerline, sure have those with unkempt paving. Orange fire hydrant? Not sure there as rest looks so “in place and time frame”. No, not a scenario of do what you want here, too much planning and detail done in opposite direction…

    Well executed, Rich

  45. Lars says:

    Gary Klein, go to outlandmodels.com They’re big on US wild west stuff, even though they are an Asian based company. Inexpensive, discounts, cheap shipping. Figures and structure kits.of all genre, not just cowboys.

  46. Tjk says:

    Hey Bruce, maybe I can help you out here…NE – MLS
    New England Revolution – Major League Soccer
    Not a soccer fan, but I do live in New England (12 miles north of Boston)
    AND……..I do enjoy getting my dose of Alister Lee every morning.
    Thanks Al!

  47. Brian Olson says:

    Love the garden and roundabout. I have a pumpkin field on my switching layout along with a roundabout on my larger layout. The green house is a nice personal touch.

  48. Steve Ruple says:

    Awesome layout !!!!!!!!

  49. Dave Karper says:

    Rich B: Baltimore, Maryland fire hydrants were orange.For the bicentennial many were painted in patriotic motifs.After that, normal upkeep and maintenance returned them to orange.I can vouch for this, having hooked up to MANY of them in my twenty-three years as a Baltimore firefighter.

  50. Gerald Edgar says:

    Track work in 1st pic (top) is THE best – looks like the real thing! (ret’d C&NW Safety Mgr)

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