Make HO scale sidewalks

Kim’s been in touch again, this time with a great step-by-step: how to make HO scale sidewalks:

“Hi Al.

These are my sidewalks .They are not tacked down yet or painted yet.

I used the shelf trim with the glue side up to walk on.

Then i used coffee stir sticks to stiffen it and to raise it up. When glueing the sticks, stagger them to keep it stiff.

I added a strip onto the bottom and attached to the stir stick’s to act as water guttering (warning Al, don’t use white glue as it wont stick well). I use instant glue.

To turn left or right with the sidewalks, place sticks left or right as in photo.

When you finished a section, take fine sandpaper and run it along the road side of the sidewalks yo make it square and smooth. Then glue a small strip to make the guttering.

Now for the 1/100 scale or Ho scale bike. I used left over Led posts ya cut off. If you are really interested in how to make those bike’s i will send in a more informative way to make them. Was pretty easy. But i think you agree and use the word dang it’s small, honestly Al.

I think my bikes look more realistic than any plastic bike you can buy at this scale, if you can get them and i dont think ya can. Seat and peddles will be added later.

Im trying to make a sort of jig to follow how to make a mass amount. I could see a bike race on the road with these. I also attempted a kids bike. Now understand,this is my first tiny bike, so wont be perfect.

Tell me what ya think.

Can ya see a bunch in a bike rack in front of a store or something, or a bike shop?


make ho scale sidewalks

materials for model railroad sidewalk

make ho scale sidewalks

ho scale

make ho scale sidewalks

“I have a tip,i make a lot of stone walls,i first coat the screen or surface with plaster. after its dry i mix another batch with what’s called rainbow cement color (its cheep) comes in black or red,a little black makes gray.

I then coat the surface with almost smooth surface.

Let dry and take a small screw driver and drag across the surface to make bricks,the red really looks like brick.the screw driver goes through the red or gray layer and makes motor joints.


“I use the plastic sprues left over from a model. I take them and use them for metal piping for oil refineries, gas stations, rooftop vents, etc. I also use them for scenery, pipe loads.

I cut them down to the size of the load, I also drill out the ends, and then paint them whatever color you need to give it a more real appearance.

I don’t have a pic handy, but I just made a fuel island for my truck stop. Hope someone can use this idea.


Some fine tips as usual. Thanks to everyone. A big thanks to Kim for sharing his how to make HO scale sidewalks.

There are some sidewalks availabe in the printable buildings range too:

The prints consist of 4 roads, 4 sidewalks and 4 tarmac tracks – giving you a limitless combination for your layout. In fact, it’s only limited by your imagination.

John kindly put the below together just to give you an idea of what you can come up with. Here it is:

model railroad sidewalks

model railroad sidewalks

Just like every building in the store, it’s all made from print outs. Here’s his video. Hope it makes you smile as much as I did.

Here they are in the store:

printable building sidewalk

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

21 Responses to Make HO scale sidewalks

  1. Gene Turner says:

    Great Looking scratch built bikes judging from your photo.

    Nice tip on the sidewalks too.

    I work mostly with N-scale, but occasionally I will do a small layout in HO (1/87th Scale) or OO (1/76th Scale).

  2. Dennis Davidson says:

    Great ideas as usual! But Al, I’m not seeing the American Flyer Cheat Sheet for the second day now…
    Cheers, Dennis

  3. Paul says:

    Those bicycles look so good, would love to know more on how Kim made them.

  4. MIKE,Seattle WA says:

    “John” A nice idea for the fuel island. do you have pictures??I use the plastic trees from the models I build for about the same things you do.Made a quansat hut for my yard office out of a grey sheet of plastic & put part of a tree for the communication tower on it.

  5. Trevor says:

    Excellent tips from evetone, especially Kim as usual. Only one small correction needs to be made. The scale for HO 1:87 not 1:100. I hope this hasn’t upset anyone?

  6. Richard Standing says:

    Bicycles are most definitely available for HO (1:87, not 1:100!) – and working ones at that! A Dutch guy sells them and they are propelled by an under baseboard magnetic chain (like a cross between a cycle chain and a tape recorder!)

  7. paul Otway says:

    nice one Kim.

    I use Evergreen sheet for paved surfaces, it can be purchaed from most good hobby shops.

    The stuff I use has side walk written on the packet.

  8. builder Kim says:

    Hi everyone.Glad you like the bike.Trevor the little blue guy standing there is 1/100 scale not Ho.That’s smaller than Ho.Funny thing about size.I’m going to send Al a photo of scale figure’s standing in front of a Ho scale truck and next to that is Ho scale car’s.Anyway’s.I didnt know about the magnetic bike’s system.Ha bet that cost’s a bunch.Not everyone can afford wonderful toy’s such as that.And im showing you a cheap and fun way,And orrigal made by your hand,more proud.

  9. builder Kim says:

    Thank’s Paul.I live in canada.And most of our street’s have sidewalk’s that hold 2 people walking past each other comfortably.Not 4 or even 5 people.The city yes but town’s or villages and is rare.This all come’s down to size again.I have a small mixture of Ho scale and 1/100 scale.Now if i used Ho scale figures then my sidewalks be wider.And i also found that Ho scale figures will not fit in the Ho scale car’s or even some trucks.So i went 1/100.But thanks for likeing what i made.Ive done 10 bike’s so far and even did a tandum bike as well as a kids bike to populate my street’s.Thanks again

  10. builder Kim says:

    Paul The bike is made from left over Led post’s.Was pretty easy to make.Just gets hot on the finger’s.I did the wheel’s with a number 11 craft paint brush.wrapped real tight around it.If your really interested i will try and show a step with photo.For a static model they are okaythanks

  11. Randolph scott says:

    Good tips here Kim,


  12. Brian Clauser says:

    Nice work.

  13. THOMAS says:


  14. builder Kim says:

    Thank’s everyone.Once tacked down.They look good and save’s space.Spray paint them before tacking down.I been busy with a bunch more idea’s.And will send them in.

  15. pete says:

    wouls love to see a step by step on the bikes

  16. noel r san juan says:

    very realistic really good very artisctic love keep going.

  17. Rich B. says:

    Do like this idea of sidewalks but just got the cog wheels turning. Whereas wood coffee stirrers are part of process why not use those to lay boardwalks and stain planks a dark grey or other? Cut and sand edges and have them all a bit longer or shorter from each other. Lengthwise of scale planks could be feathered for a 90 degree turn. This must of been done for other than western towns, have to look for photos now……

  18. robert dale tiemann says:

    interesting way to do the sidewalks.

  19. Mike Balog says:

    Hi Al: Another idea is to use “Poster Board”, “Foam Core Board” that is available at Craft Stores like Jo Ann Fabrics, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Walgreens,etc. If you get the Thin Foam Core Board, you can cut narrow stips the with of a typical sidewalk… Then paint them light gray, and use a knife edge
    to made the joint cuts. There are “Poster Boards” that are two layers thick,
    which you can use as sidewalk material for HO Scale. For “Corners” you can
    use a “Dime” and trace the “curve” then use a hobby knife to cut through or
    score through the material. Instead of making “square ends” for sidewalks on
    street corners… Same for making pavement for parking lots or streets, use
    regular poster board cut for width and paint it accordingly. Some folks use very fine “black sandpaper” for roads or “roofing material”… depends on the coarseness of the grit. From, Mike in N.H. U.S.A. .

  20. matiSon says:

    Kim, You are my favorite builder to follow, and I’m glad that you’re still here. I may give the sidewalks a try, as I will start an HO layout this winter. When you said that you used shelf edging, is that the same as the self-stick paper that is used to line shelves, or something else? The bike looks great!

  21. David Hewitt says:

    I watch Kim’s videos just to hear him talk, full of humour and enthusiasm. Please keep them coming. And thank you Al for all you do to keep the site running.

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