Model railroad scratch building plans

Lucian’s been back in touch with some more model railroad scratch building plans.

There’s no text with this one, but the pictures speak for themselves. There are 37 of them, so if the page takes a while to load, that’s why. Worth hanging on for though.

Model railroad scratch building plans

model train building wall

model train building wall

model train building wall

model train building wall

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans:

model train building roof

model train building roof

model train building

model train building

model train building

model train building

model train building

Model railroad scratch building plans:

model train

model railroad

model train

model railroad

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

Model railroad scratch building plans

A huge thank you to Lucian for sharing his scratch builds with us. He must have the patience of a saint!

Now on to Old Taz:

“I make molds Of things that I’m going to use a lot of, like automobiles, like automobiles and plastic buildings that I want to extend or use the fronts to make a bigger building.

Some of the molding material I use is flexible that makes it easier to get your project out of the mold. With a mold you can make as many as you want to. I have molds of things that I molded 10 years ago and still you’ll use them.

Old Taz”

“I use pop can aluminum to protect surfaces when clamping on my lathe and milling machine. Thin section of wood or card stock can be die formed using moisture and clamping or vacuum forming. Dies can be mad of hardwoods or soft metals, aluminum and a Dremel tool.

Textures add 3D enhancing the look. It also makes adding aging, dirt easier. All you need is a very soft brush and some powered colorants. Test first!Even a wire brush can add texture.


“Hi Everyone: Discussing the weathering of models. I have for about 15 years used adhesive weathering powders for that purpose. It is really interesting how you can make shiny items look like they have existed for years.

They are so easy to use with old brushes and even your fingertips it’s amazing. What’s really neat is that if you don’t like the first try you can wipe it off and start over or keep some of what you did and work on the shading, etc.

I have taught my method to several model railroaders and they agree that it is easy to do. I am sure there are other methods but I was looking for the easy way out. I use Bragdon Industries powders but there many others.

What’s nice about what I use is they are somewhat adhesive and stick well to surfaces.

Regards: Ray”

If you fancy tinkering with some buildings, the printable buildings are here.

A big thanks to Lucien for sharing his model railroad scratch building plans.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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83 Responses to Model railroad scratch building plans

  1. Malcolm says:

    This man is a genius, beautiful building, stunning, nothing more to say.

  2. Bob Cassidy says:


  3. James Merritt says:

    That is totally awesome!!! You truly have patience and skill to do this amazing work. Please keep sharing your work with the rest of us, it is truly inspiring.

    Thank James

  4. Barry . Devon UK says:

    Lucian, a very good and high quality build. What is your base material and did you mark the stone by pushing into the material with a blunt tool?

  5. david howarth says:

    Very professional Lucian .looks first class…..Dave

  6. Len says:

    This is patience and imagination combined – fantastic work -thanks for showing how you accomplished this beautiful structure.

  7. Walter McGrath says:

    Wow. Simply wow. Incredible.

  8. James says:

    Absolutely awe inspiring work. Thanks a million for giving us mere mortals the opportunity to see how you work. Inspiration to us all.
    Thank you so very much.

  9. Paul says:

    Wonderful job. The details are what make it.

  10. jim morris says:


  11. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Great job A1

  12. Steve Roberts says:

    Absolutely excellent work Lucian. Looking forward to more of your work.
    Steve R UK

  13. Dan Gronert says:

    What are you doing building models. You should be out designing real homes.

  14. Dan Gronert says:

    I would love to know the inventory of tools that you use to build these custom models.

  15. Richard O. Price II says:

    Looks like Rothenburg, Germany, on the Romantic Road. Great job.

  16. Guy says:

    Absolutely amazing,,,great job…

  17. very gifted work

    lucan I am a wooden nameplate maker and used my scroll saws to make a living for over 16 years. I also have medium sized train layout.

    my question is is there any demand for well built houses and the like for 0 scales buildings and trees.

    please reply as I need an experts guideance

    Tommie GODBLESS


  18. mark greenhalgh says:

    Wow! What an inspiration

  19. jerry (Mitch) Michnewicz says:

    All is can say is, WOW!

  20. Jim R says:

    WOW… what an incredible talent. Looks so good! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Alan Batcheldor says:

    Absolutely b****y brilliant!

  22. Robert Mocko says:

    Nice detail!

  23. Ralph in Eureka, Missouri, U.S.A. says:

    Imagination + Patience = Fantastic!
    What is the main construction material?
    Looks like what we call “Foamcore” here in the USA (heavy white paper laminated to both sides of closed-cell foam).
    Please keep sharing with all of us.

  24. Mike Street says:

    Agree with all comments, just stunning work. Would be brilliant in 00/H0, but in N outstanding, was N wasn’t it, not Z.
    Would like to know what material was, must be softish to make stone outlines on.
    Fantastic design as well, looks like a mini castle.
    Mike S

  25. James Allgeier says:

    Total Great!!! what an Imagination…

  26. Larry Johnson says:

    A beautiful model by a very talented modeler of a house built by a “Mad Prince on the Danube”!

  27. Ralph Viola says:

    Great work. Is the model made of foam core, using a blunt instrument to create the outlines of the rocks? What scale is the model and how to you scale the rocks to that scale? Was something printed out and placed on the foam core, if that is what was used? I would like to start to scratch build and I have more questions on how things are done. Thanks for any advice you can give. Ralph

  28. Robert Gevert says:

    Amazing!!! Wouldn’t mind living there either!!

  29. st louis bob says:

    what is the product used to make these great buildings and where is it bought? fantastic details, great job.


  30. absolutely incredible build Lucien…
    wotta guy…!!

  31. Dick Carlson says:

    Excellent construction ideas! This project reminds me of the beautiful villages of Pays de la Loire, France. Specifically, portions of the Angers City Fortress and its beautiful moat.

  32. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Lucian , that is absolutely magnificent !!!!!!!!. You are a VERY fine modeler !!!!. Fitz (from near Phila.).

  33. christine says:

    Very nice work.

  34. Pete Evangel says:

    It’s not fair. Lucian has all the talent and patience to make such fine looking building and scenery, all in Z scale !! Such detail, I only wish I could do this kind of work. Previous post showed a bridge made from phone cards (plastic cards). Who would have thought of that? And it looked very professional. Two thumbs up Lucian.

    Pete, San Jose USA

  35. mark loos says:

    Wow! What talent! I’m really impressed. Mark <

  36. Ian Campbell says:

    Fantastic stuff – & same comments as everyone else – is it N [1:160] not Z [1:220] & is it styrene sheet or foamcore [styrene foam with paper on each side]?

    Here in Tasmania Australia you can’t even *get* foamcore; styrene sheet [ie Evergreen is extremely expensive ~ $10-12 per small piece ~; & sheet styrene foam is almost unobtainable [tho’ blocks, spheres etc are easy to get in craft~hobby shops] & easier to find when you buy BluRay players, refrigerators, etc. I get most of mine from beside the road, when you see it dumped, or blown free of rubbish bins etc.
    The stuff that fresh fish & Veges come packed in is good, [tho’ sometimes marked or smelly] & the bubble-size is a bit too massive.

    Lastly, what do you do about dust & particulates when you cut & file? Do you wear a mask & vacuum a lot?

  37. DAVID says:

    Brilliant work brilliant model.Would like to see how you make
    the stone walling, Looks like what we call plaster board in the UK,chalk between
    paper ( not sure could be to heavy for modeling).
    Hope to see a lot more of your modeling,please keep it coming.

    Dave R.

  38. jesse zambrano says:

    Lucian. There are builders and there are Craftsman. You my good man are the latter.Your craftsmanship is absolutely STUNNING!!!!

  39. Ken Stramel says:

    Excellent, what a talent. Keep it up.

  40. John Foster says:

    I must agree with the other comments, your work is awsome, and I also wounder what the material is that you use?

  41. Brian Foster says:

    Lucian. I agree with all the remarks made, All I can add is YOU are a

  42. tim dorsey says:

    what is that material ..? like it ? easy to use? makes nice buildings, like to know what it is and if you can get it in the United States?

  43. Lindsay says:

    No Insult to all the other railway modellers,including myself.This is real modelling. AMAZING,Congratulations

  44. jim from north carolina says:

    Phenomenal craftsmanship! Wish I had 5% of Lucian’s talent.

  45. Raymond Brady says:

    Not that I’m an atheist, but by God if I were: I’m not now! …’and it just kept getting better. Stunning, is all I can say, just simply stunning.

  46. tom timberman says:

    You have a gift! Share it but don’t ever give it away.
    Maryland, USA

  47. Ian McDonald says:

    just a stunning model unbelievable patience craftsmanship and a great desire to enjoy and share with the world thankyou.

  48. Roy Tibbles says:

    Well Lucian, what can one say grand job there we all have a gift in life, this one yours well done, time is the many we don,t have so keep the good work coming. Roy

  49. ian impett says:


  50. Doug Hagler says:

    Sharp !

  51. sid roberts says:

    absolutley superb

  52. kim says:

    I been using crafter’s board.It is papered on both side’s and the paper can be peeled off to expose the styrene core.I played with that idea but then I saw this.And again I’m back to it. Look’s like some soft plaster cast. The crafter’s board will give the same affect and can be bought in America and Canada .It’s $1 per 3 foot by 3 foot.And is less than a quarter inch thick.I sent in picture’s of this crafter’s board to Al super great job on the modeling.

  53. Dionisis says:

    EXCELLENT,NICE DETAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Bob says:

    Lucian, your work is fantastic. You attention to detail is tremendous. I wish I had a steady hand to do what you have done. I’m sure your layout shows the same craftsmanship.

  55. Ed says:

    Great job

  56. Ed Clark says:

    Absolutely amazing and an inspiration to any N-Scaler.

  57. SwissChris says:

    Having just caught up on the 3 Lucian posts, I am totally gobsmacked and envious of his ability.. I only wish I was a quarter as good.

  58. Frank Hensley says:

    Lucian, You have inspired me to get back to scratch building. As a kid, 50 years ago, I worked with plaster molds and carved wood. Your designs are awesome and you make it look easier than some old school approaches. I have been designing my own layout and the buildings were something I was going to worry about later. Now, with your methods of building, I can try to recreate some of my past creations that are not so heavy and brittle. Thank you. Great Job!

  59. Eytan Barak says:

    This is a work of ART. Building such a castle or any building from “form” requires skill, craftsmanship good planning and lots of patience.
    it is absolutely the best work I have seen in many years.

  60. orion says:

    Simply amazing work …. patience and attention to detail, par excel lance. Do you happen to live in the American Southwest? I have a galvanized shed in my back yard, and all sorts of scrap styro foam, that I want to cut into 1″ thick blocks, paint, and cover the exterior of the shed, with the blocks, painted as either rocks or bricks … for appearance, and some insulation. I could use your skills.

  61. Robert F Brown says:

    Wow! How beautifully realistic !

  62. David says:

    🙏 making a scale model after a survey of the site of a closed terminal station (is your model a copy or a flight of imagination ) it led me into a career in survey and Then a degree in architecture- 35 years ago … when I made models of PROPOSED BUILDINGS to show my ideas. . But not to your Level = you have a skill in communication maybe huge imagination as well as great modelling

  63. Terry Miller says:

    Strange looking building when completed but an absolutely spectacular model.

  64. David says:

    A rare, deep understanding of geometry there.
    Well translated to 3D.

    Thank you for sharing.


  65. Ellis James English says:

    Lucien, got to love a man with a plan. Very creative, Your skills are above most of us in model building. On the stone face was it all hand set or was a stamp process built and used? Thank you for sharing this.

  66. Ellis James English says:

    Thiis is for TOMMIE above, I was a seller of model RR stuff for a few years long while ago. I would buy out failed shops in entirety split them up, and sell thru the online sites. I found that a lot of RR people will buy hand built kits or finished buildings if done correct and have the detailing needed for a eye popping lay out. Ask yourself this, ” I have a skill set, I can do this better than those guys over there, I see details missing.” Try one or two get a name built and life itself will take care of you. If you don’t at least try, you’ll be asking yourself “What if” when you get to my position. Good Luck. R

  67. robert tiemann says:

    cool building.

  68. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Great Job what is the building made from would like to use to make stone walls on layout? Well done!!

  69. Sid says:

    WOW I am truly stunned

  70. John Birch says:


  71. Robert Gevert says:

    Absolutly stunning!!!

  72. John V says:

    wow – amazing. beautiful work

  73. Jim AZ says:

    Vision, skill and patience. Amazing results. The outdoor photography is a nice touch.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  74. Russell Jones says:

    Impressive. Stunning

  75. George edel says:

    Absolutely amazing! Makes me want to get back to model railroading.

  76. Erick says:

    Great Workmanship? I hope mine comes out that good.

  77. Bernard Hallas says:

    Amazingly good , wonderful effects all around. I am curious about the material, I didn’t think it is foamcore because of its thickness, and I do not see evidence of the paper which faces foamcore.
    I am not sure how you would have a plaster “sheet” soft enough to cut with a knife also Lucien was working the material with a file, which I am not sure would work with foamcore.
    Please would you ask Lucien about his material and who makes it.

  78. G. R. Broad says:

    Truly, there are Builders and then there are Craftsmen. But then, there are Masters. I salute you, Master Lucian!

  79. Rich rudolph says:

    Talk about talent

  80. Brian Rockey says:

    OMG – Lucien, a modelling legend!!!!
    Best to all
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

  81. John says:

    Ditto all the above! Marvelous! What is your estimate of the amount of time it took to build this?

  82. Doucet says:

    Great work !!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  83. Michael J Ormsby says:

    Take note everyone when we say scratch building this is the article you will find under the definition of the phrase ” Scratch Building” , you might want to do a YouTube video, I would be your first subscriber.

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