HO scale oil storage tanks

Don’s been in touch with pics of his HO scale oil storage tanks.

I love the way he has used household items for his layout:

“The oil storage tanks are an old kit. The large tanks are 4 inch PVC couplings, $2.

The curved wall is two laminated 0.10 x 3/8 strips. I clipped them together in the shape I wanted and when dried they kept the shape.

The pump house is an old Plasticville engine house kit bashed. The piping is made from plastic hangers. The ultimate recycling, the pier is made from our dogs poop bag cores.

The dock serves both Coal and Oil shipping without modelling either. They are off the table, much cheaper that way.

The coal walls are molding strip from Home Depo, $2. The coal is real from Ebay.

The lights are two 100 light Christmas tree lights. The main deck was painted sky blue. After this photo I repainted it gray. The blue was too intense.

Since I had many parallel yard tracks I made Pigtails to simplify wiring.

I hope this gives your readers some ideas.


HO scale oil storage tanks

HO scale oil refinery

HO scale oil pipes

HO scale oil storage tanks pipes

HO scale shunting yard

HO scale coal dump

HO scale wiring

HO scale bench work roof

HO scale oil storage tanks

Ho scale layout bench

HO scale oil storage tanks night time

A big thanks to Don for sharing his HO scale oil storage scene.

Next on to Ray – not with an update… but because I managed not to include the video on his post, so here it is.

Sorry Ray!

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here – have a look and see how much you can save.

Now on to Bob. He’s a man of few words – but there is a common theme here:

“Here’s some photos of mine, still have lots of work to do. I got back into the hobby after 30 year hiatus.

Keep the videos and photos and info coming. I’ve been enjoying it all since last April.


HO layout

HO model railroad

HO scale model train

HO scale in the making

I know what Bob means – so many of you are folk who have had a fair few years off while life gets in the way. But then again, I think it’s one of the things that makes this hobby – it’s wonderful when you reach the time in life when you have the time.

A big thanks to Ray, Bob and Don.

It’s wonderful to see you creations come to life – hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do.

That’s all for today folks – do leave a comment below if you’d like to get involved.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation. Come and join in.



11 Responses to HO scale oil storage tanks

  1. Norman Rosen says:

    Ray’s layout in the space available is fantastic. The use of grades to separate the tracks is impressive. I assume this is N-gauge? Danny’s PVC couplings and plastic hangers for piping very, very clever.

  2. kathe kozlowski says:

    I like the dog poop rolls as repurposed walls. They look great!

  3. Danny…..I am very impressed. You have made good use with the materials you have on hand. Nice work with the lights. You have a lot going on in such a small area. It’s a work in progress I can just imagine what it will look like next year when things are polished. Thank you for sharing it

  4. John Harvey says:

    Need some help to wire with DPDT switches. Have a return loop not sure how many plastic insulator connectors I need. Great work on both layouts. Looking great. I am just getting back into HO after a 35 year hiatus.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Wm althaus says:

    Both are great layouts. Really impressed by the skills and ingenuity of both modelers. Looking to see future posts!

  6. Ralph Isaacs says:

    what are you trying to do with the DPDT
    Reverse direction or shift power between tracks?
    I may be able to help..

  7. you would need at least 4 for control, a pair at each end of the loop, or if you have turnouts in that loop, you are going to need some there also. There is an excellent section in the “Hot To For Beginner’s Guide” on explaining all that. AND, there are auto reversing modules available.
    Norm in York, PA

  8. I love the DIY work with stuff on hand guys ,I try keeping the cost down as much as possible to so any time I see how someone else does it I write it down just in case I might be able to use the idea myself and I thank you to much .
    Thank you Allister for keeping the ball rolling on this forum !

  9. Have been thinking about oil field supply yard on a layout, and have considered using pvc pipe but that would require cutting and smoothing. I never considered using the pipe couplers, that’s a great idea.

  10. ralph Isaacs says:

    thanks for the idea of increasing HO by 300% for G scale layouts.

  11. THOMAS says:

    The layout looks nice !

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