Jim’s 4×6 train layout

“Things I have found useful:

Mix latex paint with wet Plaster / Basecoat, same color of scenery if chipped will not show. When applied, sprinkle fine mixed scenery material (sand, leaves, wood chips, twigs)
Chop up in an Old Blender.

Leave gaps/( loose Joiners) for tracks to expand / contract track gets out Of gauge on curves & switches.

The greatest frustration is to have derailments in an operating Session. (Losing an ore train, with loose iron ore is really bad — worse in tunnels, you can’t reach)

After years of running trains, when we dismantled layout, we found some ore cars inside the tunnels.

Good wiring, 16 ga. minimum Size, clean joints, use 60 / 40 solder with liquid rosin flux, DON”T MOVE JOINT UNTELL SOLDER HARDENED!

Cold solder joints are a railroaders dilemma (and electricians ) use color code – or have fun tracing wires. Same on circuit boards. Engines etc.

Make use of weeds, some bushes makes fine Trees, spray with cheap hair Spray, sprinkle with Leaves, (Model Woodland Scenecs eg.)

Easy way- (Shake & Bake Method ) Put Sprayed Tree, in Plastic Bag with Foliage, and Shake.


train layout plan

train layout show

train layout show

train layout show

train layout show

“After 40 years of being away from model railroading, I jumped back in on or about January of this year.

I’ve purchased some engines. 15 received so far, and about 50 pieces of rolling stock, more coming.

Not being as proficient as my colleagues on this blog, I bought folding tables, 2 x 2 foam board, the easier to take apart my dear and have raken over a good part of our sun room.

My usable space is 7’5″ x 15″0″ and this is what I have accomplished so far.


start of railway

I love what Ken has done – purely because it’s making a start, and that’s what it’s all about. Now on to Jim:


Attached are 6 photos of my layout and the start of my paint job on a N scale GP-35.

My layout is 4feet by 6.6feet with a yard and round house off to one end with a lift gate to a door to the rest of my garage.


n scale

n scale

n scale

n scale loco

n scale loco paint

painting loco

painting loco

N scale

n scale model railroad

N scale

N scale

A huge thanks to Jim, Ken and Gordy.

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And if you’ve decided you’re going to make a start, just like Ken, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



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10 Responses to Jim’s 4×6 train layout

  1. Rich B. says:

    Nice looking loco but that first photo of mining operations is pure genius. Go down instead of up- never would of given a thought to.

  2. James Steidl says:

    I love the mining operation.

  3. Malcolm Hodgson says:

    The opencast mine is a work of pure genius!

    North Wales

  4. george zaky says:

    Awesome talent abounds. How all that assembly and artistic work to a high level happens never ceases to amaze me.
    way to go guys

    George from NY

  5. Dan Hulitt says:

    That is the best open pit mine I have ever seen done. Brilliant! Then there is that corner bridge that reminds me of Yellowstone Falls and the taconite mining operation looks like it was pulled from Duluth, MN.

    Nice paint job for the CP and the new layout looks to have a lot of options.

    MN Dan

  6. Jim says:

    Gordy , that huge Spaghetti bowl is sweet. Please take this bit of criticysm from a very seasoned modeler, I have 60 years behind me in modelling many differing layouts. Less is deffinately More. Cleaning all that trackage would be a nightmare. Not to say about the headache of wiring a Huge trackage layout.

  7. Jim MacLean says:

    Really nice layouts fellow modellers, & since I’m partial to Canadian road names, that’s a great old CP paint scheme you did Jim. Another Jim. (from CB)

  8. Jim Carr says:

    Al the 2 layouts shown are from 2 different Jim’s mine is the 2nd one with the painted CP GP-35. Jim from Saskarchewan

  9. John Birch says:

    Excellent open cast mine.

  10. NJ Mark says:

    When I first starting getting these posts I hoped to get a least one good idea to help me with my layout. Not the case, too many good ideas! There is genius out there.

    Thanks to all and Cheers! NJ Mark

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