N scale 3×6 layout – Lewis’s

Lewis has been in touch with his N scale 3×6 layout:

“What I’ve done so far and it’s been about 2 years I started with a cookie cutter layout that I found in a magazine for a single layer Lane railroad layout.

I decided to change it to a two-lane and just add my own setup so I cut everything out of the plywood dropped it down over the table as I made it and then I just started working on it a little bit of time, as I could afford it.

I had one train when I started finally purchased another online and then added some buildings and bought some rock molds. To build the molds with I used clear Elmer’s Glue to lay out the water way and make it look wet and that’s how it’s going.

I’m curious as to what people think about this n gauge layout it’s 3×6 and then I mounted it on some legs with wheels on them so I can move it around in the garage.

I’m always looking at the guys ideas for different parts and pieces but haven’t been able to print out any cut outs in order to make buildings there all it’s just beyond me as far as the computer is concerned so hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures that I’m sending and we’ll get some comments on what has happened I really enjoy your blog a lot and thank you very much


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n gauge 3x6 layout

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A big thanks to Lewis. For a 3×6 N scale layout, he’s certainly packed a lot in.

It reminded me of Michael’s N scale on a door.

And when it comes to stunning N scales, although it’s not 3×6, Bob’s is still worth a look.

Now on to Dangerous Dave’s latest installment:

“Hi Al, just downloaded this video showing the changes I am making on the layout, along with a couple of tips, its all starting to come together, hopefully should get it completed now in the next couple of weeks ?? …and no doubt will have to start changing something again ??



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

Thanks to Lewis and Dave.

All these years on and I still love seeing what pops up in my inbox each morning. Please do keep ’em coming folks.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you’d like to make a start on your layout. Who knows, one day you may feel like sharing yours on the site.

That’s all for today folks.



29 Responses to N scale 3×6 layout – Lewis’s

  1. Rich H says:

    I think you have done an outstanding job with your 3 x 6 layout Louis. i am in the same boat as you. LOL. all kinds of time, but no money. i have been scratch building some houses and building, just using my imagination and an N- scale ruler to measure the H-W-D. I don’t have any windows or doors yet but that will come. Your layout looks really good so far.

  2. kathe kozlowski says:

    Lewis has made a thoughtful layout, lots of track on a 3×6. I love the water feature, very clever and inexpensive to make. All together it is looking good!
    K, Miami, FL

  3. Robert Brady says:

    Love the river scene,wish i had that talent,nice looken layout and room for more Stuff too.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

  4. Robert Brady says:

    OH Dave you’ve done it again,made my day!

  5. Great layout,I would like to see a bigger business district, but that is just me. I did like the train layout around the board and much time went into doing that.

  6. Macbear says:

    Dave, my wife recognises both your cheerful music and voice as I get another dose of inspiration from you. I can’t work anything like as quickly, but I recommend north Norfolk. Our heritage railway may be smaller, but our weather’s decent. A lovely sunny afternoon today i.e. Easter Sunday. Many thanks.

  7. Lovely watching the trains going at realistic speeds. Beautiful environment and the gently curved trackwork really enhances the realism. Thank you.

  8. Keith Miller says:

    Thank you Lewis for a good range of photos. Next time could you give us more details about how you use Elmers glue to make water? You made it sound easy!

    I am always pleased when there is another instalment from Dangerous Dave. How do you get that nostalgic clackity clack sound? Is it through speakers or is it really the wheels going over rail joints? Welded track has robbed us of that great sound – I really enjoy hearing it on your layout. So – is it real or a recording?
    Dustyk UK

  9. Allan Blossom says:

    Lewis , you’ve given me ideas . could we see a layout plan ? Would love to add some of your features to my layout in progress . Sneakers .

  10. Lewis, Great job….. Out of curiosity what is the grade? I find it amazing that you were able to do to levels in that constrained space!

  11. Harry Little says:

    Lewis, I really like your water effect on the layout’s edge. Along with the over and under track and bridge, this really makes the layout stand out. You have done a great job of fitting scenic effects and city scenes on a small layout! Great work! Unfortunately the price of our hobby has risen so much, it has slowed done a lot of us. The good thing is that it inspires us to be a bit more creative with our building and ideas.

  12. Peter Evangel says:

    Elmer’s Glue for water? Who knew!!!! Brilliant idea as here in the States, you can get Elmers fairly cheaply at one of the big box home improvement stores (Lowe’s) by the gallon jug. Lots of track in a tiny space, but it doesnt look crowded. Well done.

    Pete-Sunny Silicon Valley, CA.

  13. dangerous dave says:

    Dusty to answer you t..thats real Clackity Clack ….no secret , just leave a space on the joints , probably too much of a space in places on my layout , but after experiencing track expansion on the odd hot few days we got in the summer , I leave a space to allow for this now …Thanks ..Dave

  14. Cord Reynolds says:

    Dave –
    Just when I think you can’t possibly make your amazing layout any better, you make it even better. The trains look just wonderful in those curves! I’ve said it before and I say it again: I’ll never get tired of your layout!

  15. Mickael says:

    Very well done with your available space!!! Looks outstanding with the multiple tracks and the nice automobile bridge.
    What most of us have is time on our hands and very little money to use. Everything that I have for my layout is hand made, except the grass, paint and other things that I can’t make.
    My pine trees (different sizes) are made from bamboo skewers and different size toothpicks from Walmart along with the green filter furnace that you can get from them.

  16. Pat says:

    I love this layout. Is there a track plan you would share and list of track? This is exactly what I have been looking for. Amazing.

  17. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Nice use of space,well done

  18. craig says:

    Lewis, Looks like a great layout to me.

  19. Keith Miller says:

    Thanks Dave, for replying about the REAL clackity clack.
    It sounds ‘just right’.
    Always enjoy your videos and no nonsense tips. Please keep ’em coming!
    Dustyk UK

  20. Ian McDonald says:

    great layout like the design good photos some great tips. good video Dave enjoy seeing changes to your layout always plenty of tips and seeing trains running. thanks sharing both of you.

  21. Rod Mackay says:

    Hi Lewis, nice job, good river, however I feel you’re missing half the fun with just round-and-round running and no yard or sidings, no chance to drop some freight off to your industries or send a loco of for fuel and servicing, a bit of switching’ a nice change.
    Dave, love the gardens, the station ones often had the name of it picked out in stones too. A signalbox often had a little unofficial allotment patch on the spare ground nearby ( indeed a predecessor of mine at Llandaff was once told he had to take his tomato plants out of the box as they were obscuring the view, so got a greenhouse!) not to mention a coal bunker, a privy and a lamp hut. I sympathise about the canopy, I did a fertiliser store kit recently and that had hundreds of bits, very hard to get it square and straight.
    Of course, between the weedkillers they used back then, and the constant rain of ash and regular mowing and minor fires, in steam days there was nothing like the amount of grass and brambles and such growing round the railway as today, certainly never between the tracks.

  22. Mal says:

    Nice work Lewis. Enjoyed the puctures.


  23. Alabama Mike says:

    Lewis, I think you have done a great job on your N layout. The water looks great. I may have to try that. You did a fine job on the scenery. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Lewis nice looking layout great job on the stream, well done get some pine trees when you have a chance. WTG

  25. Will in NM says:

    Beautiful job on your 3×6 N-scale layout! Your river made from Elmer’s glue looks really good. The only suggestion I would have made before the layout got so far along would have been to run the business district streets at an angle (other 90 degrees) to the tracks instead of parallel to them, just to make it a little more interesting.

    Another great video, but I think I’m in some kind of time warp. Though received today (Sept 29th, 2022) the YouTube date on the video is March of 2018. Are we getting reposts?

    Also, did you make your own static grass applicator from a bug zapper and strainer basket? If so, where did you get the little clear plastic cup that fits on the strainer?

  26. Allan J Jelinek says:

    Looks bigger than 3X6

  27. David Gott says:

    Dave is always informative and entertaining

  28. Rich B. says:

    Cookie cutters appear to be a craft from a few generations ago. Did my N scale with the old Atlas “Plywood Summit” plans (4×8). Still may of been better with all the depressions, inclines, switchbacks, N scale can make a small empire…

    Much to do with running even 4×6 dimension railroad with today’s featured write up. Good job, thought at first layout was built in a caboose with that vertical ladder in back. Yes, know it’s garage, would love a real caboose in woods here. One sits over to New Ghloester (sp), there for decades.

    Regards Again, Rich

  29. James M Uhlig says:

    Great job with the scenery and the layout. Gentile curves make watching the train make a sweeping turn. You left enough room to expand some day adding another 3X6 to make it an Ell shape for yard and other buildings .Keep up the Great work time and personal enjoyment is what its all about.

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