Richard’s 6×10 layout

Richards been in touch with pics of his 6×10 layout:

“Hi Al

Thanks for all the stories and tips.I am 78 and finally starting my layout.

Dad bought me my first train when I was two, in 1942 a Marx steam engine with 8 cars and caboose.

Thru the years I added another six trains, lionel and more Marx. Now I have started an 6×10 ft layout.

I am using bachman fast track O gauge and HO.

First time using it and I’m having trouble getting the HO to go together good.

I was born in Pa. where the Beaver River meets the Ohio. I used to hop trains as a child ride to Beaver Falls then back to Rochester. Trains are my life. So here goes…


Palm Desert, Ca.”

6x10 layout

6x10 model railroad river scenery

6x10 mountain model railroad

6x10 layout


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A huge thanks to Richard

So if you want to get going on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



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  1. Robert Brady says:

    Yo Richard,what’s ur wife say about using the living space for ur layout not to mention the light bright carpet?I would get scalped.

  2. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, I think you’re going to struggle a bit working on the scenic section under the angle of the roof, you might want to have simple lift-out sections in the ends to let you move it inwards and have room for tool-wielding or access from outside. I had cooker-foot adjustable risers like those on the legs of a previous layout, Kurzhaus, but found them very brittle if bumped or put under sideways pressure, so be careful how you treat them. Looks a lovely room you have up there.

  3. Rob McCrain says:

    If you are not making a mess, you are not doing it right. Rob McCrain

  4. I have found that with the Bachmann easy track (HO) that a bit of vaseline on a q-tip on the snap joints help with assembly and much more on when it comes time to disassemble. After having a couple break at the “J” hook I used the vaseline and it solved the problem. Use it in the socket side so it will stay put and not mess things up.

  5. Thomas Murphy says:

    Very nice Richard, your layout shows your patience.
    Dave with the assembly of my layout ~ I could never remember all the names my wife tagged me with.

  6. John says:

    Nice work, Richard, You are inspirational. I’m only 70, so if only I could make a start – but making the start seems to be the most difficult part!

  7. Vitsing says:

    You have been given me that energy I needed to start a new. I am 71 and thought it was too late to start again. My dad got me my first Marklin trains in the mid-1950s when he was stationed in England. At that time my layouts were largely on the rug of my bedroom.

    After growing up and m my own military assignments; I was assigned to Stuttgart Germany (1976-79) and without any of my original Marklin equipment I decided to build a real Marklin layout. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from the layout I built.

    However given your inspiration, I am dusting off all my old Marklin equipment adding some new pieces from eBay. I am getting ready to start on a new layout, unfortunately I will have to use prefabricated bench work since my back can not handle all the work required to build the bench work, from scratch.

    Once again I thank you Richard for the inspiration you have given me to return a long-lost hobby passion.

  8. Bob Martin says:

    Another Pa.raised kid , I’m one too – Baden , Ambridge , Pittsburgh etc. I also have a love of trains – even at close to 85 years old . My dad worked for the Pennsylvania R.R. for forty years both in Conway & Pittsburgh , my grandfather was an engineer , so how could I not love trains . I have had some layouts but nothing like the great layouts , I’m seeing . The kids liked them but that’s as far as I went with them . My first train a Lionel Zephyr ( I had it for years but never liked the 3 rail ) that would be worth something today , it was a Christmas gift from my parents .I eventually went to Gilbert S 2 rail , still have set , then Ho , then G , still have most of the Ho & G sets . I had a very small layout on the (kitchen ) table put up for Christmas & didn’t take down ( until recently ) after about 5-7 years , I’d run the trains to relax . I used the rest of the house to eat in . The wife & I have been separated for years .
    That was a very good tip about using Vaseline on the Bachman track ( I never thought of that ) you do have to be careful taking them a part , you can break the plastic . I’m not an expert so I can’t give you any advice but I have to agree with the guy who wrote watch that nice rug . Good luck Bob Martin

  9. Ian McDonald says:

    good to see the start of a new layout and your thoughts on what your going to do it really gives you something to think about over a cup of coffee or tea that where a lot of my ideas come from. thanks for sharing and aways enjoy.

  10. Will in NM says:

    Thank you for posting your layout photos. It looks like you’ve done a fine job building your 6 x 10 layout. I didn’t know that Bachmann made three-rail O gauge track. It certainly looks a lot nicer than the old Lionel track I had as a kid. I like the way you sent photos of your table and the progress to the “final” layout. I’d like to see more close-ups of the other areas of your layout that seem to be finished.

    I do have one question about the math in your post: If you were 2 years old in 1942 when you got your first train set, that would mean you were born in 1940 … which would mean you should be 81 or 82 years old by now. Or is this a recycled post from 2018? Just wondering. 🙂

  11. Erick says:

    Look nice? I hope i can get mine the looking that good.

  12. Rich B. says:

    Sure, the Jersey Central and PRR. Broad St. @ Elizabeth, NJ. Uncountable times between there and Fanwood. Seemed to know that terrain better than ones that lived through there. Setting alarm clock, midnight sneak swimming in neighbors pools. And moving on…

    Spacious room for layout, I’d probably be doing everything or anything but work on trains. 🧐

  13. Rocco Maley says:

    Rocco here from NJ. You have a beautiful layout there and I to did not know that Bachmann made triple rail in “O” scale. Also I to am 78years old and was born in 1945. I will be 79 in January. My first Lionel set was for Christmas of 1950. Those were solid trains and heavy.

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