N scale layout on a door

Nicholas has been in touch, he’s sent in another N scale layout on a door:

“Hi Al.

This is my first attempt at layout building for over 40 years.

It’s taken me about 12 months to complete. Most of the scenery is home made. Although some trees are bought, most are just dead flowers from the garden coloured.

All ground cover is sawdust coloured, fire ash or grit.

Tunnels are rainwater pipe, plastic bottles or polystyrene.

The base is made of a door with 2” insulation board on top as are the hills. I also used expanding foam.

Tunnel entrances are hand made from plaster of Paris.

The lighting is all battery operated. I think I’ve gone as far as I can now with this layout, So will break it up to start a new project soon. I wasn’t happy with the track laying so I will concentrate more on that next time.

If it can help anyone with ideas. Great.


n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a doore

n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a door width=

n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a door

n scale layout on a door

And this came in from Dennis which brightened up my morning:

“While not model railroad pictures…these are from Spencer NC – Transportation Museum.My thought is some of your fans might see something they might try reproducing.

These are only a small few of photos I have taken from several trips I have made to the Steam Works over the past few years.

I must say, that your contributors have impressed me with their talent and ingenuity. Keep the emails coming.


steam engine

steam engine

steam engine

steam engine

steam engine



I loved Dennis’s pics, so I thought you might too, which is why I posted them. Now on to Dave:

“Hi Al,

just uploaded this video showing my 2 Deltic fitted with the em2 speaker, sounds great, also tried running in consist with a good few coaches in the rake, also showing the Millers Engineering Neon sign I bought from USA, and now fitted with a 4.5 v plug in transformer, works great and I sort of love the odd flashing lights on a layout ..LOL



Latest ebay cheat sheet here.

That’s all for today, folks. A big thanks to Nicholas for showing us another N scale layout on a door – there’s quite a few on the site now, and to Dennis and Dave.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

23 Responses to N scale layout on a door

  1. Dave in NC says:

    I suppose the first layout is for practice but you did a fine job. Anxious to see your next layout.

  2. Peter says:

    Really impressed by Nicholas and the use of sawdust brings back memories … I still do use it but also use the commercial scatters.

  3. Ron Arrick says:

    I love all of these layouts , but I’m G scale. Does anyone do G scale?

  4. Jim says:

    You have some neat looking things going on with your layout, Nicholas. Great use of natural landscapes for a rural setting. Nice.

    Jim AZ

  5. Eldrege Driver says:

    Thanks for all you do to keep the Model RR alive. Its the only place we can depend on. Thank You very much. I live just out side Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  6. Karl, in Issaquah,WA says:

    Above yesterday ‘s Dave video with the train/auto crash. That was awesome.
    Dave, you are a professional. I got the feeling that you eat and sleep with your trains. Also they are running so fast. I love the vids, also here you show professionalism. Please keep them coming.

  7. Truman Lewis says:

    Big thanks to you for posting and to dave for letting us see his great layout with sound. Thanks from Oklahoma City, OK

  8. Mike Childs says:

    Nicholas, beautiful job. It seems a shame to break it up.

  9. Andrew says:

    Hi Nicholas, I love your uncluttered layout – a great piece of work

  10. Robert Rolfe says:

    Nicholas, Your layout looks great, however what looks to me as a beam that may be holding up the roof needs some attention.

  11. Dennis, may it be so pleasing to me because you are not happy with trasse / it? – It looks so natural to me… not over crowded but still a lot of details and so many different things. Excellent creation! …sad to see it broken up.

  12. Art Jones says:

    Dave. There seems to be a dip in the tracks as you start up the incline to your bridge. Does this cause any problems when you go in the opposite direction?

    I love your videos, so please keep them coming!

  13. Ken Goldenberg says:

    Great posts by all! I’ll have to look up that railroad mus7in No. Carolina. And a nicely detailed N layout!

  14. Thanks remy railway ..Dave …not a problem so far , there are the odd dips as you say , but when doing inclines its inevitable you get this …touch wood as they say all OK …Dave

  15. NJ Mark says:

    Am still correcting track defects after 4 years (dips, unevenness, etc.) Never saw it with large locos only recently with smaller ones. Easy fixes, pry up the problem area, shim and re-ballast. Thanks for sharing all of the great tips and experiences. Cheers! NJ Mark

  16. anthoney King says:

    Dave your Deltics sound so much better than mine my DP1 Is Hows Sound
    so your sound choice is very good

  17. Jim Throne says:

    Acouple of comments then an antedote.
    #1. Whenever any modeler is sowing his layout, please have them identy the model gauge of their equipment.
    #2. Whenever a modeler is dramatically changing gauge, have them consider donating the entire setup to a local senior citizens home. In addition to a tax writeoff, they will make some of the old geezers delighted.
    .NOW my story. Nearly 70 years ago, my dad built an addition to our house. It had a crawl space iabove the addition that was accessable only by a removable extension ladder. It was there that I built – on my hands and knees – an extensive Lionel 0 gauge railroad, complete with scenery. When I was away at college, my dad sold the house. As far as I know that layout still resides in that attic.

  18. Chris Gover says:

    Great pictures of the Spencer Shops, located in Spencer, NC. This is not only a museum of locomotives and rolling stock, but they also perform restorations to both steam and diesel locomotives – it was originally a steam locomotive service facility for the Southern Railroad. The official name is the North Carolina Transportation Museum, and they have a nice selection of classic cars and bicycles, plus a good gift shop. Short train rides in 1940s era passenger cars behind vintage diesel locomotives are offered as well. Well worth visiting!

  19. Bob From Towson says:

    Dennis, Thanks for the great pics! They show what behemoths those steam engines truly were!!

  20. Michael callis says:

    Looks great! The patience to put that together. I have have problems just getting everything to work consistently. I brought out my O guage when I started having grandsons, My daughters were more into doll houses! 40 plus years in attic has taken a toll on everything so I am slowly refurbishing everything. Replacing all the wiring on the switch leads , cleaning and lubbing moving parts. The grandsons like all the accessories and mechanical rail cars! My layout is on the rubber squares on the floor so they can walk around it! It’s about 6×10.

  21. Dustyk UK says:

    Dave’s Deltic speakers are impressive. Thanks for sharing, Dave.

  22. Jim Robinson says:

    Welcome back to the hobby! Great relaunch! I think one of the best elements of your layout is that it’s not “dramatic.” It looks pretty much like what one would expect to see most anywhere in the country. While the Rockies and narrow gauge are my favorite, this feels like home.

  23. Foola Sheet says:

    slow down the runaway trains

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