N scale trestle bridge plans

Lucian has been back in touch, this time with his n scale trestle bridge plans:

“…For now I’m sending bridge photo that I have made from phone cards glue together. In a picture you can see a part of the chip card which is still built into bridge structure.


n scale trestle bridge plans


n scale trestle bridge plans

model train bridge

“I can relate to your concept of being selective and taking your time. Some people like to be fast and get up and running and add a little bit here and there while others work at it a bit at a time, but consistently.

All good ways to go at it, but when you have limited funds, time and space, the slower approach can provide more involvement, greater development and hopefully more “fun time” for the hobbyist.


“Edison said something to the effect that invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Model railroading fits this nicely. I have experienced many shortcomings and so I have developed some simple rules to be guided by:

#1, Buy one manufacturer, I use only KATO tracks, switches, locomotives and rolling stock, quality makes a difference.

#2, I dry run every “planned” layout section before adding anything in terms of scenery, buildings, etc.

#3, Every building, track path, road, path, shrub, tree is removable. I often change my mind and “adjust” things. I glue down very little, so changing a curve, switch or hillside can be picked up and moved or modified without major surgery.

#4, I use ANY Rail software to plan the addition in detail down to the sections of track by model number. It is a pain but time spent upfront saves hours of frustration later. Still things don’t always work as expected but cutting down the variables enables me to solve more issues quickly and have time to run the trains, Why i do this to begin with.

Happy Railroading and thank you.

John H.”

I had to do a double take when I first read Lucian’s mail. A bridge, made from phone cards? Wow! Stunning stuff.

A big thanks to him for sharing his N scale trestle bridge plans.

But do you know what? Tomorrow’s installment from Lucian is nothing short of genius. And he’s documented is so well with lots of pics. It’s scratch building at its finest.

Until then, here’s the latest ebay cheat sheet.

Keep ’em coming, folks.



23 Responses to N scale trestle bridge plans

  1. DARRYL Cress says:

    What lovely looking bridge I must commend you on you attention to detail and the patients you must have for making such a realistic model. Very proud to see it. Thanks
    DARRYL from Banbury. OXON….

  2. Aidan Thomas says:

    Looks fantastic….could possibly use fine tip correction pen,soldering iron or black ink permanent marker prior to painting for the rivets/ bolts on the major beams even…regardless…very nice.

  3. Mike Street says:

    Just pure genius, shows what you can do without access to normal scratch building materials. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff just look around and use things that normally are thrown away.
    Brilliant stuff, Lucian

  4. Rod Mackay says:

    What a lovely job you’ve made of that, excellent! And saved the world from more junked plastic too.

  5. Bill Andritsch says:

    Oh just a great example of reuse, I really would like to see some build photo’s.

  6. Brilliant work!!
    what a great bridge build…!!!!
    just goes to show ya
    you can make a layout outta ANYTHING..!!!
    if you have the skills…..
    keeep em runnin fellas!!
    StJohn from Long Beach calif

  7. david howarth says:

    First class job , who would have though phone cards for bridge building ..well done ..Dave

  8. John Reynolds says:

    First class… All the way around! Excellent work and workmanship! Creativity at its best!

  9. Peter says:

    That bridge is fantastic. I am looking forward to Lucian’s next posting.

  10. Ian McDonald says:

    just a great bridge using phone cards nice idea you still got a lot of patience to get everything right well done.

  11. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Lucian, that bridge is truly brilliant!
    Fitz from near Phila.

  12. Austin Wilson says:

    That is awesome. Building a bridge front phone cards? Priceless. Most excellent, thanks for sharing Lucian. Fantastic work.

  13. Chanda says:

    it was very nice I love your creation…chanda

  14. Bob Miller says:

    Not only very well done but you obviously have not only talent but imagination.
    Unfortunately,I have some degree of scratch building talent but not the imagination so I really appreciate your sharing you skills for us less challenged.
    Bob Miller
    Pelahatchie Mississippi

  15. GOPAL DAGA says:

    What an excellent idea to save environment from waste plastic ! More & more hobbyists may learn how to put use to those elements which are hazardous to our earth planet. My hearty congratulations for this admirable job. Let children learn about saving our planet.
    With regards !
    GOPAL Daga, Calcutta, India

  16. Spike says:

    I had purchased a pkg of 100 styrene CD dividers.
    They have come in very handy for projects.
    They are 30 Mil thick – 12.5cm x 17.2 cm.(4 7/8″ x 6 3/4″)
    $32 on Amazon.

  17. Steve Roberts says:

    Really good job Lucian, shows what can be done with the most unlikely things. Well done Steve R UK

  18. Roy Tibbles says:

    Again Lucian grand job. Roy

  19. robb shelby says:

    just wanna say how much I like lucians scratch’g. as a tip, I get a lot of plastic credit/club cards in the mail, as well as replacement s for out-of-date cards. I’ve found these useless cards to work just great as sheet plastic. I imagine these are pretty much like the mentioned phone cards. BTW, I model in 1/2″ scale & wouldn’t mind seeing what some other builders are doing in that scale.

  20. Denis Mc bride says:

    never in a 100 years could I do this. His bridge is a great example of patince.

  21. Frank Hensley says:

    I have collected all my hotel/motel access cards. I wonder if I could use them? I wonder what Lucian’s bridge’s weight limit is. I guess for longer bridges you could always double the thickness and make right-angle supports. I may give it a try sometime.

  22. Bill says:

    A great way to make rivets (from Radio Control aircraft modelling) is to use a syringe to place drops of white glue one by one along a line (or 2 parallel) very effective

  23. Rich B. says:

    Bridge shows talent, strut angles and cut in’s noted. Bet it’s quite sturdy also.as actual bridge. Can’t imagine the cost of all those credit cards though for model bridge building, can be costly (all I could think of lmao)?

    Really like Bill’s white glue-rivet idea, wouldn’t have thought of. But white glue is also perfect for window glazing. Can stretch that out over any opening with toothpick, let dry and it turns clear. Reminds me of soapy water, bubble making mixture idea. Also can use for ivy vines when different shades grass, weeds are sprinkled over wet white glue streaks and let dry.

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