Joel’s office train

“Here is the one I router’d into the desk. The kids love it when they come by 😉 Thanks


“Thank you Alastair for posting my layout.

For Robert: As far as a track plan is concerned all I have is a diagram I made in order to keep track of the points. it is not to scale.


(You can see Alan’s layout, here.)

“Hi Al , not sure if any good to you, but just been doing some changes again and testing the Bachmann Express points , which are a big saving on the price of Hornby.



A great money saving idea from Dave. Have a look at the ebay cheat sheet too.

That’s your lot for today peeps.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

25 Responses to Joel’s office train

  1. Edward Pavelick says:

    What scale are these buildings?


  2. PeterH says:

    What are the clips you use on the points for DCC?
    Where do you get them?
    BTW, love the videos.
    Happy Easter 2U2!

  3. The clips I use are from Hornby , not sure of the title , but just dcc clips for points most model shops sell them

  4. John Coffey says:

    averry nice layout looks enjoyable to run .

    have a happy easter.
    John C.

  5. Alan Goodley says:

    Hi Dave great to know this, but are these points bachman euro or american ,as I live in Canada and I also use Hornby small points and having trouble with them being to short I have built a room with lighting and power to it and have just built the bench work and put the track down. The room is 24 feet by 12 feet biggest layout that I have ever built I took my old layout down that was 16×8. 20 years ago and stored it but started on this layout last year and slowly getting rid of the Hornby track going to peco flex but I might go for the bachmann points instead of peco please cary on doing a great job love your videos ,gives good ideas thanks dave …Alan

  6. Peter Jones says:

    Nice tutorial Dave, thanks.

    Peter the mackem

  7. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    I was trying to visualize what a layout like yours would look like here at my place. Now I know. It looks like the way that I need to go. I like the mirrors.

    As usual brilliant work!

    To Al, Joel, Dave and everyone else, Have a peaceful Easter.


  8. Bedros Anserian says:

    Fantastic, thanks sharing with us your idea.
    Happy Easter to you all.

  9. Bob Honnen says:

    Thanks Dave for sharing I enjoy your videos. Happy Easter to you and you’re family!

  10. Max Dosser (Australia) says:

    Another fascinating episode from Dave, the great Model Railway Guru. It’s 5.00am here in Australia. I couldn’t sleep so I went to the inbox and relaxed watching and listening to Dave’s tips on points. Also as I am on wireless broadband, this time in the day the videos run without interruptions.
    Joel’s office train is certainly well thought out.
    As the Easter Bunny says, “have a Hoppy Easter” .
    Cheers from down under

  11. paul Otway says:

    Nice use for an office, play trains at work.

  12. Hi Dave. Your lay out is one great piece of work. I see you put a lot of work in to it. Is your lay out in your house up stairs? Happy Easter.

  13. Peter Evangel says:

    Joel!!!! How simple, a desk train set up!!! And WAY WAY cool!!!!! I just wish I had thought of this. I am impressed.

  14. Robert says:

    Thanks for the track plan Alan. Now I see how you’ve got the length for your climbs. But a very interesting and flexible set-up, lots of different route possibilities.

    Joel, what a brilliant scheme, routering into the desk to get a flat surface! I was just thinking that the biscuit crumbs on my desk could be swept in to ballast the track, making a virtue out of a necessity; but maybe that’s not such a good idea after all……..

  15. Dave have a Happy Easter! Your layout is wonderful! I have been following your progress all along and your attention to detail is phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoy your updates and progress reports. Thank you for your sharing it all. Please keep them coming if you can.

    Alan I love your office train concept. I wish I could have one where I work at, but I would not get much actual work done. But, I have a friend I work with who actually remodeled his basement into a family room layout. He plans to build a upper wall ceiling layout around the entire perimeter. Two track layout going in opposite directions, along with flat type buildings, scenic displays that hug the wall and landscape type murals. I plan to help him some when he is ready to get started. Your office layout prompted me to show him your layout on this site. Thanks for the inspirations! Happy Easter to all! God Bless everyone these troubled days!

  16. Ralph says:

    A desk train, Great. I would never get any work done if I had one of those.

  17. Terry D from Sydney says:

    Dave, Thanks again for your video. Is there any chance you could discuss the operation of the points electrically? I am trying the Peco side mount but not great and the underside mounting motors just too difficult so could you give us your verdict for use with DCC?
    Regards, Terry

  18. THOMAS says:


  19. Rod Mackay says:

    What are the red and cream buildings, Dave? Look like station facilities but without a platform and opening right onto a running line? Drivers’ booking on point perhaps.

    Terry, we have recently used a couple of the side mount ‘torpedo-looking’ point motors on our 009 line and I can’t say I’m impressed, very hard to disguise with the limited clearance from the rail, and a bit prone to not push over cleanly.

    My preference is for the conventional open frame type motor on a mounting bracket beside the point where it can be disguised by scenery or a building, or under the baseboard where this isn’t possible.


  20. John Tumolo says:

    Welcome to On30 and the wonderful world of narrow gauge. Keep going!

  21. Al Letting says:

    Is the office shelf line On30 or pure 2-rail O scale?

  22. David Schaffner says:

    Interesting, to say the least…Love that idea? Love the mirror and your cool office, somewhat dedicated to trains….

  23. Roger Vipond says:

    OMG. Breathtaking. Is the trackwork connected to the express point Peco?
    I ask because I had problems interconnecting Hornby and Peco “setrack” components. Ended up binning the former!

  24. dan robinson says:

    My doctor ,whom passed about 15 years ago, he had a passion for the trains, had 4×5, lay out set up in his office, kids loved it, it made great conversation for him and I. He loved collecting the President Choice sets I think he had them all. Nice to see them in the office, I love the Canadian content too.
    I have yet to get a grip on DCC maybe in the future, when I get my ho up and running again, for now simple old school. Dan

  25. Gerald Edgar says:

    Wow! Rather than taking his work home with him, he brings home to his work!

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