Jim’s 4th video update of his layout

“Good Day Alastair,

I have been enjoying your daily emails and the many tips for years now and wanted to share a video and some stills of my n scale project I have been working on for 6 years. Don’t know if we can ever say they are complete. Always adding rolling stock, touching up scenery and working on JMRI and controlling up to 4 locos on this 4X7 layout. It has been fun and made easier thanks to the many tips shared by your community of modelers.

Thanks to all and continued fun no matter what scale you enjoy.

Ray Cardello
Exeter, NH”

4x7 model railroad

4x7 model railroad

4x7 model railroad

4x7 model railroad

4x7 model railroad

4x7 model railroad track plan

“Hi Al.

Jim from Cape Breton, Canada back again with Part #4 of my layout.

To answer some previous questions, my layout is in a 12’x14’ room with a 1’ shelf attached all around the 4 walls with offset & apposing 4’x8’ sections projecting out from the 14’ walls.

There are access walkways between the 4’x8’ sections & between the 4’x8’ other sides & the 1’ wide shelves.

One 4’x8’ has a roundhouse & turntable & the other 4’x8’ has an engine workhouse & transfer table.

There is a 2 track hinged bridge that lifts up by hand and spans the door opening to the room.

The rolling stock in the freight yards are static & are there simply to fill out that spot on the layout. I do very little switching & the consists stay as they are.

All the locomotives have access to the main lines via turnouts. I put in false bottoms in the coal cars & then topped them up with 1” of crushed, real Cape Breton coal to make them look full.

The black FP45 Canadian National loco with the white CN noodle was the piece that first got me interested in the hobby. It is a Lima (made in Italy) and was given to me in a box of used HO scale train stuff by a co-worker at the time in the mid 1970’s. The loco would not work, so I took it all apart & discovered that the motor & it’s electrical brushes were clogged by lots of metal filings. After removing the filings & a light oiling, everything worked fine.

I lived in an apartment at the time & often thought that if I ever had the time & a house with available space, I would take up the hobby. In 2003 plans started to become a reality.

When I switched over to DCC in 2007, I up graded the old CN FP45 with a DCC decoder & since then, have upgraded it again with a DCC sound decoder. So you see, it was not only the very first part of my hobby plans, but also, is still very much a part of the layout.

All questions are welcomed & keep ‘em on the rails you fellow train enthusiasts.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here – have you had a look recently?.

A huge thanks to Ray and Jim.

I thought Jim’s narrative really does capture what this hobby is all about. Your layout can be whatever you want it to be.

That’s all folks.

Please do keep ’em coming and don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if want to get invloved.



7 Responses to Jim’s 4th video update of his layout

  1. NJ Mark says:

    Beautiful stuff! It’s all in the detail. Thanks and Cheers! NJ Mark

  2. Nice looking layout Ray , and JIms done a good job with his , both looking great …Dangerous Dave

  3. Donald Scharenbroch says:

    Jim, can you share a layout plan? Also what scale is your layout?

  4. Sheldon. Phoenix. USA. 🇺🇸 says:

    Both lay outs are very well done.
    Video shows trains moving at a reasonable rate of speed. Excellent!

  5. Jim you stated that there is a lift out at the door entrance. I also have that issue and haven’t worked out how to run the electric where the drop down hits the rest of the track. PLEASE inform me how you wired the track , i.e. did you connect the wiring. I have three tracks on this lift out and haven’t figured out how to connect then to the other side. HELP! Thank you all in advance.

  6. TONY BEECHER says:

    Weathering your cars would help. In fact,weathering buildings would help as well. Right now, everything looks plastic.

  7. Ian McDonald says:

    great work Jim. nice detail. running trains are great.

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